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Cupcake is your a cutest and a best, but who's Sakura's cutest and a best? Is one of them momma's girl? Or is Cupcake double cutest and best?

Sakura loves both equally. She's just that kind of super a cutest.
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if i were to smell Cupcakes hair what would it smell like? (does she use special shampoo or dyes to keep her hair that candy pink?)

That's her natural hair colour.
Her hair smells like freshly baked (and unfrosted) vanilla cupcakes.
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Is Pancake really Sakura's a cutest, or did Cupcake get frosted by one too many Chads and end up baking an a cutest of her own?

This rumour again, huh? Pancake is definitely my real mega a cutest. Probably. Unless I've been cucked....
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How much money would we have to give her to make Cupcake's eyes and mouth look like Darkcakes?

Pls b a respect on a Darkcake ;~;
She can't help her melty mouth, heart-shaped pupils, smooth-as-silk mocha skin, delicate piano fingers, and moonlight-coloured hair. Darkcake is a good girl and a strong cake so she can take the bullying, but please... spare her onee-chan... Darkcake would be heartbroken...
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Aspiring gamedev anon here. Basically I guess what I'm asking is where to start; I'd like to someday enter the industry as a designer/programmer but my top priority is making an independent project. Focusing on the under the hood engine programming seem it'd be good for career but (cont.)

(cont.) but would take a long time for my own project to bear fruit. Meanwhile using an existing engine would be good for immediate results but doesn't seem like good career experience. I've always focused on surviving and not living my dreams so I'm overwhelmed. ;w; Where to begin?
Gamemaker is a great place to start. Make a small game with a small feature set and try to build out from there. Don't try and make your first game your masterpiece -- give yourself some leeway to learn and fail and come back punching. If you're totally new, just learning how to make stuff move on screen and give objects properties and write your first function can be exciting. One you kinda get a feel for the tools you can start thinking about what's possible and what you're interested in making. You may find that you really love making games driven by procedurally generated content or maybe story driven games are your thing or you find out that you just love balancing or doing elaborate level designs...
Anyway, the world if your oyster, anon. The tools are better than ever, the knowledge is more accessible than ever, and everything is free. And reach out to other guys who really went the indie route -- I went into industry right off the bat so I'm bound to have a distorted view, ha ha ha. ;w;

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Pardon if you've answered already, but what is your training in game dev and programming? I want to start making games, and I would just use Game Maker but I feel like it won't teach me the programming skills I'll need to enter the industry later on.

Hey anon!
I got a B.Math Honors Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and did a lot of comic works and D&D campaigns (never played, only drawn up on paper). I was hired for my first game design job on that basis.
I think it's a good idea to have a solid STEM degree and have some serious outside projects that demonstrate the ability to create worlds, think creativity and originally, and be dedicated to a project and see it through to completion. You could get by on a nice game maker demo alone, but that'd probably land you in QA or integration which can be a dead end job -- if you want to make the leap to something with creative control or really interesting problems, just stay in school and have solid game-related (and non-game related) interests outside of schoolwork and set yourself apart from the crowd by having one or two crazy, strange things on your resume. For me it having lots of weirdass comics with lots of fan translations and being able to talk at length and in detail about what I don't like about concrete game design cases (a sample question might be: what's your favourite game and what would you change? Why is that the right change? etc.)
Hrrm... sorry for the rather generic advice, anon. I hope that helps a bit. Poke me again with more info on hand if you want more specific advice...
Good luck!

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>mfw I read ¨The Dankest Dungeon¨

>enter dungeon
>fog everywhere
>draw distance is like 1 meter
>sound of something coughing in the distance
>get closer
>zombie hacking up his lungs
>slime girl slowly absorbing a pile of doritos and oven pizzas
>big-titted harpy starts slobbering on your knob while succubus twins make out in the corner
>she's really good
>this is crazy
>feels like she has thirty tongues
>look closer
>she has thirty tongues
>and six hundred eyes
>and being of form unknown to any science of man the folds of a time and space hitherto undreamt of in naught but the primordial night-horrors of ancient race of star-dwellers dead now for aeons past echo with the scream of a billion billion souls in a insane nightmare-dreamscape into which you shall eternally descend without possibility of return
>Critical hit
>You lose 5 HP

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You may be addicted and all, but even so it doesn't help you with the update frequency.

It's true. I'm going to try and do something about it now though -- I'll finally be able to switch projects soon and I'm coming up to a nice turn in the himehorn comics so things should be a little faster...
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... destroy myself|| Is that why all "update pls" self insert comics were gun in mouth comics? Am I enabling an addict when I ask for updates? :

Yes, but I'm fine with this.
I'm not just addicted. I'm actually crazily, madly, self-destructively in love with comics. That's why I often use Sakura as a stand-in for comics/updates in Tomoyo42's Room... ;w;
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How do you get in the mood for doing artsy stuff?

I'm always in the mood. I actually need stuff to distract myself from art stuff or I'd do it non-stop all day. I'd quit my job, turn my back on the future, pour everything into 2 or 3 years of insane black pages and witch-related rambling and destroy myself.
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>A girl is really in to me and I like her too, but the number of guys that have held her hand and frosted her makes me uncomfortable. What do? | >Asking captain cuck for advice

A girl is really in to me and I like her too but the number of guys that have
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A girl is really in to me and I like her too, but the number of guys that have held her hand and frosted her makes me uncomfortable. What do?

Do you think she wasn't "really into" all those guys before you? Of course she was. You're not "the one", anon. You're not special. You're just next in line. Give her your frosting, have fun, and prepare to move on when the time comes. That's what she'll be doing, after all.
A girl is really in to me and I like her too but the number of guys that have
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So the first cake Cupcake ever had was a cupcake with a dude's dick in it. And you wonder why she turned out the way she did, frosted by chad every night.

That was meido-san Cupcake... not A Cutest and a Best Cupcake... i-it doesn't count! It never happened! AAA! AAAAAA!!
So the first cake Cupcake ever had was a cupcake with a dudes dick in it And you
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Don't worry, sempai, Espernyan is here to clean Cupcake all up~ and then fill her with glitter and rainbows~! Unless sprinkles would be better?

Appropriate reaction pic below:
Dont worry sempai Espernyan is here to clean Cupcake all up and then fill her
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>Someone made a Cupcake account on there. ;w; || More like it took you an obscenely long time to find your daughteru's account, Dan. Now see if you can find Sakura's and all the men she helped frost her.

A-at least they only frosted her on the internet right?
I-it doesn't count... right...?


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