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How about a stream in commemoration of you getting your tablet back?

Maybe after I actually get some comics out the door. The weekend might be good.

Now she is in my hammock eating the last cake I made ... and spilling crumbs all over my covers... at least she didn't eat the cookies I made for the smallhorns. How much time until you come for her? I don't mind visits, but it's my only hammock... so I might have to make another one.

Get in the car, Cupcake.
Yes, I'll buy you a new phone cover.
Yes, okay we'll go to the bakery on the way.
Liked by: Evil Steve Nubum

I know you said we'd find out about her in darkcakes side comic but come on spill the beans how did such a meanie take sakura's place?

Hold your horses, anon!
I'm getting my tablet back tomorrow, so I'll be making progress again! ;~;
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If you didn't have Cupcake, you would have acepted Darkcake instead of leaving her all alone against the world?

I better not say.... Darkcake might be reading this...

How would your life be if you didn't have Cupcake?

No Vampire Bride, no Maria Starlight, no progress on drawing... I might have given up comics entirely after stalling on witches.
As much as I give her crap, I OLEV my a cutest and a best. =3=
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... ... My a cutest and a best...! ;~; ||| She ate all the cakes there was in the cave...

... ...
Okay, I'll take her back.
Remember to record the cake eating monster in your herd record... ;w;
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WHY DID THAT LITTLE GIRL EXPLODE?! Also, why is Kaz even more of a drama queen than Kitty or Lynx or Puma or whatever that Ocelot guy'll end up being called? Sempai, what am I playing? T_T

I'm sorry, Espernyan... we played you like a damn fiddle.

Are online people gonna invade my base...? Is this dark souls, now!?

It's too late, Espernyan... you're already a demon.
Are online people gonna invade my base Is this dark souls now

The FC portion of Espergasm's question was just an example of an open world shooter with stealth options. Dont you want onee-sama to experience nirvana, Dan?

Go ahead, Espernyan! You heard it here first: Nirvana!


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