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Does Cupcake own a CakeStation? What games does she play? C-could you give me her CSN ID?

Cupcake only plays stupid F2P phone games.
She bugs her followers on twitagram to visit her bakeryville and send her cakedollars

Don't forget the figure of the mythical snowhorn and the Leedah figure being smaller than the rest of the normal himehorn figures

Nerer19’s Profile PhotoNerer
Leedah isn't that small! She's just a little smaller than usual hornmother!
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You'd need different sculpts to change between the three types of himehorn too.

Also mini-nendo smallhorns, nest+eggs, banehorn, rare deformed hornmother smallhorn, and 1/500 ultra rare snowhorn.

If the VB planet is a ball of ice then where did all of the materials come from? Were they all carried on board the big ship or have they been magick'ed into existance? (Things like cloth, wood, etc)

The Templar get their materials from the ship, the white witch, and the hot water rivers/lakes. Their population is tightly controlled by the witch so they don't feel the pinch of shortages too badly. Almost nothing is new and everything gets handed down. The capes, armour, clothing, hair pieces, etc. that the Templar wear today are (supposedly) the same ones their sisters were wearing 44444+ captains ago.
The himehorns get their materials from the plant and animal life preserved in the underground witch domain and the hot underground rivers. The soil within the domain is quite rich.
The people on Enna's Domain live on top of a massive ruin that seems to join many distant locations. They get their materials from the ruins, hot lakes, and the new years day offering system.
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>Comes with interchangeable horns and face plates || Happy and other non-bullied expressions sold separately.

You're hired!
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What music do you listen Dan? do you listen it while work? does music give you inspiration to draw stuff? what kind of music you would choose as your characters theme music, what would be your theme music?

Mostly anime and game music and binaural ASMR recordings from MassagASMR (crinkle sounds are the best). It's more like background noise to help me focus than inspiration.
As for theme music... Hmm. Really not sure. But the Bat's "I'm going to be lazy and play games in bed all day while Bikky sleeps" BGM would definitely be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hbHgZDB95oCloneManga’s Video 126809883762 1hbHgZDB95oCloneManga’s Video 126809883762 1hbHgZDB95o

Does Cupcaek crawl in your skin, sempai? Will those wounds heal?

Cupcake hasn't hit that phase yet, thankfully.

Sorry if I missed this if you did post it, but can you have Cupcake give tribute to our lord and master, Hestia-sama by cosplaying in her garb?

I'll think about it!

Just told my mother that I'm dropping out of college to draw cartoon butts all day like my hero, Dan Kim! She cried a bit and some things were said but I think this is probably the start of a great thing! I even have to move out now! Thanks for inspiring me Dan-sama.

Why do I destroy everything I touch? ;~~~~~~;
But seriously, every reading this: don't draw comics. It will ruin your life. Become a banker or plumber or something.

That's what was trying to gnaw it's way out the back of my brain into memory recall. Poetry! Some of what you've done with stories remind me of highly artistic poetry and at times haiku! =)

That's very kind of you to say, anon. Thanks for that. =w=

hELLO dad this is the figmnt of ur imagination tat cntrls the cupcaek illusion! Evrything is a-ok, pls stay inside ur home, Sakura (mom) did not leave you!!!!!!!!!!!! Eveything is okay, now keep drawing! Keep drawing! dAn KeEp DrAwInG mE kEeP dRaWiNg >MEEEE<

Oh! M-my a cutest and a best...! You're... you're finally talking to me......! I'll draw you 28 hours a day...!!!

"Hero's journey" Cool. Don't let my asking affect your direction one bit. I'm also contemplating and experimenting with the way stories that still live in my head should go. My logic side goes for structure in hopes it communicates better. The creative doesn't want to be hemmed into old paradigms.

Best of luck on your journey. =w=

Why don't you just have a polygamous relationship with Sakura and Tomoyo? Then everyone's happy! Sakura and Tomoyo get to be together forever and they can just use you to make more cakes. Win-Win!

There's no way I could share Sakura with anyone else. Even Tomoyo. I am insanely jealous!!

And then on that faith day Tomoyo moved into Dan home and they both talked about Sakura all day.

>: Y
It was all a "joke"! Well.... I'm not laughing...!!

April Fools! It was me, Tomoyo, all along. Come on Dan, I'm pretty sure Sakura is too oblivious to notice all your really obvious faults and failures anyways.

I am going to NTR you EXTRA HARD tonight.
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I don't typically watch artist's progress videos so I have no idea how common it is, but I was watching your drawstream and noticed you sketch characters freehand. How did you develop this skill, as opposed to constructing bodies with skeletons like you learn from classes/books?

Oh, I'm still doing it, but I'm imagining the skeleton instead of drawing it out. It's actually a bad habit though that trades accuracy for fluidity and fun. It's not a way to start off, though. I have a lot of chronic drawing problems that would never have arose if I had trained myself properly from the beginning.

Do you implement the "hero's journey" story structure in any way in your own story telling?

In Nana's Everyday Life, but that's about it. After Nana, I became less interested in plot and emotional manipulation and became obsessed with the idea of art as a "vision" and the idea that a project should be the emanation or result of life in motion (like sweat or shit) rather than a wrapper for "meanings", "beliefs", "message" or whatever. Today I'm reconsidering things again with Vampire Bride. Where I end up will set the starting point for On The Subject of Witches...

So what strength lenses does Darkcake need to correct heart-shaped pupils?

Darkcake's eyes are a bit weak, but it's not because of her heart-shaped pupils... she just spent too much time reading as a kid.

Hey Dan, I know you don't like collobration and stuff, so I better not ask you this but still. Would you cooperate on your own terms, like writter give you an idea and you doing how you like, or even approve it or disprove it. I-it's not like I want to work with you or anything, b-baka!

Just do your own thing! I have way too much material to work on already... ;w;
Anyway, the closest thing to a collab I'll do is fanart (like the stuff I do for Magical Girl Noir Quest every now and then).
Good luck with your writing. =w=

Thank you Dan. I'll send Syaoran over for some of my things later. I've already packed most of what I want. You can do whatever you want later with....the presents you gave me. Dan, this is really the best thing. For both of us. I've been enabling you. Don't give any of my things to Tomoyo, please.

Thank you Dan Ill send Syaoran over for some of my things later Ive already

Post your favorite version of our favorite Vomit-tan, Wendy Cooldown!

I should draw serious Wendy again.
Maybe serious pics of all the MGNQ girls... maybe my new angle should be "playing it straight" instead of drawing Sayakar, etc. ... hmm....


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