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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I do apologize for being quiet for so long Mr. Kim. I had made the choice to build a new wing to my house to house all the Cake sisters that have showed up on my door step. My home is crowded enough as is so we had to build this. 1/?

2/? We're not quite done with it yet, but Cupcake, Dark cake, and Pancake all have their own rooms now and room to house more cake sisters that I feel will show up in time. I did teach the Musclehorns in helping build it. It saves money too.
3/3 I plan to give you another report about my Apostle work soon, but for now. The cake sisters are doing well for the most part. Cupcake seems to be troubled as of late, and I fear it's about her boyfriend. I will find out more about it soon as well. Stay tuned.
My apologies as usual for imposing upon you. I will be sending Darkcake a little money each money she can use as rent while staying with your herd.
As for Cupcake's situation... I really don't want to read that message!!!
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, It's been awhile since I wrote to you. Having a full house (and barn) keeps me quite busy these days. Pancake is doing well in charming my wife, she is getting close to accepting her as her own child. 1/?

2/? between Cup and Dark, Pan knows just the right thing to get others to do what she wants. I have never seen such a child to be a master of cunning and manipulative way via charm. Well, Charm magic is her stock and trade it seems.
3/? I need to stop her of that so she won't be dependent of it or abuse it. Sorry Dan, Pan is still a good kid, but she is getting way too spoiled for her own good. She even has most of the herd, and @muscle_Horn going along with her!
4/? Speaking if the herds, High summer is here and a bit surprising that the dry season is here early. This is hard times for horns, hot temps, no rain in weeks and no mud for the musclehhorns. the horns are watering the crops as much as they can but everything is parched now.
5/? I don't think the harvest is in danger yet, but we need rain soon. But I noticed an oddity, Horns are surprisingly resistant to sun burning. They work in the field wearing very little and not turning red much, nor getting solar poisoning.
6/6 The horns have shifted from day time to a night time operations to beat the heat. Horns are sun burn resistance but not heat resistant.
Pancake is definitely the "princess" of my cake daughters. I truly worry about her future... what will happen if she loses her cuteness one day? Will she be able to live?
As for the heat, it's a good thing the horns sweat so well. Please look out for sweaty, sour-smelling musclehorns, though... it can get pretty bad. The haremhorns must be working overtime!

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I feel I should give you an update about more newer horns that seem to stand out to me among my herd. First of all, @muscle_Horn does have some rivals. One is "Willow" who is a defective musclehorn and an odd one too. 1/?

2/? Willow is built for speed, agility and flexibility. For a musclehorn she is taller, thinner and notably weaker than a normal musclehorn (still stronger than a human however), but she is FAST. There is no other musclehorn faster than her.
3/? Willow wins by staying out of reach and wearing down her opponent with rapid blows. Also I do mean she is flexible! I think she has extra ligaments that allows her to contort in ways I didn't think possible. She rarely takes a hit due to it.
4/? Then there is Luna, Physically, she is not a defective at all. Outward wise she is the prime example of a Musclehorn. Her mind is another matter. Other than takeing care of her basic needs and reacting to threats to her herd, she has no will of her own.
5/? Her lack of drive could classify her as a defective but the other horns don't seem to mind it so much. Luna learns quick and in time rival @muscle_Horn in time. How ever she seems to have no desire to dominate anything. She does what is commanded to you for good or bad.
6/6 Luna is more like a machine than a horn sadly. There is little I can do to improve her will so far. I will inform you of more once I figure out the more interesting horns I have now.
Willlow sounds like a strange horn indeed. I wonder how a herd filled with willows would fair against other, less defective, herds. After all, a musclehorn's muscle is not just for combat against other herds indeed herds rarely actually fight in the wild since they tend to stay far apart and distinguish each others' territory by smell) and that muscle is also put to use to build, tear town, transport, hunt, etc. Perhaps a herd of Willows would have to become more aggressive and steal other herds' food to live well...
As for Luna, I imagine the haremhorns treat her like a very well behaved musclehorn. Musclehorns somehwhat lack a strong sense of will in the first place and are easily lead (and scolded) by the haremhorns. Perhaps Luna's "bullyable" setting just got set too high in the egg. ;ww;

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If My Shut-In Vampire Princess got an anime, would it spoof Tsukihime's ending? Open with Bweh in pajamas transitions to spinning Bweh in dress. Then she fades out but what drops are socks into the lake. overlay shocked bat Bweh and troubled sweat drop Vicky faces. https://youtu.be/bHKsGkRtu4I

The ending would be himehorns eating all the different animals on Big Egg starting from the distant past when they ruled the surface and ate every alien that fell from the stars to the present moment where they subsists on cave crabs and delicious cake and snacks from the Apostle.

6/6 The cave herds hardly store at all. It goes along with their mobile life style but leaves them ill prepared when real disasters come.

