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Are you and sakura broken up or something and if so how the hell did you get custody?

No way. We'll be forever 4ever. 5ever!!
My super a cutest! Never leave me...!!
Are you and sakura broken up or something and if so how the hell did you get
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How do I into metal gear?

Well, you could play in release order starting from MGS 1, but I think MGS 3 gives you the best gameplay experience and makes for a good starting point as well, story wise.
MGS 3, MGS V, then MGS 1, 2, 4 is chronological and front loads the best gameplay, I think.

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Well, she doesn't have to be HER teacher... and she can always ask to have another classroom assigned to her or just help the homeroom teacher.

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Cupcake as a teacher...?! ||| I said Darkcake... but I bet it would be awkward if Darkcake were Cupcake's teacher.

Yeah, Cupcake wouldn't stand for it, and Darkcake would feel weird having to chew out her onee-chan and hurt their relationship. She might actually cry.
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They never got to make the game of their dreams.// Joining a video game corporation tends to preclude making the game you always wanted. Just because you have to answer to the suits who have to answer to the investors. About the only real way to make a dream game is to get rich then hope.

Yep, that's the way it is.
Sometimes you get lucky though, and the stars align.
They never got to make the game of their dreams Joining a video game corporation
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In what year Cupcake would be?

Late middle school / early high school, depending on where you live.
Darcake is already doing university level work despite being a few months younger than her onee-chan!

Dan, I think it's time. You know what to do. Cupcake must be sent to a boarding school to become a proper young lady. Quickly! Before she ends up on the next reality TV show.

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No way, my a cutest doesn't do well in an all-cake environment. She'd die without the constant attention and fawning.

There are no "connections" between people, only realization that the other person is the same inside their leaking space suit: cold, and trying, harder and harder as the minutes pass, to stay alive, and, despite it all, a little awed by the stars. Or they are playing candy crush b/c YOLO.

You know, lately, I've been looking again at folks playing games on the subway... and it's almost like a little act of revenge, isn't it?
"You can't have this time. These ten minutes on the metro are MINE. I'm not just a machine that works and eats and sleeps! I can have fun! I WILL HAVE FUN! NOW! I AM HAVING FUN NOW!! AAAAAAAA"
Kind of a bummer.
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Do you think that having a real connection with your fan base is important?

I don't think you can even have a "real connection" with someone you know in person and have lived with for 30 years. I don't even really know my parents or siblings. I think we all more or less live and die alone. But that's okay - real connections aren't something you have to have in your life.
Anyway, that aside, I'm very pleased with the cutest and bat tour, grateful for the kickstarter, and always happy to get emails, tweets, comments, and fanart.
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>And let's not forget tan lines, spats, sweat, muscle, shot cuts, jerseys, one piece racing swimsuits, etc /fit/ tomboys are the best. But what sport is best for fit tomboys? I vote Tennis, personally.

Track, swimming, or karate.

What makes a tomboy a tomboy?

Brash, careless with appearance, likes physical contests, doesn't care about appeal to boys, less manipulative, somewhat oblivious to subtleties of social relations, may be unusually strong, fast, or durable, takes more risks, values freedom more than safety, may like cute things but does not seek to be cute herself, straight-forward in conflict rather than passive aggressive, may be interested in things and actions more than people and feelings, places high value on functionality. Generally: would be a huge hit with the girls if she were a guy.
And let's not forget tan lines, spats, sweat, muscle, shot cuts, jerseys, one piece racing swimsuits, etc.

What's the cutest thing you can handle, scene/premise/story-wise?

1) smallhorn antics
2) tomboys in summer dresses feeling shy
3) Neglected but hard-ass christmascake OL turning bright red for any reason
4) Younger Cupcake (when she was actually a good girl)
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