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So what does an average work day for you look like? (Redacting any sensitive information of course.)

Get on the Metro around 9:30 and play Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, get into work at my desk around 10~ish, check my mail, check the internal news, then get down to work. Lunch at around noonish, then work again until 5~ish (longer if there's crunch), then play Etrian Odyssey on the way back.
At the moment, we're short on hands, so I'm doing lots of non-game designer activities in addition to my normal duties. It's all good, though. Every day is fun in its own way. =w=
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Since cupcake plays games on twitch for money like everyday has she gotten good at games, or is she shit?

She is okay, but not great. She mostly plays them for attention rather than fun.
Darkcake is a natural at games, but she doesn't get much of a chance to play. She usually beats her onee-chan then dials it back and lets her win so they can keep playing longer.
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some kind of favored pet// This brings up a question. Is there any witches into bestiality?

Witches don't differentiate between humans and other finite beings... or so it seems, anyway. Who knows what's going on in a witch's head?
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Do you ever have anger problems when drawing? When you can't get that pose just right or something similar.

I used to! Especially at the beginning and right on into my mid 20s. These days I have a more relaxed attitude: I know it will come and there's no sense in pressing too hard. But the change in attitude is probably due to biology more than anything else -- the young man's fire is dwindling.
Use your anger while you can! Focus it, like a laser, and get your work done!
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How do you feel when people online come to your for advice? Not only in draw or writing but also in life, work, etc?

Nerer19’s Profile PhotoNerer
I don't really feel anything... I just try to answer as honestly as I can and point to good resources where possible.
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... do you have any advice on how to deal with depression?

For me, finding purposeful, meaningful work to fill up my days (drawing butt comics and elevating that activity to a religious cult of one) changed everything. Also accepting what is and what is not within my power to change, and accepting that happiness isn't that big of a deal. Not being happy isn't a problem for me anymore -- I care more about external things (like my comics and games) than my own internal life.
Actually, there's a book that really helped me out:
The Conquest of Happiness, by Bertrand Russel
Here's an excerpt:
"My purpose is to suggest a cure for the ordinary day-to-day unhappiness from which most people in civilised countries suffer, and which is all the more unbearable because, having no obvious external cause, it appears inescapable. I believe this unhappiness to be very largely due to mistaken views of the world, mistaken 'ethics, mistaken habits of life, leading to destruction of that natural zest and appetite for possible things upon which all happiness, whether of men or animals, ultimately depends. These are matters which lie within the power of the individual, and I propose to suggest the changes by which his happiness, given average good fortune, may be achieved. "
It's a short read, in plain language, and just might save your life.
Also, don't forget to lift. It's not a joke -- physical exertion is something we need as animals, just like clean air, a view of the sky, sunlight, etc. Without it, things get out of whack and that can manifest as depression.
All that said, serious depression might really require medical attention... for that, I have no suggestion except that you consult a medical expert.
Report back in later and let me know how it's going.
Good luck, anon!

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I have wanted to write something, but every time I see other media, I feel like an inept destined to flop and be forgotten, so I end up doing nothing... Do you think that written media can rival the graphic media? How?

Of course! My favorite works of all time are written works. Sometimes I think a word is worth a thousand pictures.
Anyway, we're all destined to be forgotten, anon. You just gotta make the stuff you want and don't worry about the rest. Just keep pushing that rock and it'll be alright.
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Dan I need your advice. How does one waifu a witch? They seem so complex! ;_; Halp. I would rather not screw up and wind up dead or something.

The best you might be able to do is become some kind of favored pet... still, you can give it a shot.
Make lots of offerings and carry out your witch's edicts and hope for the best. ;~;
Dan I need your advice How does one waifu a witch They seem so complex  Halp I
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I wan fug Enna; is she even capable of fug???

That's not her true form, anon.
Your dick better extend beyond space and time if you want a chance with the comfy witch of ruin!
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Does Snowhorn even like her human husbando?

She has all kinds of egg-adoration feelings for him... but he's not even an egg! How confusing... : s
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Why do you make art Dan? What keeps you going though all the hurdles it throws at you?

Simple: there's nothing much out there in the real world for me, so I have no choice but to make my own world.
I'm like a picky eater that loves peanut butter and pickle sandwiches... I can't reasonably expect others to open restaurants that cater to my taste or otherwise arrange things to account for this aberrant taste, so the only thing I can do is to do make my own sandwiches and eat them. And it turns out it's great -- the more I made 'em, the more control I get over my sandwich making abilities, and I can cater closer and closer to my own tastes. And if there's a tiny slice of humanity that shares the same tastes, I'm happy if they want a bite of the sandwiches, too (since they obviously can't find what they like out there, either). Of course, I'm not going to try and convert people and MAKE them eat the sandwiches, though, or try to have them celebrated or put on a pedestal -- that's batshit crazy. They're peanut butter and pickle sandwiches... who likes that, really?
Anyway, for me, it's make my own food or starve.

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If all your characters were pastries/flavors, what kind would they be and why?

I'm going to go with generic desserts:
Cupcake: a cupcake
Bikky: Ice cream -- Rocky Road ;~;
Annis: Beer. Beer is a dessert, right?
Bweh: FuwaFuwa meringue with a lump of teeth-shattering darkness inside
Enna: one of those weird-tasting, old fashioned candies you find in a fancy punch bowl at Grandma's house
Algis: freshly picked melon (with the dew still on it)
Maria Starlight: expensive chocolate lava cake with a martini glass full of raspberries and blackberries on the side -- from the classy bar ("The 4 Generals") down the street from the office.
Mysterious New Hire: Cheap pudding from the corner store, poured into a fancy-looking serving bowl (actually a knock-off brand).
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Algis! Algis! I want to grow a bountiful garden but none of the fertile grounds around here want to take my seed! What do I do?!

Did you really think seed like yours would be allowed to fruit~?✿
You will be returned to the garden
as food for stronger fruit~✿
Algis Algis I want to grow a bountiful garden but none of the fertile grounds
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