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Speaking of comics... Hey Dan, when is the next update?

Soon. I have to finish this thing for Ubi (extra side project) but hopefully it'll wrap up this week. It's been going on way too long and eating all my weekends and evenings...
If it all works out though, it could mean more time for comics than ever. Or maybe I'll get fired. And then even more time for comics!!
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>Dan Kim also reads Murakami He's not perfect, obviously, but he's my favorite author. What's your favorite work of his?

Wind Up Bird is probably his "best", but my fav is Hard Boiled Wonderland.

Are you into sadderes? Are you tsundomasochistic?

I liked Nepgear and Plutia the most.
I guess I like misfortune and bullying.

All these questions about bullying... I think you and your fans are all a bunch of sadomasochists. Do you want someone to whip you and call you a dirty weeaboo? Or do you want to be the one with the whip?

All I want is OL Sakura to call me a lazy, disgusting neckbeard bum in the morning and act all tsundere while cooking my lunchbox.
You know there's this great scene in Norwegian Wood where the main girl (I forget her name now) talks about how she'd like to demand that the main guy run off and get her some cake, then she's throw the cake out and give him plenty of headpats afterwards... Something like that.
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Accept the bully. Embrace the bully. Become the bully. ||| ... or you can join the resistance! We enjoy giving headpats to cute himehorns and stuff. NO BULLY!

Don't forget the warm drinks and tasty snacks~
Accept the bully Embrace the bully Become the bully   or you can join the
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Dan I am just going to bring up that you have answered about 5563 questions. How does it feel to be so loved as a neckbeard? To know there is way too many people in the world who want to ask you very stupid questions all day long because they have no life? Is it a good pain?

Sometimes I look back on my life and think: "Is that it? Just what did I do with my life?"
Then I remember all those memes and reaction pics I posted to my ask.fm and realize it was a life well spent. It was worth it.
Dan I am just going to bring up that you have answered about 5563 questions How

Hey Dan, have you ever played Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- or any game of the series? ... the Valentine Sisters kinda remind me of your Doughters.

Nope! Well, I played like 10 minutes of the first GG when it came out years ago. May a qt.

Do your coworkers know you have elaborate conversations about your 2d wife and imaginary daughter getting impregnated by imaginary dudes with people on the internet

I'd much rather have that than polite, bullshit-encrusted workplace chats.
Thanks for keeping me company online, guys.

No no no, here's how it is Anon. Chad McHugehands already fucked Sakura. Cupcake and Pancake are, in fact, his children and not Dan's. Dan still loves them because maximum cuck. His cousin BRAD McHugehands is fucking Cupcake and already brought Flapjack McHugehands into the world.

No no no heres how it is Anon Chad McHugehands already fucked Sakura Cupcake and
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