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If you had to train a successor of your art and teachings; How would you train it and why?

Send 'em to a proper art school, I guess. I have nothing particularly unique to pass on.

... don't confuse wisdom with knowledge.

Did you know if a hornmother suffers from mineral poor diet or is forced to perform hard labour she can suffer from a prolapsed cloaca? Sometimes a haremhorn has to push it back in... it's extremely painful and can lead to infection, sickness, and all kinds of complications.... even death. A hornmother's body won't stop producing eggs, even if her cloaca is damaged... it's a terrible sight to behold. Sometimes a hornmother will beg for death, but the haremhorns can neverforce themselves to do it...

Hey, as I see the things, even cartoon butt artists have some wisdom in them to share, so does everyone else. You share some of it, and We decide if it's useful or not. Don't deny your wisdom! =3= Everyone has learned something in life... or so I want believe.

The only thing I can tell you about is himehorn cloaca!
Hey as I see the things even cartoon butt artists have some wisdom in them to

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Don't take life advice from cartoon butt drawers! Don't make the mistake of taking art or artists as a source of wisdom. Don't let them puff themselves up and pull the wool over your eyes! ||| The irony is strong in this one.

Dont take life advice from cartoon butt drawers
Dont make the mistake of taking

Are you going to leave Vampire Bride in a box by the trash now that you have Himehorn's Daily Life to work on?

No way, my bweh is my precious.

Isn't it strange that you have a fan who voluntarily donates money to you every month, but would be greedy enough to kidnap a helpless bweh???

I don't understand it!!

Do you ever get tired of the anime style or anime in general?

Nope! I think I'm in it for life at this point.

Well congratulations! You got yourself NTR'd! What's the next step in your master plan?

Drowning this pain... with no survivors!
Well congratulations You got yourself NTRd Whats the next step in your master

I wish I could buy your book ;w; It looks so good... but it would cost me like $800 aprox, not to mention a 30% in taxes. X_X ... ;w; I will get a job again, then I will... someday... maybe... orz

Don't worry about it, man -- I know exchange rates can be crazy.
Anyway, just reading the comics is more than enough. Thanks! =3=

I had a dream where you visited my city and I kidnapped you and made you watch my favorite anime and read my favorite VNs. You liked them all but I still felt it was a somewhat rude thing to do. Sorry, I guess.

np, dawg. =3=

How do I git gud at drawing 3D forms? I almost always feel like there's something wrong with my drawings 3d wise. Like they don't seem to make any sense in 3D space at all..

I still have a LOT of trouble with this. Go back to basic shapes every now and then and try to get those right. There are various 3D posing tools online to help you, too.

When did you give up?

When I realized what it would take to maintain a good marriage would be what it would take to maintain a good friendship x 1000 ... and I never had any interest in that. I was a little sad when I realized, but I'm sorta okay with it now, I guess.

Perfect daughter? Perfect bastard daughter? Perfect corrupted templar? Perfect vampire? Perfect oni-inspired monster girls?

Yes, they are! Thx 2u 4 a notise on there a perfectest =3= muu

Senpai, Do you have a plan prepared for when you aren't making enough money on Patreon?

Starve and die!
... Hopefully, I'll have some new material for a book by then... I'd like to do a book every one or two years... ;~;
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Cupcake! What's your favorite kind of cake?

ok hi!! hi2u 4 a ask2 me =3= muu
1 tiem i did a try on a caek bufette were u can eat a caeks ALL A TIMES 4 a day i u want it an i 8 all there caeks an a lady cryed 2me an sed: "NO im gong2 b poor u 8 it all" lol yup i 8 it =3= i liek that caek a best
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Question for Cupcake! How does it feel knowing that this question is the only question you've gotten yourself in the past 2-3 weeks?

t-thx 4 ur atttenchen m-mister
p.. pls... pls do more a...notise... on m..mya...ky..kyu...kyuutest... m...mu....
Question for Cupcake How does it feel knowing that this question is the only
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