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my waifu is one from earlier mango days. my waifu is more machine than waifu. my waifu is gally (allita) the gunnm/battle angel cyborg girl. am i doomed?

Top quality waifu, anon. I wish you happiness. =3=
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"viral sob story" b-but my sob story is true, how I'm supposed to feel about it now?

Even better - you can milk your story for all it's worth!

Are you aware that any meme you start is a Dan K meme?

For the 420th yes yes yes yes yesu yesu desu desu desu desu desu
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I frosted Cupcake the a couple of days ago, and now there are weird lumps on my piping and bag. I know her moist bread is pink, but I don't think it's that. You might want to take Cupcake to the doctor. I don't think I'll be seeing Cupcake anymore, will you let her know? This is Chad.

H-ha ha! N-nice joke, Tomoyo... y-you really got me ha ha ha

Did they... did they just brofist while riding past each other on a horse and a motorbike?

Left turn signal.

Mister Kim, we have an idea for your comic/books "Mister Kim jailed for baking Miss Cupcake in an underage Miss Sakura". With love, the internet police

I knew this day would come.
I regret nothing!
Mister Kim we have an idea for your comicbooks Mister Kim jailed for baking Miss
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This is more for the anon asking how to build hype for a book. A local-ish author here does the convention circuit and offers his books there, also does some panels with other local authors. This may be more effective somewhere with a population density larger than 1.3 per km2 ...

Sup, country-anon. Hopefully this reaches self-published anon.
The convention circuit definitely reaches the enthusiast crowd. Winning awards (big and small) helps, too. Submit your work for everything, but don't tell anyone about it -- only mention the wins.

How did you even come up with your domain name?

Sakura and Tomoyo Clone Army.
The initial idea behind Tomoyo42's room was that there were a bunch of bunch of Tomoyo and Sakura clones grown in a big vat and some of them turned out a bit different from the originals...
... an alternative name under consideration at one point was "the magical girl hole".

Do you know any ways to build hype/interest in a book?, I mean with comics/games you can draw characters but I can't imagine anyone being interested in a self-published book by someone they don't know... Also I feel like I'm being too weeb when I name my characters what should I do?

Honestly, this is outside of my experience so I really don't know. Sorry... ;~;
Still, a few evil suggestions: You can always try and use social media and attach a viral sob story to your book ("BadguygroupX said goodguygroupYs couldn't write a novel... WELL I SHOWED THEM!" or "I dedicated my life to chasing my dream. Here it is.", etc.) or you can weasel your way into a popular clique and have members promote your stuff (especially effective if promoting your stuff makes them look good) ...
... And of course you can reach readers, reviewers, and taste-makers directly on all sorts of message boards, 4chan, twitter, or go straight to kickstarter ("I finished my book -- this is a preorder campaign") ... You an also try gain readers by associating with established names (e.g. get someone popular to write an introduction to the book, write a review, or hire a artist that's popular with your demographic to do the cover art)...
... and you can also try unconventional stuff like maybe producing youtube audio books or the like... hrrm... And you can just release your first chapter or two and spam the link everywhere, of course... hhm...
Well, I'm sure you've already thought of all that stuff already, though. Maybe you can ask a successful self-published author how they did it...? I really have no idea. ;w;

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An executive of a quality figure maker comes to you and offers to make a sculpt of a character or two of yours. Who do you pick? What about a nendo of one of your characters?

Cast-off Cupcake + Himehorn with swappable crying faces and broken eggs!

What is your favorite scent?

I've never really thought about it.
Freshly roasted coffee... maybe?
Sandalwood is nice, too.

>Mai-chan's Daily Life AWWWWRIIIGHHT Is this where you learned to like suffering?

I was into suffering waaay before Mai-chan. I'll write up another story time someday about that.


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