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What's your favorite 2hu? I know you probably weren't able to play the new ones because WORK WORK WORK I MUST DRAW THE A CUTEST AND A BAT, so what are your favorites from each game you've played?

I like Touhou.
I really like Touhou!
I like the Marisa/Reimu + NTR'd Alice...
Also Marisa/Patchu + NTR'd Alice...
And Marisa/Reimu + NTR'd Patchu...
I also enjoy Scarlet Devil Mansion after Sakuya dies.
Eientei is okay for Udonge bullying. NEET princess is nice, too.
Weirdo "I can't fit in -- let's abandon common sense!" Sanae is great.
Clingy hag Yukarin is lovely...
I even love Ayayayaya
Hm. And Youmu a softest. Hrrrm.
... Anyway, yeah, it's hard for me to choose, but I'll go with Marisa. I like her hard-working but adventurous attitude.
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Do you have any tips if I wanted to play Darkcake in a game?

Fight solo, help everyone, pour your stats into int and charisma, use water magic (for melty mouth) and charm magic (for heart-shaped eyes). Wear the skimpiest clothing.

~ring~ "hello is that -" "Hi Daddy" "...Darkcake, why are you at this number?" "... This number we always talk on" “Huh…. Heh so it is. Isn’t that funny?” *click* ; ~ ;

I need to be kinder to my almost a cutest

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~ring~~ring~ "Hello D-" "h-h-hey, is this.. this the cake that will take all 'packages', promising personal 'service' and reasonable rates? How creative can you get? how much for double frostings?" *heavy breathing* ... "Hello Dad" "Oh, sorry, wrong number" *click*


"She's just a few months younger than Cupcake" but from a different mother....i think the nohorn term to this is cheating

I'm a scumbag
I know
.... I know

What kind of work does Darkcake do?

Business to business short-run delivery delivery after school -- Darkcake's Delivery Service. Personal service, secure transport, reasonable rates! When there's no fixed address and no fixed delivery date, that's Darkcake Delivery!
Most of the time she can make the deliveries on her bike... but given the nature of her clients and parcels, sometimes she has to get creative. Sometimes she's transporting documents, delicious preserved fruits, a dormant magical familiar, a love letter, a message from a vanished meguca to her long-lost parents, or just delivering a hand-made dinner to a meguca protecting the city late at night...
On the weekend, she works at a catering service that provides food carts at Megucorp.

Is Darkcake ... still in highschool? in what year is she? or is she working like that commision you did the other day?

She's just a few months younger than Cupcake, so she's still in middle/high school... but she's already studying college material and working part-time on the weekend and after school to make ends meet.

Dan... I tried to read Cupcake Universe but...just 1 strip...Magical Girl Cupcake, 7 strips and not Darkcake to be seen...@_@ I want more info at least...

I'll get around to updating Cupcake Universe and Puella Pantsuit after Himehorn's Daily Life wraps up. We're at about 25%.

But I thought Darkcake was a good girl and not a lewd!

She is a good girl!
But she knows her heart-shaped pupils and melty-mouth make her look lewd. She's a mature and responsible cake that knows how to accept reality and deal with it. Even if she has a melty mouth, she'll do her best every day!
But I thought Darkcake was a good girl and not a lewd
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What do you think of mechanical pencils vs regular pencils?

I like the line width variation regular pencils provide. Yeah, you gotta sharpen it every now and then, but it's a minor inconvenience. Also I've never held a mechanical pencil that feels as stable and solid in my hand as a good wooden pencil.
I like good ol' Staedtler HBs.
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I see you like Coco = w = ... what are your first impressions of the characters so far?

Coco seems quiet... I wonder if she's shy about her hugeness. Or maybe she's not huge yet?
Choux seems genki and helpful. I hope she becomes good friends with Raisin. =w=
I want to pat the himehorn teacher on the head. =w=

= w = Slice of life tends to have that kind of effect (The K-On! Effect?) unless you mix some tension here and there... but for now, I will let the first day flow as it should, then I will focus on ¨the free time¨ so Leedah can move more freely...unless something needs to happen...what do you think?

Sounds good! I like the casual, walking pace. =w=
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= , = ... what do you think of the story so far? I don't know if it's going too slow or is just my imagination.

I like it! It feels easy going and relaxed compared to the last one. =w=
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How did snowhorn survive the early days of being cast out(presumably as a smallhorn) without anyone to feed her?

You'll find out... actually, pretty soon in Himehorn's Daily Life. The herd doesn't exist in a vacuum -- that's all I'll say for now. =w=

So, the Greatsword and the Zweihander have the same damage, but the former has a stabby-stab, and the latter has a slammy-thing. Is one objectively better than the other, or is it a preference thing? I think I'm gonna go STRONG next playthrough.

It's mostly preference, but most folks tend to go with the Zwei.


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