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In a far earlier question, someone asked about the project you're working on and you answered that we'd have to wait until the trailer. But when's the trailer coming?

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Can't say, sorry! ;w;

What is going to happen when Dan is lead out of his house in handcuffs while Pancake is screaming "Don't take my daddy away!"

Sakura: "I knew this day would come. C'mon, Pancake, we're moving in with Chad"
Dan: "M... my super a cutest...?"
Pancake: "but u sed chad was a secret mama"
Sakura: "It's okay, you can be with your real papa now... we free... we're both free..."
Dan: "....?!?!"
What is going to happen when Dan is lead out of his house in handcuffs while

I'm working on a webcomic, and although I'm insecure about the art style and how it isn't good enough I'm doing it anyway to improve as I go along. I think that's what most people advice, but would you advice against it, being more of a perfectionist and all, and since I'm putting my name to it?

You're doing exactly the right thing. Make the comic and improve as you go along. Don't get caught up on doing redraw after redraw... the next page and the project will be better.
Cakeluck! =w=
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Wait, Dan Kim, you're french?

Nope, I'm from Ontario and French was my worst subject in school... ha ha ha ha! ;w;
When they hold meeting at work they do 'em En Anglais just because I'm in the room. I always feel bad. even if it's no big deal to them, since folks here don't really speak "english and french", they speak "montrealese" which is "english AND french". Like, people will flow back and forth between english and french mid sentence and back and forth, and no one bats an eye.
One of my old team leads said something really interesting to me once: "We all speak our own English" -- and man, what an insight. What you have is COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PARTIES. What that takes is knowing and assuming things about that party, not "a shared language". You don't have English, or even Montreal English, you have the Basis for Communication between you and your mom, you and your co-worker Sam, you and your co-worker Bob, you and your significant other, etc. and that's constantly being modified on the fly as you talk and do more things together...
Anyway, going off track a bit, but just thought I'd share that... ha ha ha... ;w;

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Will you please make your next game a copy of Persona but set in Montreal?

>You decided to hang out at the La Belle Croissant after school...
Marie-Anne: Hey, sempai! Fancy meeting you here...
Marie-Anne: Oh! Is that an abricotine? I love abricotines -- they look like two big eggs .. or maybe boobs ha ha ha-- oh, what am I saying?! AAAA No don't look at me~!
>Marie-Anne is herself again.
>Looks like she doesn't remember what happened inside the Métro Noire...
Will you please make your next game a copy of Persona but set in Montreal

How do you deal with working full time? I just got another full time job and it's killing me slowly.

I'm lucky -- my job is basically to be the "ideas guy" on a game and tell other people what to do.
It's pretty much a dream job. As long as I don't have to make F2P stuff and I can put the player's experience first, I'm very happy. =3=
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Did you watch the short VICE documentary "Schoolgirls for sale in Japan"? Did it change your views on the cuteness-subculture in Japan in any way?

Just rolled my eyes at it. Same as the documentary they did on North Korea. 18 is not a magic number -- it's an American number. And the idea that compensated sexual labour is more exploitive than compensated non-sexual labour only makes sense if the sexual is sacred (and that the sexuality of women in particular is sacred) -- but that's just magical thinking left over from our evolutionary past.
Then again, some magical thoughts and genetic legacies have such a grip on us that we have to build around 'em. For example, parents value their own genetic offspring in a way that they do not value others. Seems like this would be an extremely deeply engrained trait, and it is, but that doesn't mean we can't harness this trait produce something besides the "naive" result. For example, we can tell ourselves that children are not just the offspring of parents, but the children of god, and so open up the possibility of adoption as a status-brining and moral activity. Or we can weave together stories about inalienable rights and shared destinies and so on. You could call this culture, social technology, whatever.
But anyway, what all these stories have in common is that they involve taking an already existing, deeply ingrained trait, and then cooking up a way to take advantage of that trait and produce a desired effect that couldn't have been produced the naive way -- by telling each individual to act against their deeply ingrained nature. Sorta the way we get out bread and bacon not by benevolence of baker and butcher, but by arranging things so that their self-interest produces group benefits. Something like that might be useful when it comes to deeply ingrained attitudes toward sex, too... it would be a cool thing to talk about. Maybe we could "hack" that, the same way we hacked our selfishness. But that Vice documentary never rises above tired old American moralizing about "sexist, misogynistic culture". Too bad.

