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Dan, I'm jealous of you. You've got it all- drawing butts, bats, bat butts, and you have a job that you don't hate. By all accounts, you've made your life choices and you're happy with them. How can I stop being jealous of you? (I'm only half joking.)

I really lucked out, anon! Life is good for now.
You can console yourself with the knowledge that I'll die alone as an old man with nothing but butt comics and an empty apartment to my name. I'll never hear the patta-patta of Cupcake's feet running down the hall or wake up to Sakura making eggs in the kitchen. I'll never feed cake to a smallhorn. I'll have lived my life in a fantasy world, dodged all worldly responsibilities, and built nothing of worth for even a single member of the next generation. I'll have been a fool my whole life. Do you envy a fool, anon?

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Do you usually read? What do you like to read and what genres?

I like novels/comics that put amusement, aesthetics, imagination, and "vision" first. Style matters a lot, respecting the reader matters a lot. I don't find engagement with so-called "big ideas" or "important issues" compelling in a work of fiction. I love moeshit and cute girls and suffering in my comics.
I also like Philosophy. I have copy of "Philosophy of Mind" by Jaegwon Kim coming in on Friday.

Hey, Dan. Can himehorns get a tan or are they perma-white?

Hey, anon.
They're permawhite! At least that's how they appear to nohorn eyes... who knows how himehorns see themselves?

You are waifu's figma is released! You didn't pre-order her?

I didn't! ;w;
I just don't enjoy collecting figs. The high is too fleeting and they take up too much space!

Do you use some kind of grid to design your web or any other theoretical knowledge to make it look good?

Hm, nope, I just go by what looks right + what I need the site to do.
Maybe it's a bit haphazard but I treat my website like a hobby -- it's fun to customize and build without optimizing for any particular purpose.

UwU no one understands the hardships of being a cool teacher... or trying to be one, at least.

;w; All that window leaping and no one appreciates it...

Exploration? …Just do the gathering missions and you will have to do plenty. Adventure? …Try to get a dragon egg from one point to the map to the other. Collectables? …There are lots of equipment, weapons, prices and items to get. Challenges? …As if I needed to mention more than the normal gameplay.

Yeah, I can see why people would really be into this game. Honestly, if it had cuter waifus and more dungeon-y level design I'd be all over it. Maybe I'll try the next incarnation on the NX...?

Suppose a genie offers you a bargain: your work will be commercially successful, but no one will ever take it seriously and you will be a meme for the rest of your life. Interested?

I don't see what changes except that I get a boatload of money.

... Did you know that a lot of fansubs are dying these days? ... ;w;

Time to learn Japanese, I guess.
Ironic that Crunchyroll grew out of a pirate's hoard. It'd be nice if they had some good competition.

Do you like Monster Hunter or Toukiden?

I tried MonHun on the 3DS ... but I need level exploration and a sense of adventure. Just plain ol' hunting doesn't quite do it for me.
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What do you do when you lose the motivation to DO something?

Switch tracks and do something else. As long as you have two or more projects/goals on hand, you can work on one to "procrastinate" on the other... it's a little trick I use to always keep things moving forward a little bit at a time.
Now, if you lose the will to do ANYTHING AT ALL ... well... that's a tough one. You might need a vacation, a change or scenery, some inspiration, or maybe you need to see some people/works that make you feel inadequate ... that might light a fire under your ass.
Hope that helps, anon. Maybe if other anons have suggestions they can reply.
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Hey Dan, if you had to give your characters a theme song, what would it be? (Cupcake, Darkcake, and some of the VB characters)

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Hi, Dan. I've just started Atelier Ayesha, and I have a problem with the characters so far. They feel so much empty and bleached, so shallow! It's like they are fairytail characters, having zero experience of complex world dynamics. Am I taking the game wrong? Or is suffering part of the experience?

FunkyLoiso’s Profile PhotoFunkyLoiso
Yeah, I felt exactly the same way. Ayesha is a dead-eyed fuwa-fuwa cardboard cutout ... especially compared to Rorona and company. At least at first. Things get a lot better as the game rolls on! By the end I had a party made of characters I really enjoyed and I even went into NG+ to find stuff I missed the first time around.
There's an overworked OL christmascake... an extremely socially underdeveloped powerhouse (with a heart of gold)... a cute robot that won't cut you a break... and lots of other characters worth loving and playing the game for. Even Ayesha gets a little more likeable later on. Oh, and the alchemy system is the best so far!
Anyway, yeah, keep at it. It's definitely different from the Arland series, but it's good in its own way. I'm really looking forward to playing Escha & Lodgy Plus and Shallie Plus.

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Happy birthday Dan, thank you for making my miserable life more exciting with your art!

Thanks! And it's my pleasure... thanks for reading! ;ww;
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Happy birthday Dan! I hope you have the most cupcakiest birthday ever.

Thank you!
I'm having a cake time on the stream right now. =w=

Happy birthday, Dan! Which of these two would you like to get stole-MADE? Cupcake or Himehorn?

Thanks, anon! ;w;
I want my Cupcake to be real! ;www;
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