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Jesus Christ. You can't even take Holes-chan out back behind the shed and put her down no matter how badly she needs it. All of the bullets would just go straight through her holes.

Just let her live between two of those nubbed massaged rollers and she'll be happy.
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What interests do you have outside of what everyone online knows you for?

Not much. I like to play the piano, eat cakes, play and design video games, read philosophy, and draw cartoon butts. That's my life. The whole thing.
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Sempai, what the was the Cleric Beast, anyways? Was it a... werewolf? Were those other puppymonsters werewolves, too? ... Am I the bad guy? I mean, everyone's afear'd of me, and I've burned a LOT of people to death already... it's okay because they were ugly, though, right?


How do I get people to stop bullying me and start being my friends?

OldKingKota’s Profile PhotoOldKingKota
Just gotta make yourself valued by the community and have something that can only be gained by being your friend: status. Alternatively make the cost of bullying so high that they won't do it anymore... could be shaming, could be relying on a just Super Bully (A teacher, the company, the state, etc.), could be cold-blooded revenge...
Sorry I can't be more helpful, anon. Maybe someone on twitter will reply with some ideas for you...
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Hey Dan, by any chance... do you have any tips for studying?

Unplug your internet, unplug your game machines, and set a definite goal for each study session.
In terms of actually studying, just think at each step: why am I doing it THIS way instead of some other way? What am I ACTUALLY DOING? Never go through the motions. Don't fall into the "cargo cult" trap:
You should be able to explain why each step is the right one and why it really works.
Well, s'bout it for tips, I'm afraid... I don't really have anything in-depth here to help. Sorry, anon! ;w;

> was one of those kids who teased the girl he liked in school. | I knew it! I told you so long time ago when I started reading your comics (like a year ago, but whatever) and you were like ¨W-what makes you think that?¨ (Edgelord to english translation: H-how did you know?!)

You were right! ;w;

...Actually, why would himehorns have hair anyway? Aren't they a sort of humanoid avian species? Wouldn't they have feathers?

They're not avians, they just lay eggs. : T
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If Sakura is your waifu why did you make a comic where shes beaten and abused every other panel for almost 400 strips? Also those comic strips were great, will there ever be more? What is the ongoing project you're focusing your talent towards right now?

I was one of those kids who teased the girl he liked in school.
And I'm not sure when there will be more T42R... I'm working on Himehorn's Daily Life and A Captain's Worries right now. Vampire Bride will start up again sometime, too...

How does one become a witch apostle?

There's no way to become one: they are "direct creations" of the witches.
It's better this way, anon. The apostles will be the last ones to turn out the lights. It's a long, long road and we're not built for that kind of haul.
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