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Nohorn husbando ... What kind of voice and personality has in your mind? or is the typical ¨silent¨ protagonist? Himehorns = Yoshida Yuuri (Mashiro-tan) ...when I think of male characters 4 people come to my mind: Sugita Tomokazu, Fukuyama Jun, Nakamura Yuuichi and Hiyama Nobuyuki.

He's a scruffy guy who has a habit of crossing paths with "supernatural-ish" and "strange" beings. A wanderer and a permanent outsider -- the kind that meticulously puts his camp fire stones back where he found 'em and buries the ashes. He's not looking for anything, just passing through. If he could, he'd pass through this world like a ghost -- disturbing nothing, leaving nothing behind. Enjoys a good smoke and soak in a hot water river. Dislikes crowds, demanding people, unsettled accounts, and paperwork.

Why do you need a phone to make stickers?

Apparently you need a Line account attached to a cell phone number before you can make stickers.
If you know a way around it, gimme a shout! ;w;
Liked by: Evil Steve

Did you ever decide to make stickers for Line, or did that fall by the wayside due to actual money-paying Ubijob?

I really want to make some himehorn line stickers...
I'd need to buy a phone first, though... and they're so pricey and I'd never use it. : /

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So we know you're an EO fan. How do you feel about 7th Dragon?

Haven't played it!
The character art is nice though.

I'm new to shut-in vampire princess so forgive my ignorance but is it a sequel to something because it feels like it starts in the middle or is just an in media res thing?

Hey! Thanks for reading, anon. =w=
It's not a sequel -- the concept behind Vampire Bride is "after the epilogue". I don't want to spoil anything, but it's going to be a big/long project with lots of bits and pieces and side stories that link up to each other in various ways (like "Himehorn's Daily Life" and "A Captain's Worries"). Every part of the project presupposes the existence of the others, so it's not like there will be an order to read it in -- instead, you should be free to wander freely through the works and slowly get a picture of the world and the people in it.

How would a himehorn react to a cactus?

They'd probably just leave it alone. An curious haremhorn might try to find a way to clean it and turn it into a meal, but there are plenty of other foods that are tastier and less work to prepare.

>make fanart and gay anime porn >720k/yr starting salary My "comfortable" degree in accounting is starting to look pretty shit.

So open up a patreon and start drawing gay cartoon porn. Nothing stopping ya!

Is there an evolutionary reason himehorns are so adorable?

Nohorns finding himehorns cute: just a coincidence
Haremhorns finding hornmothers the cutest and smallhorns super cute: necessary for prioritizing survival of the herd's genetic descendants
Haremhorns finding musclehorns not so cute: necessary for the ability to order the musclehorns into danger, hard labour, cut their food intake in lean times, etc.
Musclehorns finding hornmothers and haremhorns cute but also intimidating: if they didn't, they would RROOARR RRAAARR and the herd would be destroyed.

How many himehorns does it take to change a lightbulb?

One hornmother to complain about it
One haremhorn to call over a musclehorn
One musclehorn to give a shoulder-ride to the haremhorn so she can reach the bulb and change it
That's how a happy herd works together!

Have you ever played/seen To Heart / To Heart 2?

I've seen some random clips and plenty of fanart and official art, but I've never played a game or watched a full episode.
Multi is cute.

That's an obscene amount of money in that patreon. Actually obscene.

It is definitely a lot of money for drawing IP you don't own.
Can't hate, though - it's really only 3000 or so fans putting in 5 bucks a week. It's the cheap production, infinite replication, volume and frequency that does the trick... just like that F2P money. Sell those digital drawings just like skins for your favourite champion/hero...

This belongs on the "I'm pretty sure you've answered this before" list, but what was/is your opinion on commissions? Any tips/advice/horror stories to share?

Commission work is just being someone's hired gun. Some folks love that line of work, but most of the time I prefer to pick my own targets.
If you want to make money, pick a fandom/fetish community or go with popular shows.
Check this out:
Shit's crazy.

>Have to complete Story Mode to 100% the Untold games Why this ;_;

I know, right? : <
Then again, I never managed to 100% any of the old games.. my parties are always too shit to handle the post-endgame bosses.

Sempai will you help me zip this dress up? There's too much fabric because my chest is so flat! >w<

Stop playing in your sister's clothes, DFC-tan!

Sempai, is it weird that I'm a skeptic with two levels of japanese cleric-y 'healing' shenanigans?

Never trust a cleric.

There will be a chance with the Snowhorn tour. ;w; || How does one become a part of this?

There will be a signup later. It will happen after the Bweh tour, so it'll be quite a while though. ;w;

I like the photos of the bat world tour, but I feel kinda SAD when I see them, because I never had the money to be part of that. :c

There will be a chance with the Snowhorn tour. ;w;

Hey Dan, I forgot to tell you I sent you an email the other day... I remembered when I saw your last answer.

got it, replied.


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