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On that "Chen runs a corporation" pic, one of the comments was something like "This is Dan Kim level of horrible". Did you see that? I got a bit of a chuckle out of it.

HA ha ha ha =w=

Do you want that as a title? I used ¨Himehorn Raisin¨ as the placeholder name = w = but Raisin's Daily Life is not bad as a title, it matches with your Himehorn's Daily Life comic. = v =

That would be great. =w=
Are you the quest writer?
I'd like to set up a section on the site where people can read the completed quests... are you okay with that? I can link to a twitter or ask account for credit if you have one. If not, a name or handle is good, too. =w=
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Completely different designers, so I don't think it's entirely fair to expect it to turn out like MN9. Don't blame you for keeping expectations low, but BS MIGHT be good?

Sure, it might. I'm not getting excited about it, though.

Tacos--Hard or soft?

Soft if I have to eat with others, hard if I'm alone.
I can't eat a hard taco without spilling stuff everywhere.

Hey Dan, your forum is still alive?

Well, it exists. Does anyone post there? No.
Do I even look at it? No.
I should really replace it with something else.

MGS 5 Paid DLCs confirmed... ;w; why this?

If Dark Souls 3 has microtransaction bullshit I'm gonna eat my hat. By which I mean cake. Which I'll do anyway, but it'll taste like kiln ash and darkness.

Sempai, why didn't you tell us that Himmyhorns are so relatable before? Does their hair get all oily and stuff if they don't wash it? Where do they get their conditioner from? DO THEY AIR-DRY, OR TOWEL-DRY?

The haremhorns wash everyhorn's hair. >: T
But yeah, they would get oily and gross if they never washed. The musclehorns, especially... they can smell quite sour if you leave 'em alone too long.
The haremhorns prepare all kinds of powders, oils, rubs, etc. and every herd is a little different.
Hornmothers and smallhorns are towel-dried with new material, musclehorns usually have to sit alone and air/sun dry. Haremhorns towel dry themselves with old material.

What do those squids that the himehorns are eating taste like? They're not kids right?

They taste a bit like raw oyster and have a very slimy texture (especially their noodly insides). You can feel the noodly bits vigorously trashing about in your mouth. Nohorns find this very disturbing, but the himehorns love it. They're a tasty treat available only in the winter when they migrate from their deep hot-water tunnels to the cooler pools to lay their eggs.

Has a defective himehorn ever been born completely without horns? Would the himehorns consider it a nohorn?

If that happened there'd probably be a lot of other defects, too. Some of the himehorn defects can be very disturbing.
But yeah, even if everything else about them were fine, a himehorn without horns would be thrown away immediately.

Would a himehorn with damaged hair be considered damaged goods?

No, she'd be alright. The hair will grow back.
She might be very depressed for a while, though.

Never cut their hair? Himehorns = miniature Saiyans confirmed?

Their hair naturally stops growing after reaching a certain length. For haremhorns and musclehorns, that's a little longer than shoulder-length. For hornmothers, it can be down to their waists, knees, ankles, or even longer.

Then where do the himehorns think the Templars and goldhairs came from?

They're terrible nohorns that shouldn't be here. It was a mistake... sometimes that happens if an egg goes wrong. Nohorn go home!
Then where do the himehorns think the Templars and goldhairs came from

Do himehorns get haircuts, or do they naturally grow in himecuts?

It naturally grows that way. Himehorns never cut their hair (unless something terrible happens to it).

I had to learn how to draw myself. Thank you for what you do, I'd give up if not your words of encouragement. Keep drawing the cuties, you are the hero we don't deserve. I also realize that's not a JoJo pose, but I can't draw hands for shit. http://i.imgur.com/uKt9O2A.jpg

Good stuff! =w=
Ah, and you did it yourself, man. I'm just here drawing cartoon butts right alongside ya. Let's keep at it! until the day we die! =w=
I had to learn how to draw myself Thank you for what you do Id give up if not

I don't think she would like it... ||| ... and what about Usami/Monomi?

I've never played Danganronpa, but based on their appearance I think the bweh wouldn't like them. Too gaudy and trying to be too cute! Are they trying to steal her Bikky?! B-bweh! Back off bweh!!
I dont think she would like it   and what about UsamiMonomi

... I wonder what would happen if your Bweh meets with Monokuma...

I don't think she would like it...
I wonder what would happen if your Bweh meets with Monokuma

So I finally sat down and read about the horned ones. What came first, the himecut or the horns? Did they evolve through other hairstyles in the past? Were there once mohawkhorns? Bowlcuthorns? Odangotwintailhorns? Baldhorns?

No one knows. But as far as the himehorns are concerned, there's no mystery at all. They live on a big egg, and there's a big yolk in the sky, the whole world is a big egg! They were hatched into this world with himecuts and horns, as surely as the greathorn hatched the big yolk in the sky.
Happy horns~
Happy himecuts~
Happy herd~
So I finally sat down and read about the horned ones What came first the himecut
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>plastic shades //// Will do. I have some lying around somewhere. Important question: best way to get cat hair off the bweh? Actually, should I perhaps not let the cat get anywhere near it?

Attarou’s Profile PhotoAttarou
Please don't let the cat near it! ;~~;
Cat hair can probably be removed with tape or one of those roller-cleaner things. If it gets really dirty, the bweh comes with cleaning instructions.
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That picture reminded me that I have a pimp hat sitting in my closet. It's got a feather in it and everything, and I want to put it on the bat. My question is, should I give her some (inexpensive, because muh budget) cool glasses as well?

Attarou’s Profile PhotoAttarou
Some plastic dollar-store kanye shades would bwehry bweh. Bwehtter than bweh. It would be ... #2bweh.

I need to draw a muscled boxer with a beard, and I have time until tomorrow evening. Can you quickly teach me how to draw gar men, preferably doing JoJo poses? :3c

I need to draw a muscled boxer with a beard and I have time until tomorrow

I really like Touhou! ||| The lore/story, the games, the mangas, or everything in general?

I like it all, especially the fanon personalities.

Shempai, some... sometimes I look at nice, big oppai and... and I wonder... it might be fun for a change... WHAT DO, SHEMPAI?!

It's over, anon. Give in.
Shempai some sometimes I look at nice big oppai and and I wonder it might be fun
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