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something like Princess Maker, but with 5 minute events/dates to raise stats? ||| ... That is a Dating Sim, not VN ...what you want is a JRPG/Dating Sim, with VN elements... like Agarest Senki?... with VNs if you cut the thing an sell it like a piece of meat, by parts, it ruins the experience (imho)

Yeah, I guess that's a dating sim. You could break apart a VN like that, though -- maybe a murder mystery with different points of view...? You could even incorporate time related stuff -- like a witness might only appear at night, so you gotta check your phone at the right time... OR PAY 5 GEMS NOW TO BRIBE THE WITNESS TO APPEAR BUY THE 500 GEM PACK $99 BEST VALUE LIMITED TIME ONLY
something like Princess Maker but with 5 minute eventsdates to raise stats

Phone novels ||| I know, but those are actual novels as far as I know, not games / Visual Novels. There are some VNs on handhelds (most of them are ports) and phones (not sure, but I am sure there are dating sims or games like Idolm@ster)

There might need to be some tweaks to the format to make 'em really viable on mobile, but I think there's an opportunity there. Maybe something made up of small events instead of a full blown VN.... something like Princess Maker, but with 5 minute events/dates to raise stats? Finished certain event paths to unlock main story events...?
... sigh... I actually DO like the mobile space, but only because it demands extreme tight, refined deign and there's still plenty of room for exploration and innovation. Unfortunately the audience is made up of ultra-casuals who aren't really interested in that and studios after a quick buck aren't interested in that either...
Phone novels  I know but those are actual novels as far as I know not games
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By mobile you mean phones or handhelds? Most of the time you need quite a few hours to feel like you accomplished something or to get to a ¨choice¨ to save and quit the game in most VNs ... I don't see why would make sense there, when phones are for ¨short playing sessions¨... just my humble opinion

Phone novels are huge in Japan (and Korea)... but that's probably because folks spend a lot of time on the metro/subway. I've enjoyed reading VNs in bed... I think it's a nice reading experience.

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... even TYPE-MOON is making a mobile game. orz (I just hope that it doesn't have microtransactions ...or at least that it gets localized or translated)

I'm sure they'll have some costume or story packs...
VNs kinda make sense on mobile, though. I wouldn't mind a VN with some multi-touch inputs.

Can you share what you would consider bad artistic habits of yours, so we may avoid them?

#1: no variety -- I gotta draw more close/far shots, stuff at extreme angles, more interesting compositions, etc.
#2: too much time answering ask.fm questions and checking out twitter ... gotta cut back
#3: bad sleep cycle: cuts into my day and drains my energy. I'm too old to stay up late.. it's not worth it. It doesn't matter if I'm on a roll -- just go to bed and finish it in the morning.
#4: Do more finished pics
Well, I'm sure there are a thousand more, but that's what comes to mind at the moment...

Alright fuck it, mix Nihei with Moebius and some early Tarantino becausewhynot. Whole thing written by Kojima, developed by a team of slavs wizards and produced by Platinum.

Alright fuck it mix Nihei with Moebius and some early Tarantino becausewhynot

>not Vanillaware for best art. Step the fuck up.

The designs in Vanillaware games are pretty, but they're not imaginative the same way the Panzer Dragoon designs are.

No, no, I accidentally hit the swamp pyromancer lady! I thought I had my menu thingie up, but I didn't, and I hit R1 or whatever it's called, and gave her the S. I just use the red eye orb thingies to invade, right? And then I obnoxiously spam until they die, just like when I get invaded?

Yup. I suggest invading in upper blight town and kicking folks off ledges. Enjoy the fanmail!

Favorite JRPG?

Chrono Trigger? FF V? FF VI?
Persona 4? Skies of Arcadia?
Those are probably the "best" JRPGs I've played, but... Hhmm...
You know what? Atelier Meruru put a smile on my face and the battle system was awesome. Let's go with that.
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Which game has the prettiest art & design?

That's a tough one, but I gotta rant here:
I can tell you that I really dislike designs that rely on an excess of symbols for their impact (Final Fantasy X to present, League of Legends). The recent Joker is a good example of this sort of nonsense (see image below).
I also think a good design is one that both suggests and depends upon the world that it's situated in. That is, a good design don't just look "pretty", "cool", or draw an emotion out of you -- it should actually tell you something about that world ... or better yet, provide strong footholds for your imagination so you can get to exploring the world yourself through the designs...
Anyway, considering the above, I think the designs of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei are some of the best I've ever seen. I mean, check this stuff out: http://art.thewilloftheancients.com/

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Which game has the prettiest art  design

IT'S THE WITCH RING! YES! Oh god she thinks I'm her sister. I'm not sure how to feel. I guess she's blind, then? How much of my humanity should I feed to Ojou-sama, sempai? Most of it? Some? Halfsies? Also, why is ABSOLUTION so pricey? I ONLY HIT HER ONCE, SO WHY 17000 SOULS?

Congrats. Now you know. You are the demons. ;~;
And feed a lot of humanity to her. A LOT. Learn to invade and git gud for your new spider waifu.
17000 souls is a bargain. A spider waifu's love is priceless.

Curiously, now that I think of how dorfs reproduce, are himehorn eggs fertilized by invisible spores from the non-hornmothers? Maybe the musclehorns have to exercise a lot because sweating causes them to give off more spores?

Nope, the eggs are already fertilized.
There's an encyclopaedia entry about himehorns here, btw:

What's the average ratio between Hornmothers, Haremhorns, and Musclehorns? I need to know to get the caste ratios correct for Horn Fortress.

Seed herds are usually 1 hornmother + two to three haremhorns for every musclehorn.
Maximum herd size is about 2 dozen ten thousand other herd members (about 24 of those will be hornmohters)

Don't you think that's the problem with DS? People take NPCs for granted and kill them like it's nothing. Imagine someone hitting up Demon's and thinking it's OK to randomly kill Stockpile Thomas or Yuria

I tried killing the maiden in black and doll immediately, so maybe I'm not the right one to ask...
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I don't feel bad for killing Priscilla.

You are the worst.
Take this a boobest and bweh as punishment!
I dont feel bad for killing Priscilla

Sempai, is there a way to save certain NPCs who go off to do stupid things and may or may not end up going hollow? I don't want Firelink to be all lonely and sad! Also, what happens if I don't prevent that murder? Other than the murder, I mean. I don't want any bonfire people to die this time!

Try making different choices this time. You can save some, but not all...
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If a bweh makes a bweh sound normally, does the flapping of her wings make a bwap?

It makes a fwappa fwappa sound.
It's actually her cutest sound:
If a bweh makes a bweh sound normally does the flapping of her wings make a bwap
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