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Oh cool, thanks for that link! I know you recommend starting with Fun With A Pencil, but what's your suggested order after that?

Figure drawing, heads and hands, then Eye of the Painter. =w=
Good luck, anon! =ww=

you're not thinking about taking a himehorn's horn, are you? ||| Certainly not, I just wanted to know. Don't confuse my curiosity with your bullying tendencies. I just wondered if it was made out of bone, hardened skin, keratin or what, and if they are hollow or they are a another limb for them.

They're made of something keratin-like... but if you look at Snowhorn's horns you can see some rather large veins inside. Perhaps their horns also help with cooling? Hard to say...
youre not thinking about taking a himehorns horn are you  Certainly not I just
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Teppu has ended ; w ; where can i read for my antihero girls and muslce woman now? .... update my shut-in vampire princess bride w/ muscle horns pls ; ^ ;

;ww; Soon...!

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Are you into idols or idol anime and stuff? If so, who is the best for you?

Only idolmaster!
I like Makoto and Iori. Also Sachiko because she's a cutest muu~ =3=

Good luck on your job. Hopefully you won't get stuck in the backroom. Though maybe you'll enjoy the back end part. Oh~ho~ho~ho~

Thanks, man. =w=

There's No Way my Shut-in Game Dev Comic Artist Sempai can be this Employed at Ubisoft and also I am NEET Wannabe Game Programmer Please Send Jobs

;w; Good luck, anon!
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>Ubisoft | I-I knew you were horrible, sempai... but... how could you be a part of something so... so... evil?

>mfw joining the dark side
It ain't so bad. We have fuzzy feet here.
Ubisoft  II knew you were horrible sempai but how could you be a part of

>Ubisoft WHY DAN WHY

I'm not working on AAA!
Just small stuff interesting R&S stuff for now and hopefully "fake indie" stuff (like Child of Light and For Honor) later on. ;ww;

Congrats on the position, Dan. Be sure to try and make Ubi slightly less evil!

Thanks! I'll do my best! ;w;

Do the himehorns long spiky horns deter predators that swallow their prey whole like snakes?

Long ago their horns might have been used to skewer enemies or avoid being eaten, but now they're just kinda there. They sure are cute, though.
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Phantobiologist here again. Bad news and good news. The bad news: I did go out and do field research. It turns out Mopples are the Angell-Thurston tentacle type, or the octopus type, and not the squid type: there is an orifice, but it has a beak. The good news: I got to the hospital in time.

Phantobiologist here again Bad news and good news The bad news I did go out and
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