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Sempai, is there some sort of deep-seated psychological reason I can't draw living things, but machines come naturally? Or is it just the years of drawing mechanical bits?

Beats me, espernyan. Anything I try to draw just turns into a cute flat girl!
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What's a good drawing tablet and program for starting out?

Starting out on paper is probably best. Just a good ol' HB pencil, eraser, and a good book to help you (google for Loomis books like "fun with a pencil").
After that, think about getting a Wacom Intuos small or medium, depending on how large your strokes tend to be and how big you like to work (are you a fingertip drawer or a whole arm drawer?)
You'l also need to decide if you're into more painterly stuff and want the tilt control. If you do, you'll be paying extra for an Intuos Pro.
As for drawing programs, depends on what you wanna do. I hear Sai and Manga Studio are quite good and don't cost a lot. You might also want to look at Corel Painter and Photoshop.
Good luck, anon!

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What does cupcake think of the cooking channels?

They make her hungry. Then she orders snacks off the net and badmouths the hosts online.

I should have spent more time giving a hand to newbies ||| Its never too late to give a helping hand, regardless if you are suitable or the best for the job, your intentions are what matters. Just do what you can and hope for the best.

I try to aim them to better resources (like those Loomis books)
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In your professional career or in your career as an artist, do you have any regrets?

Sometimes I think I should have spent more time giving a hand to newbies -- but then again, I'm not professionally trained and just because I can do a thing doesn't mean I can teach it effectively. And there are definitely better resources out there. I might have regretted it if I had helped out more, too... hmm...

not eco-friendly ||| wwww... why would they say that?

Never met an eco-warrior, huh?
But it's a general problem, anon. If you think that the language of morality is just an evolved tool that we use to get a (often slippery) grip on some of the behaviours of a certain kind of evolved animal, then you can deal with the fact that we often have a lot of conflicting desires, behaviours, and assessments. And you can deal with the fact that these differences seem to persist no matter what we do. These differences just arise from natural variations in physical structures, like the eye or hair colour. It's not like the colour-blind as "missing" colours ... they just don't see as we do and so behave differently (e.g. they might group some coloured blocks together differently). This view makes the activity of moral discussion, reflection, and change a kind of management or palliative care. You'll find eco reformers here.
On the other hand, if you think morality is a matter of "seeing clearly" and "taking off the blinders/mask/veil of appearances" and coming into contact with the true nature of the moral realm and identifying moral truths (truths which, of course, must be shared by all) then, well, it's easy to get wrapped into a crusade and become a crusader. After all, you're only opening their eyes. And if their eyes won't open -- better to be rid of them and make the world safe for those who perceive the truth as clearly as you do. And if this doesn't happen -- well, there must still be blemishes of the old order still left behind. Cleanse it all! Not the tiniest speck can be tolerated: micro-aggressions, unconscious desires, jokes, art... and yet ever-more subtle interpretations will reveal the hidden seeds of the old world, so cleanse harder! On into private conversation, and on into the classrooms, your house, the bedroom, your head, etc. You'll find eco-warriors here.
Well, I'm dramatizing, of course. But that's a nice cartoon version of my view. I mostly inhabit the first camp, but it's not that the latter stance shouldn't be held, of course. You'll probably find yourself in different camps on different subjects, and it might shift a lot over time without any good reason. You might not even change your beliefs, but merely the emphasis or weighting you put on one belief over another. We're all just messy animals going about their messy animal business. These days, I'm okay with that.

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How would you deal with someone saying your art is sexist?

The same way I deal with someone telling me it's blasphemous, sinful, not eco-friendly, or anti-animal rights, or fails to promote rational thinking, scientific or democratic values, etc. It may be true (for some definition you've picked) but that's not enough for anything meaningful to follow -- especially not anything that aims for purity in the eyes of some particular set of value. We live in a world of dirty trade-offs and dirty people. Any view of the world that doesn't take that into account would break the crooked branch that is man to make him straight. I'm afraid that a lot this latest moral and intellectual fashion is just that.
Anyway, I remember very well the comic book, music, and video game scares of the past -- this is just more of the same. Just background noise now. Carry on, carry on.

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>Cupcake began as a qt meido who just wanted to eat cupcakes That's perfect. It was cool to see her come about through tweets

Glad you enjoyed it, anon. =w=
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Can I be friends with Darkcake?

Darkcake wouldn't want to be friends unless she can be a /good/ friend. She prefers a few close relations to having lots of fair weather friends. Unfortunately all she really has is her work and Cupcake...
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Even if she does end up married to her work I'll never stop loving her. Darkcake is best girl also Darkcake Daki when?

Maybe I'll make Cupcake/Darkcake butt mousepads someday.
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Does Darkcake get more loveletters than cupcake if so how does that maje her feel?

Darkcake gets more hand-written love letters and in-person love confessions, but Cupcake gets more Twitch donations, likes, follows, upvotes, and generic attention.
Darkcake doesn't tell Cupcake about the love letters. She doesn't want to upset their relationship, which she treasures.
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Darkcake doesn't have time for that kind of thing. She's too busy working and studying. ||| You sound like a broken record... stop copying and pasting the same answer Dan...

That's what happens when I get the same questions over and over!
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How did cupcake meet chad and even though I know darkcake is a good girl did tyrone ever try to get with her?

Darkcake doesn't have time for that kind of thing. She's too busy working and studying.
She'll probably end up married to her work like a lot of the OLs at Megucorp. : <
How did cupcake meet chad and even though I know darkcake is a good girl did
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How good do you think Raisin would be at cooking?

Hornmothers never cook -- they only eat!
The idea of taking care of herself or cooking for someone else might be a little funny to her (although perhaps things have changed a bit in this world thanks to a certain white himehorn and her nohorn husbando...)
How good do you think Raisin would be at cooking

What does it feel to know that one of your works inspired a quest? and what himehorn quest so far do you like more?

Feels good, man.
I like the first one for the quick read and silly action, and like the second one for Raisin doing cute himehorn things.
What does it feel to know that one of your works inspired a quest and what
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What would you sacrifice to make one of your creations real?

W... what're you talking about, anon?
Cupcake is real... she's right here with me... right, my a cutest?
What would you sacrifice to make one of your creations real


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