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Do himehorns have any extra senses that other nohorns don't have? Do that have a better hearing range than nohorns?

Excellent sense of smell. Also musclehorns have great reaction time, and haremhorns are highly sensitive to smallhorn and hornmother needs. Hornmothers have extra napping powers.

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Defectivehorn keeper here, How well do himehorns swim? I was thinking of taking to a local lake when it gets warmer and let them into the water. Would exposing my musclehorns to swimming make them turn to the water more than romping in the mud?

Himehorns can doggy-paddle... but that's about it. Stick to shallow waters, please. ;ww;
And musclehorns will enjoy the water, but there's no substitute for gross, squishy, goopy mud!

I must know how to become Enna's daughter. Do you sacrifice people? Bring her games? Pantsu?

You can't become her daughter... but feel free to amuse her daughters by leaving offerings of weird knick-knacks, books, and old video games (well, all video games are old in their world...)

Dan, GCW, I need to know!! Why are we still here?...just to suffer? Every night.. I can feel my Horns .. the cakes I've lost.. the horns I've lost.. won't come home... Its like they're still there!- you feel it too! Don't you!? I'm gonna make them give back our surface!!! Ah.. Dinner time! :O

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Dan GCW I need to know
Why are we still herejust to suffer Every night I can

I love your comics and I love the "what if"s that the RP accounts bring, but when they derail completely from the canon is not as fun anymore...

That is what happens in RP. It can't be helped -- eventually all fanworks become their own thing. That's why we have fanon.
The antidote is for me to update more, faster, so there's always new canon material for you to enjoy (and for the RP accounts to play off).
I love your comics and I love the what ifs that the RP accounts bring but when

What do Templars get up to when they're not hunting down vampires or hornscum? Is it all work and no play?

Training, praying, cleaning, some gardening (only the gardeners -- a special class -- get to do this), grooming (but not too much -- vanity is a sin), napping, fighting (mostly in Northouse), gossiping, paperwork, planning, slacking off and smoking, snacking, preparing for offering festivals, and so on.
What do Templars get up to when theyre not hunting down vampires or hornscum Is


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