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Sempai, do you think Nintendo realizes how much money they could make by releasing a 'next-gen' gamecube? A 'super gamecube' or whatever? I never bought a wii or wiiiuuuuu, y'know? Gimmicks are trash an' all.

They wouldn't. There's no room in the market for three nearly identical consoles.
The only way Nintendo gets by is by playing to their strengths (amazing IP, player-focused design, unique hardware interfaces) and realizing they are more like Disney than Sony or Microsoft. The NX should emphasize integration with their other entertainment product lines (Amiibo and theme parks are only the beginning, I'm sure) and make sure that the experiences they offer can only be found on Nintendo consoles. 3DS offered something very unique at a mass market price point. WiiU wasn't different enough from playing with a tablet + TV and didn't give the casual Wii owners a reason to upgrade. I hope NX is really different.

Hey Dan, couple questions, sorry if you answered em before! 1. How'd you get into the game design industry? And do you have any tips for getting there? 2. Do you have a system for organizing your story universes? Notebooks, wiki, scattered docs, or all in your head?

np, anon!
1. I got into a game design gig right after university (Gameloft) -- I applied online and did a phone interview and then flew out to Montreal to do an in-person interview. It went quite smoothly. I think having a CS degree from a good school + art skills helped a lot. If you can't be the absolute best within your field (I definitely wasn't), it pays to diversify your skills. Be a Red Mage and you'll be able to capture more opportunities when they present themselves! Also, you'll make a great connective tissue for multi-disciplinary groups.
2. I keep my notes in OneNote + real life notepads. Most of stuff gets internalized as I work it out on the page, though.
Good luck, anon!

I really enjoy your vidya opinions. What do you think the writing process for AAA games are like? Are the writers all just shit or is PR just tearing out anything remotely offensive.

Thanks, anon. =3=
As for your question: Market appeal is definitely a factor (anything that has to go super mass market has to be a bit bland -- see: McDonald's) but leaving that aside, there's also a serious production issue. Basically, the projects are HUGE (low hundreds to 1000+ folks on a project, seriously) and they suffer from all the problems of massive software projects + all the problems of massive hollywood productions. Stuff has to be developed concurrently in tight, efficient pipelines and sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing... and if your brilliant rewrite conflicts with a 10 million dollar cinematic sequence that's already in the can, well, you're shit outta luck. You better rewrite that the story to use that 10 million dollar render.
Additionally, you can't build a big company around genius, which is by its nature unpredictable and impossible to reproduce at will. A big company has to be a machine that can survive when a cog is replaced. It must also release products regularly, predictably, in a controlled way that serves both shareholders, employees, and customers. So you systematize and codify everything, and that includes story writing. That's why so many AAA products use (and reuse) well-understood, reliable, reproducible, cookie-cutter plots and then try to differentiate themselves from the competition with production quality + branding. You'll see that in big Hollywood AAA movies, too. It's the rational choice from the perspective of company survival in a very tough marketplace.

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What's your opinion on Player-Character romances in RPGs? What's your opinion on NPC/NPC romances in RPGs?

I love it. Especially when they're NTR'd!
Whats your opinion on PlayerCharacter romances in RPGs Whats your opinion on

Dan, I want you to know that in my many hours of working, when I'm in my office avoiding having to fix dumb people mouse problems and printers, that your comics were a source of entertainment. Thank you for being a stand up individual. Now hurry up and work.

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Thanks for that, not-so-anon. I'll get back to work right now!
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That's a specific set of emotions, but we'll see! I'm sure many of us would like to support games you've directly worked on.

Thanks, anon. I hope you'll like it. Muhuhu~ =w=

I'm sure you're under some silence clause in your contract, but will you tell us what the game is, and about it, when you're at liberty to?

I'll say something when the trailers come out. I think you'll be unhappy, then pleasantly surprised, then like HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE,
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Do you think the typical white brown haired vidya protag is a problem? I don't have a problem with it (for posterity's sake I'll say I'm black) as long as they have different and unique personalities, honestly if it's well written their appearances don't matter to me.

