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Dan, what other free books can you recommend for r9kfags like myself in need of encouragement? (Similar to Bertrand Russell's Conquest of Happiness, posted earlier)

Read the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. It may very well change your ideas about what kind of life is worth living --
"If happiness did consist in pleasure, how came notorious robbers, impure abominable livers, parricides, and tyrants, in so large a measure to have their part of pleasures? He who had all the world's pleasures at command can write thus 'A happy lot and portion is, good inclinations of the soul, good desires, good actions.' "
It's not a guide or work of philosophy, but instead the earnest words of good man in dire times. Read the short introduction in the pdf below and see if that doesn't stir up something that's been sleeping deep within you. I'm willing to bet it will.
All the best, anon.

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What's the longest a person can talk without exposing the extent of their ignorance?

We shouldn't be ashamed of being ignorant -- it's not something that should be "exposed". We're all overwhelmingly ignorant, blind, foolish, etc. We should, wherever it is useful, possible, and appropriate, simply lay the contours of our tiny island of knowledge and expertise without shame or pride and try to engage in mutually profitable exchanges. Life's too short and silly for even sillier status games.

Is there somewhere I can buy or farm blue titanite slabs? I know I can get blue chunks from the fatty-fat crystal dudes, but I want my +5 Enchanted Baller Side-sword!

I totally forget. Better hit up the guide for that one... ;w;

When, if ever, is it too early to drink?

I used to start my day with a sip of whiskey for about two years. It's the only way I could get out the door! It's a bad habit though, anon. Restrict yourself to a little wine around dinner time and you'll lead a happier, better life.

Is it worth going out of my way to kill the under-Anor Londo trap, sempai? Does he have a chance to drop his pretty dress, or cause someone to sell some new spells or anything?

It's absolutely worth it! You might get a nice fashionable armour that you've been wanting for a while now...

So if you're not cool, or you're more than one-eighth crazy, you're not a tomboy?

If you're not bro enough, you slip out of the tomboy zone into the cool onee-san reverse trap zone... if you're too crazy, you're just a cute girl with a shortcut.
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What makes a tomboy a tomboy?

The cuteness of a girl, the coolness of a bro, with only one-eighth the crazy. It's the whole package, anon!!!
What makes a tomboy a tomboy
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What should be the primary objective of the human race as a whole be?

Cheap and plentiful solar energy then tech into a Thor / Hellion / Banshee

"And ere we can see the hornmotha cloaca, just like a boid they use dis same hole for both all fecal expulsion, and egg laying! Now, only tha hornmotha actually use it for egg laying, buh both tha haremhorns musclehorn has it too! Crikey, ere comes one now! Musta been attracted by this one cries!"

>opening up a himehorn's cloaca for the world to see
And ere we can see the hornmotha cloaca just like a boid they use dis same hole
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Himehorn documentary voided by David Attenborough featuring the crocodile hunter when?

No, I mean with a narrator like David Attenborough
I'll keep this in mind for a bonus comic later on. Maybe there's an eccentric sister in the The City's Great Hall that likes to research himehorns... hhmmm...
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Does Darkcake even know who her mother is?

She knows OF her... but doesn't know her personally. She'd rather not get to know her, actually. There are various reasons for that, but you'll find out in the comic, later.

Are you sure it's ok to take credit for that? = x = It would feel weird... I only played with your things, so to say... and it was all thanks to leedah that played along with my weird questions...

I'll say "Quest by ____ and @himehorn, based on the world of Vampire Bride by Dan Kim" ... =w=

are you okay with that? ||| Sure. = w = The himehorns are yours after all. It would be an honor. = v =

=w= Woo~


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