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I am here to tell you that you have at least one reader in Argentina ... and I am trying to get some friends to read your stuff. They liked your art style at first sight for now... I wish I could draw like you... but, not gonna happen. So I just write... stuff.

Thanks for the kind words, man. Glad you like the comics. =w=
Good luck with your writing!

Can't Darkcake have a friend that just like her study a lot? Like that he/she came from a poor family and he/she want to prove that he/she is better than his family and both Darkcake and he/she helps each other like studying and when any of them doesn't have enough money to eat and et

It would be great if Darkcake had a friend like that. It'd be a real load off my back.

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What is Darkcake has close friends but doesn't tell to you since you don't see her that much?

Well, it's not like she says a whole lot when we meet up anyway. Usually we'll eat our ice cream, she'll a bit about school or her paper route, maybe have a little cry (though she's doing less of that lately), then I drop her off a couple blocks from her house.

" I don't like high maintenance relationships." Again, you have a wife and three daughters! Dan, at least give us Pancake. We will make she a good grill

Yeah, but Sakura takes care of herself, Cupcake does her own thing, and Pancake... well, I'll do a better job with Pancake... maybe...

What would you do if Cupcake ended up becoming you, except she drew a buncha men instead.

I think she'd make a lot of money as a net idol! She could stream games all day and be a cutest and draw some silly doodles and just rake it in.

Do Darkcake has like bestfriend in the school? Someone that keeps telling her that she is not so miserable, that she has many thing to live and things like that

She gets along with the library volunteer since she spends her lunch hour studying there, but the volunteer has her own circle of friends. And there's one other girl who she meets sometimes on her newspaper run, and the bike repair shop owner, and the neighbourhood association head's daughter, and.... .... well, they're not friends or anything but... well... she has a lot of acquaintances! That counts for something, right? Anyway, she's probably too busy studying and working to have close friends. Gotta work hard!

Everyone is asking if they can have Darkcake, but I just want snowhorn. She is my Waifu. I guess Darkcake is cool too...

I wouldn't mind a snowhorn around either, honestly. But taking care of Snowhorn would be a lot of work... so then again, maybe not. I don't like high maintenance relationships.
Everyone is asking if they can have Darkcake but I just want snowhorn She is my

Can't you just create a romance with Darkcake/Snow Horn? They have nobody else in this world but each other. IT'S THE PERFECT OTP.

This is the worst ship ever.

"Darkcake said she's fine with just meeting up for ice cream one a month or so" What Dan Kim never knew was that Darkcake cry everynight under the idea of having a family

>2 am
>Darkcake types a long message on her phone
>Types it again
>Darkcake falls asleep with the email unsent
Another day passes for Darkcake...
Hang in there, Darkcake...

Do Witch Apostles have their own agenda that is different from thw Witch agenda?

I'll add the answer to the wiki entry!
The short answer is yes -- but it isn't a grand plan or anything. The apostle have small dreams.

You should do a Darkcake/Snow Horn roommates sitcom comic, where they are freed from their oppressors and live with each other.

But they'd both be miserable like that. Snowhorn wouldn't have her herd, and Darkcake would have one more person in her life that wouldn't return her affection.

What would you do if Pancake told when she grows she wants to be just like you?

Pat her head and tell her to look up to mommy.

So what I'm hearing from all this is that you're racist.


The best school and the best job in the world can't fill the hole left in someone's heart by an absent father.

Darkcake said she's fine with just meeting up for ice cream one a month or so -- she says she doesn't want to disturb Cupcake's home life by meeting too often. She's a very mature and understanding girl. I think she'll go far in life.

... this is starting to look like an Oprah show or something. You get a cake, He gets a cake, everyone gets a cake!

I think it's time for Darkcake's Daily Life.

>It'll be okay if I just wait out her childhood | Dan Kim confirmed for being Satan

I send a little money each month and take her for ice cream every now and then when she asks for it. Isn't that enough? I'm not superman, here.
Anyway, she'll go to a good school and get a nice job. She'll be fine.

Could you just let her know that she won't have you as a father anymore? That'll make her much happier and stop the crying. Stop the suffering.

Darkcake is a good girl -- I'm sure it doesn't really get to her. Sometimes she cries and cries, but the next day she's probably fine.

What will you do when Darkcake finds someone who will give her the love, care and attention you couldn't give her and stops answering your calls?

I guess that means I can stop sending her money and get my a Cutest and Best an extra cake each week... hmm...

You monster. Don't you love your daughter? Doesn't Sakura care? And, if she doesn't, who gives a damn? HER daughter is absolute shit anyways. If she doesn't want Darkcake around, you shouldn't want HER around.

That's MY a cutest and a best you're talking about! Please be a respect on a cake!!
Darkcake will be off on her own soon enough anyway. Just gotta wait it out.

Can you please put Darkcake up for adoption?

I asked Darkcake about that once and she just cried and cried. I shouldn't have brought it up... I don't know what I was thinking...

So the ends justify the means, then, sempai? I'm sure Hitler and Stalin and God thought the same thing.

The cake justifies the bake, anon.
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Why are you abandoning Darkcake? She needs a father ;_; I'll have to adopt her from you, you're being mean to her.

I'll never abandon my almost a cutest! I'll call her at least once a month... starting next month... maybe...


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