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Do mopples have genitals? Could a human penis be inserted into these genitals? I'm not asking for lewd, I'm a phantobiologist currently working on a dissertation in the sexuality of of smaller imaginary squid animals. Penis insertion is a standard for scale in my field.

Too much variation, bioanon. Looks like you'll have to carry out some "field research".
Do mopples have genitals Could a human penis be inserted into these genitals Im

I'm on a small R&D project for now and will hopefully transition into "fake indie" teams later on (Child of Light, For Honor, etc.)|| Hnnnng. It's still guilt by degrees. Sneak a cupcake into the final art somewhere and it'll be good.

If you ever find a cake rescue sidequest somewhere.. that one's for you, anon. =3=
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I'm happy for you, I also want to join a faux-indie game studio some day (´・ω・`)

Good luck, anon. We're all gonna make it, brah. ;w;

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"I-it's okay, I'm not working on AAA!", then "it's okay, at least I'm not working on Far Cry or Assassin's Creed!" And then finally "w-w-well, those series aren't that bad!!!!! I will make them good again!". That's the mindbreak journey you've set yourself up for. The bully became the bullied.

Hey, I lived through the birth of mobile F2P and Pay to WIn. I can take it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq7r8F0EVAwCloneManga’s Video 130282291314 uq7r8F0EVAwCloneManga’s Video 130282291314 uq7r8F0EVAw

Dan how could you join Ubisoft? That's like signing a contract with the devil, or an Incubator.

It's okay-- I'm not working on AAA. ;w;
I'm on a small R&D project for now and will hopefully transition into "fake indie" teams later on (Child of Light, For Honor, etc.)
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Consider the following: You have a protagonist in a pseudo harem situation with 2 main romantic interests, introduced late in the story, and some side characters that go with the protagonist early. How would you make people more invested in the main course than in the side dishes in that case?

What is the best way to merge characters? Like, two characters that might as well be one, for the sake of the story, and stuff like that.
Kill Midorin in dream land, Wendy makes a pact with Pinky and absorbs Midorin's soul gem to save her (for Kong's sake), MAI★DEVIL Wendorin is born.
Everyone will hate it and be interested in the main story again.
Consider the following
You have a protagonist in a pseudo harem situation with 2

What term do you use for breaded and fried pieces of boneless chicken, larger than a chicken nugget? Chicken strips? Chicken tenders? Chicken fingers? Chicken fries? Something else?


who is your favorite characters in street fighter? .... who do you think is the best girl?

SFA2 Sakura!
Also Capcom VS SNK 2 Sakura (N-Groove).

What's the most recent anime you've watched? Bonus points if you actually liked it.

Himouto. I liked it!

Since you prefer director's original version, does this mean you'd always stick with the cheesorama dubs of Resident Evil? Considering newer ones have JP voices too

Hmm~ good question. I guess I'm not 100% dogmatic about it... I'd probably consider the upgraded voices a director's cut that's closer to what they wanted in the first place. On the other hand, I think the Star Wars "upgrades" were an abomination, even if they were closer to what George Lucas originally wanted.
Well, I don't expect this sort of thing to be totally consistent anyway, ha ha ha. ;w;

Are you watching Monmusu this season?

Haven't made time for it yet, but I'm definitely going to watch it.

There's also the occasional good dub, right? I think Steve Blum actually does some of 'em, too. Is a gravelly voice a moe point?

Gravelly is alright in my books.
I always prefer subs, though, since I always prefer the director's original vision. I'd read raw manga if I could, too, but I suck at learning new languages.

What do you think of dubs?

I'd much rather have subs, but I can understand why some folks might prefer dubs -- they clutter up the screen, it can make watching the film difficult if you rarely use subs, the foreign language can be very distracting if you're not used to it, you might not be able to get anything out of a foreign language performance, or you might be dyslexic, illiterate, or maybe the available subs are in a second or third language and you can't read fast enough, or maybe the translations available for your first language are just shit, or maybe there are just no subs in your first langauge, period Lots of reasons you might go with dubs.
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What would you do if Sakura and all of your a cutest died for your sins? The suffering you have spread has finally come to you.

What would you do if Sakura and all of your a cutest died for your sins The

What is the average mopple life span?

Around 150 - 200 years... like a tortoise. They're pretty good companions for long-lived creatures.

OL Sakura. | No Sakuras, Dan. WHO?

N... no Sakura? ;~;
Guh. Okay. Hrrmm.
Maybe Snowhorn? I'd feel about about leaving her alone when I go to work, though.
Y'know, I really can't think of anyone. I'd rather be waifuless than have anyone else. ;w;
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I think people simply watch anime for something different, on regular tv (not cable) it's 50 variation of slab bulkhead grimdark life, lowcost crap, people living in tranquil village with 90% murder rate, "reality" tv and old ass shows. I need my moe moe kyun after dealing with customers all day man

Yeah, exactly. Moe moe kyun~

What would happen if Darkcake and Cupcake exchanged places for a day?

Darkcake would understand her sister better and feel closer to her.
Cupcake would ruin Darkcake's reputation and credit rating.


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