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2/2 Granted, not all of my herd has the same talent to play, but it adds to their singing just fine. Recently the herd loves John Denver's music for some reason. More so "Take Me Home, Country Roads." I think it's just a passing fad among them.

Take me home
To the herd
Where I belong
On the surface
Happy Herd
Take me home

Defectivehorn Keeper here, teaching my horns chess isn't the only thing I have been doing. I have also taught my herd how to play a nohorn guitar and Banjos. Himehorns can use their claws as natural pics to play them with little discomfort. 1/2

I bet the smallhorns would love that.

Defectivehorn Keeper here, to answer your question how the horns take up chess is simple, 1:When the herd is snowed in, many of them have time on their hands, so they try out various games the herd picks up from the nohorns. 2: himehorns are far more smarter than you realize.

Hmm, I see. Well, perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised. They use witch devices and pick up all sorts of toys from the Apostle, after all.

2/2 Also lately, fireflies are now reappearing at night. The herd seems to be fascinated by the little things. I guess they never had such things back on their old home world.

Watch out. The smallhorns will try to eat them. ;w;

Defectivehorn Keeper here, I think I have created a monster here Dan. I have taught my herd how to play Chess, except for the Old Musclehorn (she already knew it) and the smallhorns (too young) . Now they are beating me in it. What have I DONE!?! 1/2

I never thought horns would enjoy a game like that... especially a musclehorn. The defective herds in your area are really something else.

3/3 I've been giving the Old Musclehorn fresh fruits himehorns don't normally get like bananas, oranges, and cranberries with her meat and veggies. I 'think' the fruits are slowing down her deterioration process of her old age a notable degree. But it's not stopping it.

There's nothing sadder than a thin, old, bent-over musclehorn. ;w;
At least she will be able to enjoy a peaceful end where she's cared for. And she even has nice treats and other horns around... very rare for a musclehorn. ;ww;

2/3 The musclehorns are progressing well under the Old musclehorn's training. I gave the Old horn a cane to help her get around. She seemed to have been cast out from her old herd due to old age and a back injury. Other wise she's holding up well for her age.


Defectivehorn keeper here, Spring has arrived in full force and my herd is spending most of the days outside watching @muscle_Horn , Speakeasy and Snowhorn being trained by the old musclehorn. The haremhorns love being out in the green grass as much as the musclehorns love the mud. 1/3


2/2 kinda like how a martial arts master trains his students. It's not reached anime level over top style yet, just basic to more complex combat moves. I had thought the old horn would want to take it easy, but she seems determined to get this done.

What an unsual musclehorn. I hope she manages to finish passing on her knowledge before she becomes a thin-and-scrawny-confused-horn. ;_;


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