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What are your favorite things about living in a small town and living in a city? And the things you most dislike about each?

Small town:
The good: no neighbours, lots of space, nice environment, slower pace of life. Downside: allergies, moths, lack of convenience.
City living:
The good: convenient, lots to do. Downside: Neighbours, can be crowded, faster pace of life, lack of green spaces.
I'm pretty happy with where I am right now, though. I have an isolated apartment in Montreal with a nice view, so I have most of what I want.

Have you played DepraviA? Some rather painful ryona going on, but the game itself isn't too bad, if a bit poorly optimized.

Looks alright, but I like the Yume Nikki / Demonophobia / Silent Hill formula the most: cute normal girl gets tossed into a nightmare realm that is somehow also an extension of her innermost being and suffers a terrible inescapable fate that she just can't help but walk into, even with her eyes wide open (in fact, it's the opening of her eyes that brings about the terrible fate).

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... and what would happen if she met a person that makes cakes?

Don't get any funny ideas, anon. Stay away from my a cutest! >:T

What is better than a melty mouth?

Melty mouth, heart-shaped pupils, sweaty back and legs, exposed armpits, long eyelashes.

How many cupcakes can cupcake eat before she explodes?

Cupcake can eat as many cakes as she wants. That's her power -- she'll always be a cutest to everyone no matter what she does. She can get away with anything muu =3=

Which vampire bride character is best at come on and SLAM and welcome to the JAM?

C'mon and BWEH
And Bwehlcome to the BWEH
Which vampire bride character is best at come on and SLAM and welcome to the JAM

Is there such a thing as an anime elitist? And as a side question, what anime or manga would you say best define your childhood?

Sure. I'm an anime elitist! Don't talk to me about anime unless you've watched at least 500+ animes about cute girls doing cute things and have had a waifu for 10+ years! CASUALS GET OUT
And my childhood trinity is: Cardcaptor Sakura, Evangelion, BLAME!

Does Darkcake have a favorite hand-holding position that she practices in bed at night?

After school lets out Darkcake rushes off to her part time job, studies and does her homework while eating, then falls asleep at about 1am. She wakes up at 6:30 and does it all over again. She doesn't have much time to think about boys or hand-holding. She envies the girls in class who have cool boyfiends, though. Sometimes she tries to ask her older sister Cupcake about what boys are like, but Cupcake just laughs and calls them trash fucbois who are only good for their wallets. Darkcake doesn't know what that means, but she doesn't like that kind of talk... but it's hard to talk back to Cupcake onee-chan...
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So is vickey's right arm just perpetually broken or something?

It's broken and cursed -- you'll see what happened during the Space King Enos chapter.

Dear Greatet Cakewitch Dankim: I have eaten a lot of cakes and seen many more. These cakes have had many things on them but I have never once seen a respect on a cake... Why?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
ok hi its me cupcaek im on a ask a fam
well mb you need 2b a respect on a caek and u wud get a respcet back on it
ok lern it rite
its a life lessen
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hey mr kim darkcake left her notebook at my place could you pick it up for her

That's odd... that's the third time this week...
Is Darkcake getting forgetful? I hope she's not staying up too late studying...
hey mr kim darkcake left her notebook at my place could you pick it up for her

Curious how you organize your ideas... do you use something like OneNote? Keep it on paper in a sort of lore bible... or just in your head?

Physical notebooks, mostly. Also some stuff in OneNote.

How do you think Bloodborne compares to the rest of the Souls games? Do you think it was a fun return to the mystery/horror of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I?

Really fun!
There are a few things I miss from Dark Souls, though:
- Directionality to the levels (Blighttown: go down, Anor Londo: get in, Sen's: go up, etc. ... everything is bloodborne is pretty horizontal and leaves you wandering instead of feeling like you're going on a journey)
- More organic level interconnectedness
- More random PVP
- Central PVP area (like the forest+forest ring)
- There's not much buildup and there's less use of anticipation in general (no locked sen's gate, no lord souls and lord vessel, no door opening to the kiln, etc.)
I also wanted more NPCs that felt like players going through the game. I loved the jolly Solaire who was in it for co-op, edgelord Kirk out to invade, the courageous but incompetent Siegmeyer out to adventure and explore... In BB we have Eileen and some infodump church guy... eh...
Anyway, the combat is great and the atmosphere is top notch. Also Doll Waifu is best waifu.

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B-but...did you at least like my daughter/doughter pun? Surely that's earned me a chaperoned visit. No syrup, I promise.

If you have a dessert daughter you can set up a playdate for them... but that's it!

Dear sir, out of respect for you and your lovely doughter (see what i did there), I would like to respectfully ask your permission to escort her to the county fair this eve. We shall spend no more than an hour walking the promenade and eating ice cream together before I return her to you, unfrosted.

Get out of here! Pancake is still too young!


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