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Have you seen ¨Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu¨?

Nope. Too busy drawing comics (and answering ask.fm questions...)
I still have to watch Nanoha Vivid, Prism Illya, Shirobako, the last few Kyonai series... the backlog is real. ;~~;

It you took the cut off twintail and used it as a hair extension to give yourself a ponytail, would you gain half of the magical girl's powers?

>Wouldn't tying twintails together just be a ponytail?
>"What if you tie the twintails together,..." || That's better than cold fusion! I must now catch a magic girl, the true source of infinite power and free energy.
>If I swallowed one of a twin tail's twin tail really fast before she could notice while it was attached could I use her magic while it was inside me?
It you took the cut off twintail and used it as a hair extension to give

I bet cutting a twin tail off of a magic girl is almost as fun as nailing one foot of a himehorn to the floor and watching her cry and hobble in circles.

I bet cutting a twin tail off of a magic girl is almost as fun as nailing one
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What if you tie the twintails together, would the magic circle around and create an infinite loop of endless mana?

I see... the strongest meguca... the strongest hairstyle... it all makes sense...
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If you grab a magic girl and cut off one of the twin tails, would it off balance her magical-magic making her walk in circles?

What kind of sicko are you?
If you grab a magic girl and cut off one of the twin tails would it off balance

... but... I just want to do that to all your cuties. :c not just the himehorns.

Please accept this raspbwehrry as a consolation prize, bweh =w=
but I just want to do that to all your cuties c not just the himehorns
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Christmas cakes ...cute. Yeah, right... I dare you!, I double dare you! Make me eat my words and make the cutest thing, EVER!

I got your super a cutest right here!!
Christmas cakes cute Yeah right I dare you I double dare you Make me eat my
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I have chocolate cake and strawberry cake... Is that good enough to pat their heads, shuffle their hair a little and see them smile ... or is that too much to ask?

Please leave your cakes at the cave entrance and take a damaged smallhorn with you... =3=
I have chocolate cake and strawberry cake Is that good enough to pat their heads
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What happens if you eat the stringy bits inside gwupos?

Bad things. You might turn into a pile of string yourself.

After the cuteness of the smallhorns and the himehorns in general... how will you top that on your next works?

Cute christmas cakes doing christmas cake things! =3=
After the cuteness of the smallhorns and the himehorns in general how will you
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Do gwupos come in cake flavors? >.>

They taste like lime jello.
Watch out for the stringy stuff inside, though... that's not edible. No one knows what it is.

Which of your creations would you eat alive without anesthesia if you were forced to by a pact you broke with one of the stronger witches, the one that got you into your fictionverse?

I'd eat a gwupo ...with no regrets.
Gwupos are delicious.
Which of your creations would you eat alive without anesthesia if you were

I want to draw a pic of leedah so I was wondering are himehorns skin peach or white? And is the environment they're surrounded in a nice green forest or mostly covered in snow?

Their skin is white as snow!
And the himehorns of ancient times lived in a lush green forest... but the himehorns of the present age live in deep caves illuminated by glowing moss and mushrooms (the world outside the caves is frozen).
I'm looking forward to your pic! =w=
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But what if somebody requested it in digital (your artwork I mean)?!

You mean colour?
We'll have to talk about it. Colour takes a LOT of time.
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Did you enjoy the little story time I had with Leedah... I mean... Saint Blossom Starry Leader? (I am not finished yet!)

I am enjoying it very much!
Did you enjoy the little story time I had with Leedah I mean Saint Blossom
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I need some advice. I've been feeling bored with my work. I have a decent following and among them is a few senpai's who I admire. I feel like what I've been putting out is incredibly dissapointing. The amount of followers I have is a new milestone for me. So I'm afraid to 'take a break' and risk

Losing followers for not uploading. I'm just afraid of losing what I've worked for all these years for, but also afraid of losing the interest of peers. I though after I made this personal goal who people who see my art I'd be happy and content with where I am, but its quite the opposite.
Congrats, anon. You've reached a new point on your journey as an artist: The retweets and likes and applause are nothing to you now -- the pleasure of pleasing others has been replaced by indifference. You've turned from the crowd, out there, and turned your attention inward to the nature of the work itself. I won't bore you with my admiration -- you don't need it. If your dissatisfaction with your work is motivated by the wanderlust that afflicts all those who have been truly captured by their true passion, then you are your own master now. All territories are open to you, and your path will be decided only by you and the needs of your work.
This can be a trying time, especially at first. A dissatisfaction with your artistic homeland quickly becomes a dissatisfaction with yourself, and your first inclination is to make a secret departure in the dead of night to a faraway land... perhaps with dreams of returning like a king, years later, transformed by powerful skills and dazzling works honed in faraway lands... But this is fantasy, anon. My advice to you is this, and it comes straight from personal experience: take your audience on your journey with you.
You don't need to upload all the time, just tell folks what's on your mind. Let them into the atelier, show them your explorations. Show them new forms you're trying out, your attempts and failures, your dead ends and promising lines... and likewise learn from others, but do not compare yourself to them. You are on different journeys. In doing this, you'll find a new kind of joy: not the short-lived joy of showing off a cool piece to impress others or gather attention, but the deep and long-lived joy of sharing a journey with many fellow travellers. Kinda like we're doing right now. And you'll be surprised that along the way, without even knowing it, you've been growing and caring for your work all this time... and it'll have become something you /can/ take satisfaction in. Not because it impresses others or brings in a large audience or displays some particular level of skill, but because it will be the product of a journey that was worth taking -- that is, your own life journey... the one that you chose yourself, as your own master.
Anyway, sorry if that's not a direct answer, anon. But hopefully that helps a bit. Throw me a line any time, fellow traveller.

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Sempai, can I get a set of armor like the one the bonfire-lady in Anor Londo wears? I don't wanna know how, just- is it in the game?

Yes. =w=

Do you have any speedpaint videos or do livestreams?

I do livestream sometimes:
Hit that follow button!
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I raised my dex by a couple points at once and thought fireball was less retardedly slow, sempai! Cheatsydoodles are cheatsydoodles! Also, do pyromancies scale with INT? The magadjust thing doesn't look like it, but fire damage does, I think? I'm not sure about this game's UI sometimes.

When your pryo is upgraded enough it does indeed scale with INT!

Sempai, does high Dex speed up pyromancy stuff? Or are the better ones just faster? Or maybe I'm crazy, I dunno. Also, when will shield/undead marriage be legalized? This grass crest shield needs to have my babies

It does! I'm surprised you noticed! Or maybe you're secretly hitting up that guide on the side... you're only ruining it for yourself if you haven't already finished your first playthrough! >: Y
And grass crest shield is indeed a cutest. Black knight shield is my shield waifu, though. =3=


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