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4/4 So now I think about it. He isn't a 'Witch' the herds remember, but in hindsight, I guess I am an Apostle of sorts now. I just can't deny it any more after what I saw today. Is it magic? Or highly advanced tech? I don't know. But it worked, and the herd is grateful for our smallhorn to live.

So you were an apostle after all!
;w; happy smallhorn! happy herd!
44 So now I think about it He isnt a Witch the herds remember but in hindsight I

3/? He didn't tell me everything about the horns, and he is often gone for months at a time. But I called him to see if he can save that smallhorn's life. He arrived and his work was messy and 'weird'. But he said she will live. She'll be weak, but live. That is all I can ask for.

I wonder if this is the same strange nohorn that is friendly with the Cakeist...?
What a mysterious power this nohorn has. At least that smallhorn is saved, though.

2/? I learned about himehorns though a 'friend' of mine. He opened my eyes to the himehorns and their lives around us. I have some wealth to my name, but my patron is giving me far more funds to help support my herd. I couldn't do it with out him.

Who is this mysterious nohorn...?

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I'm up against the wall now. my newest smallhorn is getting worse. I had to make a call. Forgive me Mr. Kim, but I have not been completely forth coming with you. I did not get where I am now just by myself. I have help and an ally in all of this herd work. 1/?

Shocking news from defective horn apostle!!

3/3 Some hearting news is that I found out that the wild herds learned the music I taught my own horns. I heard John Denver's 'Country roads' being sung from where I know the closest herd is from my house.

Country horn
Take me home
To the herd where I belong
33 Some hearting news is that I found out that the wild herds learned the music

2/? from what I can tell from the last one is that she might have a heart problem. But I can't fix that. Taking her to a human doctor is out of the question. I don't think the world is ready to accept himehorns among us publicly. All I can do is make her comfortable.

Just give her a snug basket and warm blanket. ;_;
Poor defectivehorn. ;_;

Defectivehorn Apostle here, My little herd grew again last night. The wild herds brought me three more defects from the witch cave. All were smallhorns, one with a crooked leg that I might be able to set right, one only has her right horn, the last one is very weak and listless. 1/?

;_; it has begun

I'm sorry Dan, the only thing I will bother watching from E3 is Yoko Taro being Yoko Taro (if he get a spot on the squareenix thing). I'm too old for false advertisement and PR suits promising the moon.

Fair enough. ;w;

Whats worse, born an orphan and live his whole life alone without parents or born & live with his parents but at age 7 he lose his parents due an unfortunate accident and then he will live as an orphan for the rest of his life? ?

Either one could be a harem protag.
Whats worse born an orphan and live his whole life alone without parents or born

I like you but not enough to watch E3 bullshit PR, most a resume of whatever you keep hyping on twitter once it's done plz.

Boo! I count down the days to E3 and TGS like it's Christmas.
Anyway, I'll post it on Twitter later, yeah.

4/4 One last bit of news, my wife helped me with all the hornmothers when they were inside my home during the rains. She impressed them so much that they gave her an honorary status of hornmother as well. She is known now as nohornmother. She's rather amused by it and they like all the same.

Kukuku~ your wife is a very lucky nohorn!
44 One last bit of news my wife helped me with all the hornmothers when they

3/? Oddly, the herds took the old Great Leedah's body away to another burial ground, not inside the caves. I guess these.. well my herds now want a fresh break from their old home world. I can understand why, but it feels a bit sad as well.

I hope lots of happy carrots and happy grasses grow there. Or if you can find a herdtree seed from the other world... ... ... but those are probably long gone. Probably.

2/? The wild herds are now moving back out into the forested hills of Appalachia mountains. My home, and now the home of so many more herds. Although at least three herds have told me they will live nearby me so I can use them to send messages and summons to the other herds when needed.

Hmm, this area is quickly becoming real Horn Country...

Defective horn Passal (so I am named now) here. Great Leedah is passed. She lasted longer than I thought she would. A new Great Leedah has been picked with a new herd political net work formed. Here I though human politics was a rough sport to be in. 1/?

Happy Herd... Happy New Leedah... Happy Eggs! ;www;

3/3 I plan tomorrow to get the hornmothers send me their best candidates. I will have to make a judgement over who is to replace the old Great Leedah. wish me luck, this might get messy.

Good luck, Defective Horn Passal!
All is for the sake of the herd!

2/? Using my newly recognized powers of an Apostle to put some distance between the hornmothers and the musclehorns so they would not have an option for calling on them to start a fight. It seems that politics and relationships among the wild herds is a complex network indeed.

We're going to have to start calling you "defective horn passal"

Defectivehorn keeper here. The herds are in an uproar. The Great Leedah was in poor health when she arrived at my home. But now she's on her death bed and will likely be dead by tomorrow. The normally nice hornmothers have now started to squabble among themselves to be her successor. 1/?

;__; Great Leedah... no...
What will happen to the wrongherds now?

I'd like to imagine in Maria's office there is a stereotypical magic girl that turned into an OL for fun... but she lost her magic stick. Now she has to do spreadsheets, meetings and nomikai to live because her parent don't recognize her.

That'd be a great one-shot chapter!
Id like to imagine in Marias office there is a stereotypical magic girl that
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