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Do you think you are a lucky person? If so, why?

Super lucky.
Good health, good country, living in an age of peace and plenty, went to a good school, no debt, dream job in an industry I love (vidya), and a passion that I can pursue for lifetime (comics), and lots of autonomy and freedom (besides the recent after-hours work I've been putting in).
Super, super lucky.

I have my one and only waifu, but I sometimes can't help but look at all these other waifus and admire them too. Is their something wrong with me?!

Just don't let her catch you doing it, anon! Not unless you have a very understanding waifu... you never know -- she might just start hitting the gym and upgrade!
I have my one and only waifu but I sometimes cant help but look at all these
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Darkcake: Its good to have a goal in life, but don't let life slip by because you are too focused in that, if you let time pass like that, you will end up all alone with only money to keep you company, and it will be even more lonely after Dan dies. Focus in your goals but don't forget to enjoy life

She doesn't have time for boys! ||| Let her decide that for herself :T she only focuses on studying so hard instead of enjoying life a little just to make you proud, in vain, because she is all alone in the end anyway... you manipulative cake maniac.
all the girls at school make fun of her melty mouth // You mean lust after it. Being licked by drymouth-chan sucks, Dan. Tell her to tie cherry stems in her mouth. Shell get all the ladies
Posted for my almost a cutest.

>She doesn't have time for boys! | W-what about girls...?

Darkcake would be happy to have friends... only she's so busy with school and work... and all the girls at school make fun of her melty mouth and heart-shaped pupils... ;~;
She's closest to the nice OLs at Megucorp. When she pushes the snack cart around they're always happy to see her. Well, most of the time. Sometimes they're over-stressed and can get kind of scary...

I just want to love and care for Darkcake, but you keep blocking me Danpai! Why can't you just let me love her?!

She has her whole life ahead of her, anon. She has to study and work hard so she can have a good future. She doesn't have time for boys!
I just want to love and care for Darkcake but you keep blocking me Danpai Why

Darkcake is a good girl who just wants to work hard and make her dad proud. Why are people so mean to her?

HeatherCrunch’s Profile PhotoHeather F. Crunch
Her melty mouth, heart-shaped pupils, and tender heart make her an easy target.
Anyway, I'll tell them to be mean to you instead.
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Dan, how to pick a waifu? I finally found someone really cute last year, but last season a new challenger appeared and I'm having a hard time. I stay loyal to my old one, but I find myself thinking if I'm doing the right thing. I believe it's fine for a man to be polygamious, but in 3D world only.

You don't "pick" a waifu, anon. It just happens.
>Seasonal waifus
Dan how to pick a waifu I finally found someone really cute last year but last

Or you can write your story more episodic, like I'm planning! LIKE DON QUIXOTE! DON'T WORRY, WORDS-ANON! Like a western/Star Trek or somesuch! A line of stories connected only by the MCs and the setting (also the tone and stuff, I guess?) Or you can do like sempai! There's possibilities an' stuff!

^^^ more for writer anon
I should just convert the clone manga discussion board to a writing discussion board...
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>Correct, Nobody cares. // Decu likes Kyoko. Everyone loves Mami. Jarv loves Sayaka. Everyone hates or loves Homura. Madoka gets no love. = ^ =

Things like that make her sick. : T
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For writer anon: tragicomedy is definitely a thing that works. Check out Louie and Bojack Horseman on Netflix. If you like slap-sticky stuff, the theater of the absurd (wiki is) is going to be up your alley, and Kafka. I will echo Dan in saying that a lot of smaller, modular stories seem to be best.

^^^ Posted for writer anon
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>But when it comes to good girls and waifus... || You know even less because you kept cupcake and left Darkcake to fend for herself...?

I send her a little money each month... she's happy enough with that, right?
I'm sure she's fine.
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You can write a super-serious situation as super-silly, if you do it right! It's about tension! Right, sempai? Like SINGLE-STRIKE FELLOW. Serious situations, silly silliness! Especially if you go introspective and focus on a character! Make your serious thing, then look at it from a different place!

^^^ Posted for writing anon!
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But now I'm more into character's personal stories rather then epic adventure aka LotR. As well as comedy/parody but it doesn't fit into serious tone of the story. In short, I don't know if I can write serious story while it being silly/over-the-top/comedic etc not to mention focus on characters.

>I just don't know how to keep middle-ground, without it being too silly or too serious...or I just don't know what I really want
Continued to from previous message.
... Anyway, as a practical matter, if you want to do all those different things, it might be a good idea to do multiple small projects instead of one huge one -- or a bunch of small interconnected ones. Really sit down and think again about why you want to do those things. What is the real goal, deep down? What constraints does that goal /really/ put on you?
For example, maybe you say you want to do comedy... but why? For me, it's a sort of therapy and a kind scraping away at myself and finding only trivial nonsense within. There's nothing deep or important in there, but somehow I feel compelled to keep scrapping away and just spill the stuff out there on ground and look at it. It's utterly stupid, but that's why I can't help but laugh at it. There's just too much of a gap between the activity, the desire, and the results. And if that's really the goal and that's what I'm really doing, there's no need to make an epic drama about it -- short, bitter 4komas will do. Drawing quality isn't important. Even the laughs aren't important. Just the honesty and scraping. And it's okay not to update all the time -- only when the scraping gets to something I want to spill out there.
Well. Hopefully that helps a bit.
Good luck again, anon.

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Help me Dan-sensei. I come up with a story long time ago that I want to write, but over the years, I changed, my thoughts, my preferences changed too, now I still kinda want to make that story, but it doesn't work with my recent style. What I wanted was an epic adventure with lots of drama etc

Happens all the time, anon.
I've come to think of art as something you shed from your body -- what's left behind when you turn the chisel on yourself and change from one thing to another. But there's no going back. You have to accept that there's a right time in your life to take on certain projects, and when that time passes you'll have to move on to other things. There's definitely such a thing as a "young man's novel/painting/etc.".
But don't abandon the project, anon. Take another look and ask yourself again what you thought was so important at the time that you wanted to say it in a story. And ask yourself what changed. Scrape away all the clutter until you get a clear image of what that change was, why it happened that way instead of some other way, and see if there's something still in there that's important and sets your imagination on fire. If you find that thing, your project might come back to life (in a different form) ... or you might be set off in a new direction entirely. Or your might really be satisfied that you can leave that story alone. In any case, find what's really important and everything else will follow. And if it's really important to you, little things like style won't matter -- you'll retrain yourself to fit the project or make some adjustment... whatever it takes to preserve and amplify that really important thing, whatever it is.
Sorry to give such general/fuzzy advice, but there it is.
Good luck, anon!

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