Disasters like nohorns!!
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5/? The wild herds on Earth compared to the cave herds is like the old story of the Grasshopper and the Ants. The wild herds store food for a long time, so when winter comes and food is hard to get, they have plenty are very happy.

I see-- that makes sense. In the caves there are few dangers so long as the herds do not wander the caves alone (without the assistance of the southern witch apostle) and the hot underground rivers provide plenty of food and clean water.
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4/? Also, the wild herds are all in in their farming and working. Even the hornmothers want to help. Their helpers do let them create clothing and check the crops if they need something done for them.

I'm glad to hear that the wild herds are doing alright. The herds must be desperate though if the hornmothers are doing work!!
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3/? Cup and Dark are happy to see Pan again. In the mean time, I ask you Dan what you remember of what she is about to do so I won't have to test her to see she skills and powers. Just feeding and housing all of us is quite taxing and pricey now.

Pancake, unlike her older sisters, is a totally ordinary girl... only very cute and sweet. Such a good girl that no one seems to be able to go against what she says-- even my a cutest and a best Cupcake ends up caving into her whims. Ah, I just want to bury her in gifts and spoil her all day long...
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2/? He found her among them some how and brought her to me. Yes, I now find myself having Pancake living with me. Tell me the truth Dan, just how many MORE cake sisters have you sired now? At this rate, I will have to make an expansion to my house just to house all these witch sisters.

This is just like her... always imitating her older sister and getting into trouble. The witch caves are far too dangerous for a little cake!!
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry it took awhile to write to you again. The chaos in the big cities is diving many more people out of the big cities and they are moving out to my area. I still live out in the rural zone, but Fluffbringer is being inundated with refugees. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
The chaos spreads... I hope this nohorn chaos doesn't spread through the witch caves!
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A portal to another world opens in front of you. You don’t know how long it will stay open or if you’ll be able to get back after you go through. What do you do?And which world would you choose ? A reminder , you might not be able to get back again !

Years ago I would have picked the Star Trek world, but it's too sanitized for my taste these days. Maybe I'd open it up and wait for a himehorn to wander into my world.

3/? I had to send in a group of musclehorns and their handlers to protect his home and family. Now I learn you are in harms way Dan. I don't have a direct route to where you are at my friend. But I can send some help to you.

Thank you, defectivehorn apostle! But I have a good connection to the witch caves here. If push comes to shove this cave can be abandoned... but i will have to destroy the entrance behind me. I wouldn't want these nohorns to reach the caves.
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2/? Protestors came to town and put a scare into a lot of people. I see the news and know what is happening. Those rioters damn well are not going to show up out where I am but fluff bringer is close to them.

I'm glad that you and your herd are out of harm's way. I hope something can be done for the fluffyone...
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, What a week makes. I was ready to give you a nicer report about the horns, but I can not ignore what the rest of the world is doing now. My old friend fluff bringer had a rough week and we had to help. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
My witch device now auto-suggests the line as soon as I type "Hello", ha ha ha.
I hope the fluffyone is alright. Indeed the world is coming apart bit by bit at the seams.
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Is 4 days strait of rain too much for you, or not enough?

fluffbringer’s Profile Photofluffbringer
Too much. When it rains for too long the tree worms ball up and hide themselves and it's harder to hunt them. Also too much MUD
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10/10 She will either get stronger in love with him, or let him go. Not sure how this will turn out.

Perhaps the time has come to return to the witch caves. I fear my cutest and a best has become too entangled with the world outside the caves.
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9/? Her boyfriend's dad had a heart attack and is now in the ICU of Carillon Memorial Hospital in town.It's nearly an hour's drive from here one way and he has been spending a lot of time by his side. Cupcake understands, but it hurts her to see him like this.

I see...
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8/? Can't say I can see any improvement yet magic wise, but darkcake does seem to be more focused than before. Cupcake is likely trying to calm down after finding out her boyfriend family is having some serious health problems.

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7/? Now that everyone is jumping online and making content on all the social media sites, Cupcake just hasn't been getting as many hits to "content" for her liking. So her and Darkcake have gone out side to meditate in an attempt to improve themselves..

Since my Cutest and best gains her power from money and attention, streaming was a goldmine... but the competition is quite rough now. Fake and annoying cutests are a dime a dozen these days...
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6/? I even got to see @muscle_Horn truly smile in happiness now in all of this. No matter what she says in her other accounts, she has become happy once more. Although the cake sisters are another matter.

Cupcake and Pancake??
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5/? With all this rain they use it to wash off the mud easier. Even the badly injured ones go out to romp as much as they can take it. I think all of my musclehorns will be well and truly sated when this is done. It's that much fun they are having.

=w= muhuhuhu
What a fun image
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4/? My Musclehorns are turning my acres into a recreation of woodstock with out the drugs and trash. They are sliding in it, nearly swimming in it. They even set up a "Marine Mud Run" obstacle course in it. The himehorn controllers just let them go have fun.

I guess the haremhorns have to give up sometimes...
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