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When is your birthday? What do you like to do on said day?

The last couple years I did all-day request drawstreams! Good times. =w=
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What are your thoughts on tracing? Is it okay? Are there uses for it? Or is it never a good idea?

Tracing is fine at first -- it's like drawing with training wheels on a closed track. You can get used to the motions this way. But it can become a crutch. If your goal is being able to draw freely from your own imagination, you'll have to abandon it. On the other hand, if you just want to produce some funny image macros or whatever, it's not a big deal.
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What game or console do you regret buying the most

The only video game I've ever returned is Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity.
It was an impulse buy. What a mistake.

Do you think that getting an art degree, regardless of school is a waste?

Depends on the cost/benefit. Honestly though, the schools are so expensive (especially in the USA) that it really looks like a waste to me. $100k+ of student debt you'll be paying off until you're 40? That's nuts.

If one of your comics was going to be animated which would you want it to be, by what studio and what would the OP and ED be?

Himehorn's Daily Life.
2 minute episodes, happy horns doing happy things -- drinking with the Aspotle, petting a cow, singing the happy herd song, eating a squid head-first while it screams for its life...
Goofy ten second intro like the Azumanga eyecatch:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-XfG_Xe6GMCloneManga’s Video 131156912498 c-XfG_Xe6GMCloneManga’s Video 131156912498 c-XfG_Xe6GM
Outro would be a random himehorn hitting a bowl with a stick singing a stupid off-key song "AA AAAA~ AA aa AA~ !"

Who did you use as drawing references when you were starting out?

Thought about it some more -- I traced a lot of Sailor Moon TV caps at the very beginning. That was my thing for a while.

You get to spend a day with your waifu, a whole 24 hours where she's real, but you have to give up a limb, of your choice, afterwards. How will you spend it and what limb would it be? You can also choose to wrestle a JoJo with no downside.

My heart.
Without mai waifu, what use do I have for it?


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