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Sempai, should I get MGSV? Or is it Far Cry- if Far Cry was incomprehensible?

I haven't played Far Cry, so I have no idea. ;w;

Wait, Canada? What happened to the whole VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE?

That's dead, anon.
Mostly, anyway. There are a few committed separatists left, but they're mostly at the edges.
The guy who took the original Cutest and Bweh was a separatist!
>: T
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Is there any show/series that you're embarrassed you used to be super into?

Hmm... not really. I still enjoy most of the stuff I enjoyed as a kid.

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>I'm going to put aside MGSV and work RIGHT NOW || Yep, and Chad will stop frosting Cupcake.

I am finishing that himehorn comic right now, anon!! ;~~~;

GET TO WORK, ANON. ||| You are practically asking to be bullied with an answer like that, Dan. Mark my words.

I'm going to put aside MGSV and work RIGHT NOW
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Sempai, I think you've gone full autist. You're too paranoid towards SJW talk. Anon clearly meant that he thinks of himself as artistic. If he was asked, "Are you artistic," he'd be like "Yeah, maaaan". Cool your tits, okay?

You don't understand, anon.
It's a trap that ensnares far too many . You place your value in internal qualities instead of actual productions.
"I'm smart"
"I'm artistic"
"I'm X"
Total vanity and a poison that can sap the will to produce works. Focus on the external -- the work. Your question should never be about whether you are artistic, but whether you working and climbing and producing good works. If you are doing the last three, what matter is the first? If you are NOT doing the last three, what matter is the first? Dump the first question.

Is it weird that I identify as an artistic person and dream of being an artist, but have never put serious effort into drawing a single time in my life? And I keep putting it off? "A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." -Thomas Mann

>"identify as an artistic person"
Anon. Wake up.
It doesn't matter what you identify as. Nor does it matter what other folks identify you as. What matters is that you DO THE WORK.
>"A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." -Thomas Mann
That "difficulty" is the difficulty that a rock climber experiences when he tackles the hardest cliffs. By living in this state of difficulty, he masters the skills, the mountain, and most importantly /himself/. This is the hard work that you should be doing.
If you're not doing this hard work, you're just sitting at the bottom with your climbing gear, taking it easy, posturing and posing and crying about how climbing is soooo haaaard.
"I'm a real climber!! What's the difference between me and that guy really climbing?! I'm working up to it! I'll start soon! Any day now!! I'm so tortured and complicated!! Respect me!! REEEEE!!"
You can identify as an artist all you want, but one one gives a fuck what you identify as. And no one should.

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Is it weird that I identify as an artistic person and dream of being an artist

You got to have some luck with the beta orbiter thing you got Cupcakes mom (Sakura?) and Darkcakes mom by the way is there ANYTHING you can/would tell us about her? Was she a good girl too?

Darkcake's mom wasn't a good girl at all. ;~;
You'll find about her later in Darkcake's side comic. ;~~;
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What would your parents say if you brought them to meet your a cutest? Or would you be sneaky and introduce them to Darkcake?

They already know about Cupcake. My mom thinks she's cute, but they don't know her real personality. ;w;
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Since himehorns already have horns, what would Punished Leedah have?

One horn would break off... and then she'd lose her scent and become a wronghorn...
- The horn I lost... the herd I lost... I can still feel them...
- Why are still here?!
- Just to be bullied?!
Since himehorns already have horns what would Punished Leedah have
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Hey Dan, I just wanted you to know I traded in Cupcake for a defective hornmother. I don't know why you didn't think of trading away the old and busted for the new hotness before

H-how am I going to explain this to my super a cutest...?!
... Looks like I'll have to get the ol' batter ready and put a new one in the oven...
Hey Dan I just wanted you to know I traded in Cupcake for a defective hornmother
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"Keep it all implicit, but give the player what he needs to explore the implicit relations." || Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?

Just think of grabbing one little thread of a giant, extremely dense spider web. Because everything is connected so tightly to everything else, every little sub-part suggests something about the shape of the whole.
For example, if you have a castle in a AAA game, you could just make it "look cool" and fit the overall visual look of the world, or you could make sure that every aspart of the castle is justified by some in-game feature, lore, principle, etc. -- Why is the castle located where it is? Why is that part rebuilt and new while this other part is old? Why is there a secret room here instead of some other place? Why are the contents of this room this instead of that? Why are these the building materials rather than some other material? If the material isn't local, can I see any evidence of how it got here? If I go where it came from can I see where it was harvest from? Maybe all of these things are connected -- perhaps the castle was rebuilt after a war with a marble-rich land came to an end, and to celebrate the joining of their two head families the part of the castle was destroyed in the war was rebuilt with marble from the home town of the princess who married into the family that resided within this castle... perhaps going to her home town will let the player explore the original quarry and see a little offering ceremony there on the anniversary of the princess' death (the date of which might be found on a unique marble tombstone in the castle's royal graveyard)... maybe the player could even find out the princess' name by travelling a road named after the princess ... he might notice that the same celebration is held in both kingdoms and similar prayers are said, though everyone has forgotten the true origin of the prayer... and the player could put the whole story together himself just by picking up little clues here and there.
Basically, the game should have a rich, coherent, and dense internal structure, and the lore should be expressed through the actual construction and behaviour of the world -- NOT a bunch of text dumps in a generic copy/paste castle.

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REJOICE DAN! Your a cutest has been added to a Freemium mobage, Fate/Grand Order! For some reason she's named Marie Anntionette, although they nailed the cake and frosting. I'm sure Chad can tell you how she earned the Rider class. http://imgur.com/a/25c3z

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Way too made up and elegant to be my a cutest. >: T


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