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>Why is /u/ so fucking obnoxious | Sempai, can I officially state that I'm joking any time I accuse you of being an evil wizard of any sort? I think it might be necessary.

Posted for poor anon-chan.
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>Why is /u/ so fucking obnoxious "muh purest love" "muh ebin maymays." | Anon didn't think Espernyan was being anything but sarcastic, did he?

Maybe! Poor anon...
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Why is /u/ so fucking obnoxious "muh purest love" "muh ebin maymays." I had no problems with the /u/boat in Vampire bride. But, they're so annoying and never satisfied unless ever cute girl is /u/ and there is no tension left in the story because "muh healing." I do not like yuri.

My yuri goggles fused to my skull years ago, so sometimes I kinda forget that not everyone is crazy about the purest form of love. Just take it easy and don't worry about how other people enjoy the work, anon. It certainly doesn't bother me -- my attitude is that I cook it and you can enjoy it however you damn well please. Put ketchup on that steak if you want... if that's how it tastes best to you, it's all yours.
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>Templars don't partake in PUREST LOVE. You had one job Dan, ONE, JOB. | Sempai, how did you trick people into believing you would be their homo and saviour? Why is your deception so powerful? Is this the real reason Ubi scouted you, sempai? FOR YOUR DARK MAGICS?!

That's just the way it is, Espernyan! Take it up with the white witch if you don't like it!
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Tell the gardeners their mothers are all prostitutes. Their sisters too.

Don't anger the witch, anon.
They might look fluffy and comfy... but they are not fluffy and comfy. Not even a little.
Tell the gardeners their mothers are all prostitutes
Their sisters too
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>Templars don't partake in PUREST LOVE. You had one job Dan, ONE, JOB.

That's forbidden love, anon!
The wild branch must be pruned. Those who think they would know the shape of garden better than the gardener will have their fruits plucked and their seeds scraped and be returned to the soil.
Just the way it is, anon. But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of Maria-sama ga Miteru stuff going on within The City...
... and outside The City, well, capehugs are just to stay warm, you know? It's a survival tactic. I'm sure it'll be forgiven.

Fuck your shit, Dragon's Dogma on PC soon. Free from ye old framedrops curse at least.

You know I'm buying that shit twice.
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Doesn't study and work create the most interactions with authority figures? What with teachers, mentors, and bosses...

>Darkcake has too much of a father complex to be swept away by any other man. But what about the dashing stern-but-kind Principal of her school? Or that powerful, fatherly boss of hers? That lower melty mouth must be in a tizzy sometimes.
I believe in my Darkcake. She won't let herself get put into a bad situation.. probably...
But then again, she's so overworked -- wouldn't it be nice to depend on someone else for just a little while? And when the principal says "good job" and makes time for her and gives her headpats... she feels a little pinch in her Darkcake-heart, you know...?
N-not good. Keep a cool head, Darkcake! Don't get wrapped up in a tragic shoujo romance...!

Do you use the basic twitter site? Or do you us an alternate format like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Echofon, Hibari, etc.

The basic site on PC and the default twitter app for my PS Vita.
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Good Hunter, the Nightmare returns! Will you help use cleanse these filthy streets? We cannot do it without you, dear Hunter.

I am super hyped. I've managed to avoid all spoilers so I get to play it blind! :`D

What is the Ubisoft herd responsible for? Do they refill the copiers, clean the floors and aid production when the building closes? Or do they just loiter around the programmers cubicles and eat all the snacks from the refrigerator?

They get bullied mercilessly until they run into "the dungeon" -- the main studio basement where those who have been banished to "inter-project" dwell. It's the perfect place for a member of the herd... you can be lazy all day, eat snacks, and live in fear of reassignment. Sometimes you also get a visit from apassal from HR who will bring you to a new cave where you might start a new herd!
btw, it looks like someone wipes the communal chalkboard clean each day. I'll have to add more happy horns each night...
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Ever think of doing a reader meetup? Dancon 2016! Cakecon? Herdcon?

Some folks have come to visit me in Montreal!
Usually we eat bagels, cakes, and pastries. It's a good time. =3=
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She seems like that type that might fixate on the nearest male authority figure and be easily manipulated or lead astray... | Are you talking about yourself?

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How do I get the attention of Darkcake?

Darkcake hasn't given that kind of thing a lot of thought... but she's getting around that age, isn't she? She seems like that type that might fixate on the nearest male authority figure and be easily manipulated or lead astray...
Maybe it's a good thing she keeps herself so busy with work and studying...
... ... ;~~;
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Not flat enough to remind me of cupcake||| asking for money for pics that don't even show nudity is definitely something cupcake would do.

Cupcake would never sell pics of herself. She naturally gathers attention and money around herself without doing anything special... it's her power of being a cutest and a best. Okay, maybe the butt selfies help, but only a little, and she really only takes them for herself to admire her own a cutestness...
Not flat enough to remind me of cupcake asking for money for pics that dont even
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