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How would you feel if suddenly you were in the game Comix Zone, but it was your comic you were trapped in?

I'd do my best to fight my way into Enna's Domain (or maybe the Apostle's house) and then just chill out. It's so comfy there. Why ever leave?
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>https://twitter.com/EsperQuestQM/status/657359294485037056 // >only one answer, and its that esper is great for bullying // why do unwanted dogs never see to understand that they aren't wanted

I like you, Espernyan!

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Harem "Make the nohorn wish she was never born" Horn Harem "If it has no horns, wrap it in thorns" Horn Harem "Kill all the templars with musclehorn exemplars" Horn Harem "If her name is Bikky, tell her she's icky" Horn Harem "Leave the gold hair out in the cold air" Horn


>http://ask.fm/CloneManga/answer/132674679922 | do you think Espernyan saw this, Dan? I want to lnk it to her just to see how she reacts. should I do it? should I bully your kohai?

Always bully!
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How long do witches live I thought they were other worldly eldritch beings?

They are! Probably.
Who knows what the witches really are?
As for how long they live, they seem to be immortal and eternal. That doesn't mean they will always be a part of our world, though. The Southern Witch has already departed, after all...
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