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Dan, I don't understand the appeal of flat. Can you explain it to me? I can't do anything lewd to a flat!

It's okay, anon. We all have our flaws.
Just more DFC for me!
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I haven't actually played any VNs in a long time... ||| Shame on you. :T

I should play more of 'em before working on Snowhorn Go Home.

I don't like Rin at all... but that is really a nice butt that you have just shared. ... browsing a bit... and Dat Ougi & Tatsumaki pics.

It is a very good butt. : 9

Are you watching Owarimonogatari? (have you seen any of the ¨monogataris¨?

Nope, haven't watched any anime in like... months, actually. Too busy with work and that extra side project. ;~~;
I hope I'll have time to watch more again soon...
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Have you played School Days or Shiny Days?

I watched the anime. ;w;
I haven't actually played any VNs in a long time...

Sakura or Chun-Li?

I love her move set, her character, and of course her name (ha ha ha). That downward kick/dive she has in Capcom VS SNK 2 was especially fun.
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What do you think the difference between music and drawing is? You say that anyone can git gud at drawing as long as they put the work in, but why is that not the case when it comes to music? Where do the people that have a sense for music get that sense from?

Well, anyone can get good up to a point... but there are plateaus and different rates of return based on your time investment. And that rate has to measured against the rate of other activities.
Really, I probably could get better at piano if I put more time into it, but there are only so many hours in a day and for the improvement I get for each hour invested, it just makes sense to spend that hour on drawing or thinking about game systems instead. : /
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You're very good at many of your hobbies (drawing/comics/writing etc.) but is there any hobby you enjoy that you don't believe you're good at (cooking or sewing or something)?

Thanks for saying that, anon. =3=
As for your question:
Oh man, I am terrible.
I took lessons from kindergarten to 7th grade or so, but man -- no sense of musicality whatsoever. I just don't have the ear or sense for it. I'm glad my parents let me quit when I did so I still have some love for playing... but it never sounds like 'music', just someone mechanically hitting the keys with bad timing and lots of wrong notes, ha ha ha. ;www;
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What does Sakura think of your daughters?

Sakura loves Cupcake very much but worries a lot about her future. She lectures her when she can, but Cupcake usually stomps off and hides in her room. I try not to get involved when they fight... ...
Pancake is a mega cutest and is a little spoiled by mommy. Maybe Sakura sees her as the "good" kid.
Sakura doesn't know about Darkcake. At least, she doesn't let on.
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Can a cuck ever really be a Mary Sue? | If he's a cuck, it's only because the writers felt that being a cuck was as edgy as what is effectively immortality and invincibility, blade-fists, smoking and drinking, and all the other related tripe.

Can a cuck ever really be a Mary Sue  If hes a cuck its only because the writers
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If you don't like Mizuhashi Kaori, You will have to describe Darkcake more in detail then, so I can nail a good seiyuu for her.

I'll get to her story one day. ;w;
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$easonpass: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Ubisoft Enterprise. Its eternal mission: to exploit strange new worlds, to buy out new life and established dev. teams, to boldly go where everyone has gone before.

But you gotta climb the tower before you can go there.
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For armor design anon: 'Boob holders' on women's chest pieces literally defeat the purpose of the armor. It seriously just would not work, you're wearing -minimum- two layers under that armor... probably more like four.

Aesthetics can trump sense, though -- check out pretty much every soft sci-fi space ship design ever.
So yeah, it's a factor, but a factor amongst many others. Frankly, I think people make too much of a fuss over that particular point for stupid political reasons. Fictional designs work because they draw on stuff tucked deep down under the hood of our caveman brains: Darth Vader looks like a spooky skeleton + a creepy black bug, Klingon birds of prey have this hunched over look like a flexing dude with giant trapezius muscles, the evil general has always wears horns with black armor and spikes because spikes and probably some snake or spiders in there somewhere. And of course you gotta have armor that looks like rippling muscles, or powerful animals, etc. There's no reason to take boobs off the table.
Well, that's what I think, anyway.

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Hey Dan, I have plans to update my ¨novel¨ this weekend... how is the snowhorn VN going?

I'm struggling just to wrap up my Ubi side project!!
I can't get anything else done until THIS gets done. Everything depends on it...
If it works out though, I get my own ship and crew and X year mission. Shit will be cashdollars.
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>W... what does this mean....? || He knows that being Cucked is your favorite fetish, and that you've said Netorare is the thinking man's fetish. All the times he's fucked Sakura and Cupcake were for you, Dan!

Oh.. oh my god
and now he has the bweh

Darkcake trully is your Asagi. They have a lot in common. An earnest and hard working girl that never succeeds with her goal, sensible and a little crybaby, outshined by the rest, always working in the background... Unique, cute, hot, looks better when she is happy/smiling and one wishes her success

I wish I could have given her a better life. Maybe one day I will. ;~;


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