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Ah, well, I think I can help you with which projects to to work on when! What you should be doing right now is focusing on the Himehorns and putting everything else on the backburner until... forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. Happy horns, happy herd!

That's enough internet for today, @himehorn!
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Do you have more ideas for comics that you would want to make or all your ideas are focused in your current projects at the moment?

I have more projects I want to do than I could possibly finish in a lifetime. The challenge these days is trying to figure out which projects I /really/ want to do and which I'll have to give up on or set aside until later... and of course, some projects are only really tasty at a certain point in your life, so you gotta try and line things up as best you can when it comes to that. I want to do it all, but there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many years in a life. Sigh, ;~;

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There must be a himehorn national holiday! Ummm...uh...what day would that be?

Himehorns celebrate whenever the apostle visits! It's not quite a holiday (especially since the haremhorns and musclehorns have to work even harder to prepare good food and clean up after the hornmothers) but it's a special event that they all look forward to and treasure.

Dear Mr Kim, I'm sorry to say that my daughter Apple came home from school today crying because she was being picked on. It sounds it was your Cupcake that was to blame; Apple said she was being made fun of because she "was tots uncute" and "didn't have enough frosting". I don't like asking other pa

I guess Cupcake picked up my bullying habits... I am truly a bad dad... I'll give her a talking to. ;~;

Do you like to cook? Is there any recipe you know back and front that you can make without a second thought?

I'm happy with all kinds of simple Korean food... but honestly, I don't like cooking because it takes time away from drawing. When I do cook, I try to prepare one big pot of food that I can slowly eat over the next couple days.

Do you feel like an outsider, and if so how do you deal with it?

I don't care about that. Nothing prevents me from making the stuff I want to make and I don't want to belong to any circles, groups, movements, or cliques.

I've done it before! I can do it again...! At least the himehorn bits...! ;~~;|| Are you finally drawing the himehorn "bits" Dan? Will there now be cloaca for all?

Will you even enjoy seeing a himehorn's cloaca? There's nothing special about it. It's just a gooey, stretchy hole.

Do you have anything planned for Hornmother's day tommorow?

I'll give my mom a call. =w=
Maybe I'll draw a nice hornmother pic for y'all, too....?
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I did all the stuff you're supposed to do to feel good and I feel awful. I did exercise in the sun, I hung out with family, I saw a movie with friends, but I still feel like I wish the world had ended in 2012. What do?

Might need to achieve something you think is worthwhile (happiness of often the byproduct of achievement in an activity you care about) or it might be chemical -- something that requires a trip to the doctor...

Argh...my brain started world building. Why this? I blame your story world for this. I blame himehorn for it. I blame Vikky and Snax for it. I blame templars. I blame the witches. I blame you for it. Yes. You. THANK YOU! Your stories re-ignited imagination in my creatively dead brain. BRO-FIST!

: D
Glad to hear it, anon!
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Sempai, will I ever be as grossly incandescent as Crazy McStares-at-Sun-kun? Is such magnificence attainable?


Do you think that spending too much time on communities like 4chan can damage your mentality?

Damage is just experience that gets in the way of certain things you want to do. If it doesn't get in the way, it's not damage. I've really enjoyed my time on 4chan. Since moot's gone, I'll be the last one to turn out the lights.

Yup! Lots of cute screaming! ||| ... you should make a kickstarter for your game, with the sole purpose to hire that seiyuu...

Himehorn bullying touch mobile game... Pay the microtransactions or the a cutest gets it!

Himehorn with captain Haddock tier vocabulary when?

The haremhorns wouldn't let a smallhorn grow up with a foul mouth like that. >: T

It's really all a ruse to draw Snowhorn! ||| ... fair enough... Leedah needs to read this.

>Snow horn gifs snow horn gifs *crowd joins in* SNOW HORN GIFS
>Dan! Please this is important! I need you to
After Himehorn's Daily Life!
I also have to think about Pantsuit!
>: T
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How do meguclets survive in a world full of disgusting useless meat?

Unlike the megucas of earth, the megucas of Dark Moon Corp (formerly Dark Moon Kingdom) remain megucas forever -- they don't grow, age, die etc. They have their own set of problems, of course.... and a lot of them are pretty flat.
Anyway, they consider their flatness a mark of distinction. They just don't understand why the earth megucas don't see it the same way. Who needs that useless meat?!
How do meguclets survive in a world full of disgusting useless meat

At least the himehorn bits...! ;~~; ||| So... Vampire Bride was just a ruse to create Himehorn's Daily Life. Your Bweh is ashamed of you (so this is why bweh was NTRd, uh?) ... but the herd will be pleased at least.

It's really all a ruse to draw Snowhorn!
At least the himehorn bits   So Vampire Bride was just a ruse to create

Are witches really beings of immense power with the minds of children? Perhaps the witch doesn't really care about the templers, the human race or it's survival. She just liked these melons and only keeps them alive to grow the melons.

The white witch cares for all in her garden. Still, it's an open question whether she really cares for the templar any more than she cares for her melons. Maybe if you're a higher being like a witch those far enough below you all look sorta the same...? ... ... In any case, they should be grateful for the white witch's protection... ...

If I was captain of a craft going through space having no home planet to land on and no future. Then an immensely powerful witch directing things made it only about gathering more people to grow more of her favorite melons, I'd probably step out an air lock.

I'm sure many captains have felt like that, especially the early ones. But it's been a long time and folks are used to it. Like is about melons, your sisters, and maintaining the ship -- what else is there?

Do you ever get cognitive dissonance about living in the west but enjoying media from the east?

Why would I? It's no different than liking Indian food or liking an Italian painting. All such borders are imaginary and artificial, anyway.
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You didn't warn me hard enough, sempai! This game is way too clever! How crafty the devs must be, to make the summoning sign thingies insta-crash the game?! Are there any other clever ruses I should be on the lookout for?

: (
The PC version does have some weird bugs.
Also beware of hackers -- last time I played on PC some folks were even dropping items that corrupted your save file or editing your character. One of the downsides to PC releases, sadly. I ended up going back to the PS3 version...


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