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Dan I didn't meet my waifu when I was a young man, and now my hair is falling and and I'm scared for my happiness. There are very few mature women in anime. I suppose t-there are plenty of mature men....

It's alright, anon. Age means nothing.
Your waifu is your waifu and that's all that matters.
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Why aren't there more Mami fans? I mean it's not like she was the worst girl, right?

She was, but OL Mami is alright.

Which of the Etrian Odyssey games would you suggest to start with?

Start with Etrian Odyssey IV, then move on to the Untold series!

>I'd give her a full size candy bar. | Cupcake's not gonna like finding you doing that, at all.

Cupcake really is greedy when it comes to food.
I'll give her a candy bar, too.

How do can one maintain motivation when it finally arrives?

Remember: discipline first, motivation second. Learn to work without motivation, because you won't always have it.
Also learn to use a carrot and stick on yourself. Give yourself little rewards when you do well (game time, a cake, etc.), and deny them to yourself when you don't get your work done.
Also use your procrastination against itself! Always have at least two tasks on hand and use one to avoid the other! Then you'll always be getting work done despite yourself. It's a fine trick and it really works.

The first OVA was perfect. The tone, the animation, the blood, the gore, everything. It makes the other OVA look completely silly, rushed and tawdry in comparison.

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It really was the best.
I was worried at first, but as soon as I saw Hiko's Kuzuryusen I knew I had nothing to worry about.

I'll never forget this: // I'll never forget it, either. In the same way I'll never forget sonic movie maker. Were you high when you watched it?

Get outta here, the Shishio fight was great.

>anon wants to lewd imoutos | Why are anons so perverse, sempai? Why don't they just want to be good onii- and onee-chans?!

We're all monsters, Espernyan. There's no sense in denying it.
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