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>understands that he's the problem | >refuses to actually do anything about it | I hope your kohais don't turn out like you, Mr. Dank Im

I hope so, too.

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>Guh, no thanks. I don't want to see someone at home AND work. || Who knows, Maybe there's a girl at ubisoft who is into baking darker cakes.

I already have my super a cutest anyway... that's enough for me. =3=
Guh no thanks I dont want to see someone at home AND work  Who knows  Maybe

Sempai, you work for the dev- err, I mean, for Ubisoft, now. The girls there probably like things similar to the things you yourself like. Talk to them about games & animu & such. They either warm up to you or they don't. Don't actively go after it, just let it happen, and everything'll be fine, OK?

And no thanks, I don't wanna get hit with some kinda sexual harassment suit because I wiggled my eyebrow the wrong way or something. When I'm at work I talk about work, nothing else, ever.
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Made me think about how I'll never have a little Cupcake of my own. Sigh... || Who knows. Maybe there's a girl at ubisoft who is into baking.

Guh, no thanks. I don't want to see someone at home AND work.
Actually, not even at home.
... .. Hrm.
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Hey Dan, got any advice for someone who wants to write an interesting setting?

1. Fill the world with things that you, personally, find interesting:
You've got to be able to talk about the world at length, so you better fill it up with things that get you excited and get your imagination running. Moe quirks you like, places you'd want to visit and explore, the kind of personalities you find fascinating, etc.
2. Leave room for mystery:
Don't try to explain every little thing -- just proceed as if your world takes itself for granted and your readers will be able to fill in the blanks.
3. Make conflict and suffering a natural part of the world, not an aberration:
In a world of supernatural good and evil, it might be possible to arrange the world so that each thing falls into its proper place, but in a world of natural, incompatible, and immutable desires, conflicts are never resolved -- only played out. To be interesting, the rope and branches from which your characters will hang themselves and each other should come without labels, name tags, "seat reserved for so-and-so", etc. If a mother drowns her baby, it should be because her inner world and the world of the story drove her to do it, not because you think you have something important to say about mothers and babies and drowning. Doing the latter just tells your reader that you think your opinions are more interesting and important than the characters, setting, and reader's immersion -- readers will often detect this and resent you for it.
4. Internal coherence is everything
Make sure your world is a world that could exist -- at least by its own internal standards. Each part of it should be explainable and/or describable by appeal to the other parts. If your world doesn't meet this standard, then you'll just have gaps instead of mysteries, forced drama instead of genuine conflicts, and a pile of objects instead of a world.

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>Fiction can't evoke real emotions all on its own >Doom 2 was the last FPS you liked, but you're familiar with the most recent Wolfenstein installment \ You're joshing me, right? You're joking.

Fiction definitely can evoke real emotions, that's obvious. What's also obvious is that this evoking doesn't depend on the fiction becoming a magic hotline into experiences already floating out there in the world or in someone else's head. The author doesn't spit out "an experience" then hide it in a wrapper called "a sentence" or "a novel" or "a piece of music" or whatever. All you really have is your particular experience of the work in question, and that depends on your internal configuration as well as the external conditions under which you come into causal contact with the work in question.
And I didn't play the latest Wolfenstein! I know it's there, but I didn't pick it up. I gotta play Metro first, actually...

Are Himehorns literally ranked according to bust size or is it a coincidental correlation?

It's a natural pecking order that arises from their biology. Just think of the herd as a colony of ants with some fuzziness between a specialized general-worker ant and nursery-worker ant.

Hey Dan, how is your ¨we pay you while you draw comic butts¨ break?

Work is going okay!
The game is pretty interesting and the system I'm working on now is actually turning out to be pretty fun. Can't talk about it, of course, but it's going smoothly.
Hmm, and I even have some time to draw himehorns! I should do it now. ;w;

>lowest ranking himehorn are the flattest That's offensive!

No milk means you gotta work the fields, scrub musclehorns, and cook!
It's not all bad, though. You also get to comb the members of the herd and do crafts. =3=

How do you feel about the ahegao? I personally dislike that there is a huge potential of lewd faces that can be made and yet we pigeonhole ourselves into a single tried-and-true expression.

That's where heart-shaped pupils and melty-mouth come in, anon... really kicks it to the next level. Where we go from here, though, is anyone's guess...
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who is the flattest himehorn?

All of the lower ranking himehorns are pretty flat!
The lowest ranking one if the flattest, usually.

Dan, have you ever wrote something thinking that it was nice, and suddenly someone points out that it sounds lewd?

Lewd is even better than nice. =3=

Hey Dan, when you need inspiration, how do you usually find it?

I change it up!
I play a game, read a book (non-fiction is actually the best for this, I think -- but anything that gets out out of your daily thinking mode will do), or just relax. The relaxing bit is the hardest part, actually. If you feel like you're in a rut, it's very easy to start pushing harder and harder and then you start panicking ("OH NO WRITER'S BLOCK AHHH") and then a week passes... then a month... then depression falls in...
... the best way to avoid this is to stop pushing. Don't push so hard! Just relax, do something else, and then give yourself some quiet time (could be an hour, could be a day) to digest the new experience. Then you'll find that a crazy new idea just pops into your head outta nowhere a bit before bed, or in the shower, or while watching some bacon fry, or loading the laundry...
Anyway, hope that helps. But you gotta find out what works for you.
Good luck, anon!

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Have you ever seen Neo Ranga?

I remember seeing the designs when it first aired, but I wasn't interested enough to pick it up.

Why are leedah and deelah so similarly spelled? WHAT'S IN THE SUITCASE, DAN?

Broken eggs, broken dreams.

8 days without a signal of Leedah, this has to be a foreshadowing of what you are drawing... they are all dead, right?

;~~; leedah...
Probably just busy with herd business... yeah... ;~~;


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