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Maybe Darkcake would need you around if you were less terrible?

But if I weren't terrible and doing terrible things she wouldn't even exist... ... ;~;

So you already admit that Darkcake's live is an abject failure?

Darkcake will be okay on her own, she doesn't need me around.

Can I toothbrush pancake? And Sakura? And, well your whole dang family please?

Brushing Pancake's teeth is my job! She's going to be a healthy, happy cake who lives her life right.
Third time's a charm, right...? ;~;

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What do I do if my dollwaifu throws her limbs at me?

Use them. Right in front of her. Don't let her close her eyes.
That'll teach her.

Have you ever toothbrushed your cupcake daughter's teeth ala bakemonogatari? The public needs to know if you've upheld your fatherly rights to do so.

Only when she was a little cake! She was so cute back then.
What happened?

How do you get semen out of dolljoints?

Use cold water, a toothbrush, and a little soap and water. If the doll cries, just ignore it -- you gotta get that outta there before it crusts up and get all nasty. Disassemble the joint if necessary.

Apostles hat. It also smells funny. Not bad, but weird.

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
It is a weird smell, isn't it? The hat is from a far away place with lots of weird smells like that.
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Witch Apostles bringing little treats for smallhorns. Is this a thing? Seeing smallhorns nom treats might be death by kawaii. LOL!

IT IS A THING. Also the smallhorns like to play in the apostle's hat. It's soft, fluffy, moves around and gives off a strange warmth.
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Someone needs to ask one of Darkcake, Tomoyo, or Cupcake a Sophie's Choice question! You have to make a decision on who will answer. Who would it be?

Darkcake is the only one that could handle that. Cupcake wouldn't get it, Tomoyo would tell those cakes to get back in the oven.

Someone has stuck Darkcake, Tomoyo and Cupcake into a horrible trap! You have to make a decision on who to save. Who would it be?

I have to save Cupcake or Sakura will kill me.
I'm sorry, Darkcake... I know you'll understand... please forgive me...

Don't worry Dan, Sakura is only a Christmas Cake if she's not married by 25. Seeing how young she was when Cupcake got mixed and baked in her oven, you guys had plenty of time to get hitched. I assume. You DID take responsibility for teen Home Ec class, didn't you?!

Of course! I'm glad I did. Even if Cupcake is the way she is, she's still my a cutest and a best. ;~;

Isn't Sakura an OL? So she is a Christmas Cake too? That would explain why Pancake isn't your daughter

I brought this on myself

>Do you like Christmas cake OLs? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? Yes. Magical Girl Christmas Cake when?

I gotta finish this Wiki and set up the Club Cupcake page first...! ;~~~;
Do you like Christmas cake OLs IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT
Yes Magical Girl

Cupfake is going to become an actual thing? Like a Cupcake imposter o a fan?

Cupfake is just Cupcake's bad decisions.

It's your fault I get an erection every time I see 50% off items in the bakery section of my grocery store.

50% off items are the Christmas cake OLs and frostingsluts of the bakery section, anon. Do you like Christmas cake OLs? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

Dan I want to mail you a book you'll really like because you like Kafka. Where can I send you mail? Can I send you mail?

Ah, I already have all his short stories and novels... it's okay, man. I appreciate the thought, though! That's very kind of you. =w=
Anyway, you can always email me at elbowlick@gmail.com . =w=


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