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What inspired you to create the himehorns?

Their look was based in Japanese oni and their characteristics ended up as a blend of ants/chickens/platypuses/a generic herd animal ...
Really, I just wants a nice native species caught in between the Templar and Goldenhairs. That the details turned out to be so much fun (big yolk, big egg, happy herd songs, the various herd dynamics, fancy combs and door paintings, the herd records, the actual herd history, their relationship with the apostle, the new herd budding process, defective smallhorns, etc.) was a great and unexpected bonus.
I'm very happy with the himehorns and I'm really going to enjoy fleshing out the rest of the herd records. =w=

Cakeist liked to play with the smallhorns that came asking for snacks, isn't it? I wonder if they ever played ¨Gulliver¨…There it lies tied to the floor, while the smallhorns make a victory pose above the cakeist, enjoying the spoils of battle, snacks. What do you think, would they be able to do it?

It's definitely possible... they have the strength in numbers, for sure.
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Anyway, no more questions or answers about this. Eh. ||| I-I just tried to help clarifying the issue. ;~~~;

I appreciate it, anon. =w=

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Do you expect anything else? I mean, these are the kinds of people who want to hear what you of all people have to say, after all.

These are my peeps, anon. pls b a respect!!
Do you expect anything else I mean these are the kinds of people who want to

Psycopaths murder. Sociopaths manipulate. Dan enjoys suffering. Cupcake is the worst thing ever. Aren't most "broken" people the seemingly innocent ones?

ok PLS b a respont on a caek ok
i mena repscts
ok just giv ur a presents 2me ok!!! ugh!!!
Psycopaths murder Sociopaths manipulate Dan enjoys suffering Cupcake is the

Do these armchair psychologists also think that G.R.R. Martin is a psychopath? Is H. R. Giger a sick and twisted individual because he made a head penis vagina alien monster? Pls. Psychopaths don't need to play pretend with snowhorns and cakes. They're out hurting real people instead.

We're all just joking around and enjoying the bantz, anon. Just cake it easy. =w=
Do these armchair psychologists also think that GRR Martin is a psychopath Is H

Don't worry, sempai! You're not a psychopath! You're just a horrible person, is all! It's fine! You did nothing wrong, so there's nothing to be worried about, right? Just don't eat any babies, and you'll be fine. You absolute monster

Ok, ok, you are just an ¨ordinary neckbeard¨ ... with psychopathic tendencies.
I don't think psychopath, sociopath, masochist, or sadist fit. I think "broken person" is the closest descriptor that we're likely to find.
>a psychopath, not a sociopath | Anon's triggerin' muh autism here. In medical psychology the two terms are synonyms, so the difference is colloquial not technical, which is a fucking stupid thing to nitpick since it's not formalized or standardized in any way.
Dont worry sempai Youre not a psychopath Youre just a horrible person is all

Dan isn't a sociopath. Sociopaths is defined by empathy problems. Dan actively enjoys suffering, inflicting, receiving, and observing, especially if it is preceded by happiness: that requires a lot of empathy. *puffs on cigar* Dan is a maso/sade-ist. His parents were probably lightly neglectful.

Why are you smoking that cigar? Does it remind you of your father's penis?
Dan isnt a sociopath Sociopaths is defined by empathy problems Dan actively

I like to believe somewhere in the coldness of space a bunch of Old Ones are watching us in a moment of boredom. "Those mortals think they understand the universe, what a bunch of wankers."

I know, right?
If we ditched our wishes for justice and "understanding" (seeing through the illusion and coming into direct contact with the true nature of the world) and settled instead for a vision of the world were the best we could do is manage disputes and get around the world in more effective ways (expand our descriptive tool kits, scientific understanding, material resources, etc.) would the witches think better of us? Hmm... something to think about...
I like to believe somewhere in the coldness of space a bunch of Old Ones are

Are you still a tired gamer?

It comes and goes. Moe games continue to be my refuge.
I'm looking forward to:
Etrian odyssey 2 Untold
Persona 5
Metal Gear V
Dark Souls III
Last Guardian
Yoru no Nai Kuni (the new game from Gust)
the new Atelier Plus games
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In the early pages of VB we see a couple horns walking about, Horn structure of muscles but without the same large body. Are they just defective muscles or something different?

It's strange, isn't it? All the other herds on the surface were supposed to be wiped out.... Hmmm....
In the early pages of VB we see a couple horns walking about Horn structure of

What websites do you use for pose references? I really like the flow of your studies and how natural they look. The references I find look too artsy and aren't natural.

I draw mostly from imagination these days. When I use reference, it's usually stuff from Sushio, You Yoshinari, and other artists that I follow on twitter (check my follow list).
Oh, and check this website!
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So pretty much https://youtu.be/DHSwvtHFsOU ?

Almost, except that ALL objects, even molecules, atoms, etc. are specified by their place in a whole descriptive framework and the way they collide with the world... there's nothing special about justice, truth, etc. like the skelly was suggesting. Saying that justice or atoms or baseball points do or don't exist isn't a claim about the nature of the world, but rather a suggestion about the effectiveness of our choice of descriptive strategy when trying to do this or that activity out there in the world (for example, talking about atoms makes sense when trying to describe the precise motion of objects, baseball points are necessary for keep track of the score in a baseball game).
There's a long laundry list of objections and subtleties here, of course, but that can go on forever... and actually, it's almost beside the point. For me, the allure of a picture of a human world underwritten by a world of justice, truth, reason, etc. is /aesthetic/ -- not a matter of maintaining a necessary fiction (necessary for what?) or comforting yourself with lies and delusions (the whole idea of delusions and 'seeing reality" starts to break down once you start looking at various descriptive strategies as choices between alternative tools and the relative effectiveness of these tools for carrying out various tasks rather than pulling off the blinders and coming into contact with the world "as it is"). It's much more like saying "the stories that continue to have a grip on me are Alice in Wonderland, BLAME!, and the works of Kafka, plato, decartes, rorty, davidson, zdzislaw beksinki, moe anime, cute butt comics, etc." rather than making a grand statement about what "mankind" "needs".

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Why all your works have a high content of suffering?

Two answers:
1) It's the result of the belief that a character should be like a man walking into a dessert storm: everything should be blasted away by the sands, and whatever remains is the real thing, the important thing, the only thing worth talking about. I don't believe that characters in novels (comics, movies, whatever) actually tell us anything about ourselves or offer any insight into our place in the world. Instead, this sort of drama is a conceit -- the self-centred fantasy that our suffering is meaningful and ultimately a path to important revealed truths about the world and the self... that the happenings of this world are the projections of another realm that is the source of all goodness, justice, and reason and that we are significant because of our special connection to this other realm. It's all fantasy, of course, but a fantasy that has such aesthetic allure that I find it impossible to escape.
2) I love to bully!! Watching others suffer is the ultimate bliss!!

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Aside from snowhorn have other defective himehorns ever managed to survive for any length of time in non himehorn societies?

None that the herd knows about. They could be out there... but without a herd to belong to, well, why even live? The himehorns couldn't imagine that kind of impossibly lonely, impossibly painful life.
Aside from snowhorn have other defective himehorns ever managed to survive for
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What is your #1 anime/manga series?

Manga: BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei
Anime: Probably Evangelion for influence, Cardcaptor Sakura for enjoyment, Madoka for flavour of the decade.
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What do you want from life?

A few more comics completed, maybe another game or two done. Hmm... besides that, I occasionally think about having a little cake of my own, but I know I'd be a negligent dad, so it's probably better to leave that fantasy unfulfilled.
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