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What is required to actually evoke herd-like emotions from the Himehorn brain? Could Snowhorn fill the he in her heart with say, a litter of kittens who rely and look up to her?

Nohorn husbando is going to try a bunch of things... chickens, little pets, stuffed animals, etc. He'll make her happy .... somehow... ;~;
What is required to actually evoke herdlike emotions from the Himehorn brain

Don't ruin her hope and dreams Dan! Stop being a bully!

Maybe she'll find a lost surface herd.... m-maybe they'll take her in...? ;~;
Dont ruin her hope and dreams Dan  Stop being a bully
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Snowhorn is best leedah, himehorns go home!

Snowhorn can't be a leedah -- she doesn't even have a herd. ;~;
Snowhorn is best leedah himehorns go home

What kind of music do you listen to?

I really only listen to music while I'm drawing, and only as background noise. These days it's usually anime and game music and ASMR tracks (crinkle noises from massageASMR are my usual goto). There's a little kpop tossed in there, but not much -- I don't follow any of the groups or anything.
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Can the herd shaped hole be filled with cool skateboard tricks?

Maybe! Try giving her carrots and hairbrushings afterwards...

How come you don't want to learn Japanese and live in Japan, aren't you a true weeb?

Because translators exist and Japan has a shit work culture. I'll take Canada a hundred times out of a hundred.
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>Since she doesn't have any eggs inside you can hug her all you like. =w= That's actually really sad! Can all that empty space be filled with love, at least?

She has a herd-shaped hole in her heart, anon.
You can try your best to fill it, but she'll live the rest of her life with a little empty feeling inside.
Since she doesnt have any eggs inside you can hug her all you like w

Little sister characters or daughter characters? :v

These days I like drawing daughter characters more, but I still like watching/reading spoiled little sister characters.
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/ic/ hates Loomis because they're all wildly insecure students in highly competitive environments or they're highly ambitious self-taughts and rejecting a widely regarded introduction lets them feel a sense of superiority when it is very hard for them to feel superior b/c of the standards they have.

Ha ha ha~
Well, I'm no stranger to Artist Vanity™ -- it's a tough spot to be in. I can understand the impulse. Heh.

Guess Dan really didn't care about his Bweh after all... Seeing how he won't save her... no wonder why that anon kept Bweh because he knew Dan wouldn't take about bweh.

No! I care about my bweh...!
Guu... anon... why did you make me choose?!

Snowhorn is defective so her eggs are infertile right? Isn't a herd of snowhorn having no other destiny than die without offspring?

Nerer19’s Profile PhotoNerer
Yes, that's right. ;~;
Actually, snowhorn might not even be able to lay eggs at all. Her machinery is just broken. ;~;

Would you be interested in making a short animation or an OVA/OAD about any of your creations, given the chance, funds and support you needed?

Of course! I'd love to see some cute cakes doing cute things.
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Little plastic himehorn set. ||| Small like a Nendoroid or the nendoroid petites?

Petites with lots of happy horns in various poses: eating, dancing, sleeping, laying an egg, combing hairm etc. Maybe a big one of the Leedah...?
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If you had to pick one Dan to save.... Bweh or Cupcake? Remember one dies.

I'd save Cupcake. She's my batter and frosting, after all.

If you were to sell cute himehorn or bweh or cupcake dolls, how much do you think they would cost? Do you think they would sell well?

I have no idea -- I haven't investigated the cost at all.
If possible, I'd like to make a little plastic himehorn set... one that looks good together in a big herd. I think they'd do alright as long as the price is low enough.
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Bweh Bweh, Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh? Bweh Bweeeeeeeh Bweh... Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh? Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh Bweh BWEH!!! BWEH BWEH BWEG BWEH BWEH!!! Bweh, Bweh Bweh Bweh! Bweh, Bweh

I hear you, my a cutest and bat!!
;~~~~; !!!
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=w= Thanks, man. Don't forget the wiki! ||| Already went there, while you were still working on it ... and today. @_@ I told you, consumed.

Damn, man.
Well, himehorn update tomorrow. Look forward to it!


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