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Star Citizen, sempai. Are you hype?

Not really. I'm more hype for Etrian Odyssey V and Persona 5... ;w;

What makes you proud?

Hard to think of a single thing, really. Everything collapses under even the tiniest bit of scrutiny. I kept my comic awards face down in the closet for half a decade, never went to my highschool or university graduation ceremonies, etc. It seemed pointless and stupid - apes passing out bits of metal to each other to make a public declaration of status to bind you into their community in exchange for a leg up in the local mating game. Or something like that.
Hrm. I've always been suspicious of pride. Anyway, these days I don't think much about trying to make things I'm proud of or things that are "better" -- instead, I've simply dedicated myself to a craft and want to see it grow and flourish, like moss on a rock... neither good nor bad, not better or worse, only suited to some purposes and not others, given the circumstances and interests of possible moss-users.

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I think you should be more worried about the fact that Heibiko knows about it than what others may thing of her not-trampstamp.

You can see the top of it when she's in her magical girl costume. I don't think it means anything.... Darkcake is a good girl... ;~;

Is it time Dan? Is it time we unleash Plan "Tomoyo" to get bweh back?

There's already an operator on the job. I have full confidence in the bweh's safe return... unless... unless the operator is entranced by the bweh's beauty and runs off with her himself...! ;~~;

Have you ever played Super Robot Taisen OG Saga? There is a character I think you would love (Suzuka-hime)

Never played it. Looks pretty cute, though!

We should take pity on bat-thief. I bet he or she is a devotee of the White Witch, maybe a researcher for the templars, who was viewing clonemanga illicitly, as "research." Paying on Patreon, was just "spying." Once the bat was in hand, he or she realized that she couldn't let go. Heresy.

Such is the power of the vampire princess... those who gaze upon her beauty are ensnared forever. What a terrible creature she is.. ;~~;

How do you balance speed and personal standards / perfectionism while doing paid illustration work?

Well, I just try to make something the client will be happy with and that I would be happy to get myself. In a pinch, one out two ain't bad.

What if you finally get back in touch with the man who got the bat and it turns into an NTR scenario?

No choice, I'll have to stuff that bat full of frosting and get her back.

How do you think your life would be different if you had never learned to draw?

I'd probably be a fifth tier programmer at some no-name game studio working on a bad scifi novel on the side. Eventually I'd climb up the ranks and get a design position working on games I don't care about, then have a crisis at 40 when I still haven't made any progress on my book. Then I'd set it aside and decide to do after retirement after the kids are gone and the mortgage is paid off... but by then I'd be too old and boring and the imagination would have long been driven out of me by the daily grind of doing a job I hate. Then I'd look at my nagging wife, shitty house, ungrateful and unremarkable kids and wonder what the hell happened to my life. Why didn't I choose the other path? Why didn't I draw cartoon butts?
Then I'd get in the garage, climb in the car, hug my Sakura dakimakura (hidden from my 3DPD wife all these years), turn on the gas, and just let it run.

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I suppose now would be a bad time to point out the weird and deviant things a neckbeard could do to your lost bat...

>: T

Dan, I'll spare you the details, but unless Darkcake has a very graphical birthmark on her lower back, I'm pretty sure Cupcake pressured her into getting a tramp stamp. Just thought you should know.

WebsnakeTRO’s Profile PhotoHebiko (蛇子)
That's her birthmark, I know about it. It's the shape of a dark cupcake. She's very sensitive about it, don't bring it up or she'll get embarrassed... everyone always gets the wrong idea...
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Why don't you ask Jarv and his harem of spec ops waifus to teach you how to shoot so you can murder everyone that comes close to Sakura and Cupcake? And maybe Darkcake if she gets too close to you?

I'm too neckbeard to operate.

Does Darkcake ever get so upset that her mouth gets too melty for her to speak or breathe?

When she cries really hard sometimes her melty mouth gets a bit out of control and she needs a little hand towel. She's really embarrassed when it happens.

"Small town" There is an upside to the moths. FREE PROTEIN! Just set out a light and a bug zapper and you have several pounds of delicious protein every a night. LOL!|| you can also dry them out and grind them up to make insect flour..... Which can be used to make cake.... Insect cake...

Small town There is an upside to the moths FREE PROTEIN Just set out a light and

Get another monitor u fukken nerd

Well, I guess I could run the hitbox dashboard/chat on my desktop and move my desk a bit....
I'll give it a try next time and see how it feels.

How often do you stream?

It's pretty irregular. I have to cut my screen in half to stream, so I have to be doing the right kind of work. : /
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There is a difference between being a cutest on the outside and having a healthy, functioning body inside. How far does Cupcake's power go?

Her liver and kidneys look like dried pound cake and styrofoam, anon.

What exactly does Darkcake want to do with her life that requires such excessive studying?

She wants to be a doctor! But mostly she just wants to make something of herself and win the approval of others... she's probably trying to prop up her feelings of self-worth... ;~;

"Small town" There is an upside to the moths. FREE PROTEIN! Just set out a light and a bug zapper and you have several pounds of delicious protein every a night. LOL!

Small town There is an upside to the moths FREE PROTEIN Just set out a light and


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