First off, I only care about the aesthetic unity of the work.
Secondly, the supposed ocean of "typical white skinned brown-haired dudebros in video games" only exists if you discount all Japanese games, all games from Europe (where they do not experience the same sort of whiteness that exists in America), Korean and Chinese MMOs, games in alternate histories/worlds, all pixel-only indie games, all games where you have a choice of character, all games where there is no humanoid character at all (puzzle games, candy crush, solitaire etc.), games where the characters are humanoid and not of a clear ethnicity, games where you control a group rather than an individual (sports games, tactical RPGs, war games, etc.) ... This basically restricts you to AAA Action (FPS and 3rd person you-in-the-movie) games. Within that genre, the creator's mission is to create a blank slate you can pour yourself into ... these action heroes are boring and have flat or one dimensional personalities for a reason: it's about delivering action, explosions, environment, cinematography (the real "characters") and not letting the character (really just a prop) get in the way. Think of AAA action games like Jackie Chan action movies. It's all about the stunts, not the characters. As ideas change about what's boring and hardly worth mentioning shift, you'll see that shift, too. It's already happening.
Also, I should say that just because a character isn't a classic stereotype does not mean they're interesting, deep, or artistic, brave, revolutionary, or whatever. They may simply be cookie cutters from another drawer.
Personally, I think notions like "character depth" , "realistic portrayals", etc. are poison because they 1) isolate "the character" from the aesthetic unity of the whole of the project and 2) make the character's inner life parasitic on well-worn vocabulary we employ in our everyday experience, which is exactly the opposite of imaginative free creation, which I take to be the whole point of art in the first place.
Anyway, all I want is for everyone to be able to find what they want and make what they want, freely. I have no interest in dictating to others what they find most valuable in life and in art. But that's where I stand on things.

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Do you mostly play men or women in games?

I always try to make my OCs whenever I can.
Dragon's Dogma: Cupcake (Sorcerer)
Bloodborne: Vicky (Executioner's set + grey wolf cap + facial scars + short white hair, etc.)
Dark Souls: Mint, Cupcake...
and so on. ;w;

Wait, but why would a gold digger go after someone with low earning potential?

They jumped on the wrong horse and then blamed the horse for being the wrong one. A bad horse must be punished and worked like a mule until death. I've seen it happen with my own eyes. No thanks, no thanks.

Just to make this clear (so that folks would stop bothering you about this) you're not saying everyone is a chump for believing in relationships and such, it's just not your thing and people have the right to be different. (I have to deal with it a lot too)

Yeah, for me, I just can't make it look like a good deal.
I mean, what's the benefit? Housework is automated, you can have kids out of wedlock, marriage confers no additional respect or status, and any tax benefits are entirely wiped out (and then some) by the additional burdens of family, a wife, and divorce.
Lock in period too long, no features, nasty contract breaking fee... no thanks.

>Taken to the cleaners >Implying Dan has the potential to make big money

Even worse! The less money I have the more precious each dollar is!

So, who was the anime girl who broke your heart to make you like this ;_; I just want to help you heal Dan-kun.

I saw way too many classmates and older guys get treated like an ATMs, nagged, berated, cheated on, treated like a fool, divorced, alienated from their kids, and taken to the cleaners.
I'm not any better than those guys. The same would likely happen to me. I consider myself lucky -- I saw mouse ahead of me run into the mousetrap. The cheese is still tempting, but I won't be fooled so easily now.

>What's the point? I'll just get nagged for a decade etc. // Isn't that the same sort of mentality that you discourage in your "GO DO IT" posts?

The penalties for flubbing a marriage are WAY higher than flubbing a comic, and the likely rewards are far smaller, too. I can't make the cost/benefit work out. The price is too damn high.
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Why don't you just talk to her? I'm sure she likes nerdy guys who talk all about their work and don't do small talk. Do it! JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN!

What's the point? I'll just get nagged for a decade, lose half my stuff, lose the kids, and then get my salary cut in half for the rest of my life. I won't even be able to quit again and do comics later thanks to that. No way.
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