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One last idea. Final image. A large healthy snowhorn herd. Sitting in a quiet corner being attended to by haremhorns is an very old nohorn in a blackrobe whom the current hornmother refers to as the great fathernohorn who cared for the first snowhorn.

I like it.

Snowhorn VN... Would you play it?|| More like, would you follow through? Kanami when? I bought the poster Dan. Please don't only tease you bully ; ~ ;

I'm sorry about Kanami, anon. ;~;
I won't say anything more about snowhorn until I can really commit.

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Tragedy, Drama, Action or Comedy ... with or without happy ending?

Tragicomedy with bittersweet endings.
I'll also take pure descents into horror/madness/oblivion.

Favorite colors?

Black and white!
If I have to pick a "Real" colour, probably pink because that's my a cutest and best's colour.

Nohorn husbando & snowhown...RIP. (T_T) That one was heart wrenching and you just popped that off the top of your head. I bow to your writing skill and Imagination! Personally I'd like it end with a witch's silhouette in the mouth of the cave because she couldn't let this incredible little pair just

>...end like that. Cut scene to them back at the witchs' home in blankets sipping soup...and happy again...
The ending credits will show pictures from an alternate world where snowhorn and nohorn husbando could have kids together somehow. There's be lots of little snowhorns running around and happy family pictures and warm eggs. Second-to-last image will be snowhorn's tiny himehorn hand grabbing on to nohorn husbando's hand, final image is snowhorn's scarf draped over nohorn husbando's backpack. All images will be drawn in a cute pastel style.

I'm going to take a wild guess here Dan... Snowhorn VN ends with the snowhorn dying of old age 20-30 years later and the nohorn ingesting some sort of poison before one final cuddle with the snowhorn's cold body.

The essence of tragedy is that you get what you want ... and it's a disaster.
Nohorn husbando works very hard to fill that herd-shaped hole in showhorn's heart. Amazingly, he does. He even finds a snow-white surface herd that take her in. But now he's left a nohorn-shaped hole in her heart that she'll never be able to fill. Snowhorn can't take it -- After a few days, she leaves the herd of her own volition and chases after nohorn husbando... she can't live without him after all...!
... There's a terrible snow storm, but snowhorn doesn't care. She walks and walks (very hard for a tiny snowhorn travelling on her own) and miraculously find a small cave. She finds nohorn husbando inside. Dying and frozen. She looks in his backpack (the one with all the cakes he gives her) to find something to help, but it's empty. He fed her all the food on the way to the surface himehorn caves. He never saved anything for the trip back... it was always going to be a one way trip for him... he tried to hide it so she wouldn't be sad...
... now that she's ran all the way out here there's no way she can find her way back to the himehorn cave entrance...
It's okay. She loves nohorn husbando so much. She makes a couple little snow-himehorns and curls up with nohorn husband. He's her herd. This is their herd. They can be together forever like this. The snowstorm continues until the entire cave is swallowed up...
RIP Snowhown ;~;7
RIP nohorn husbando ;~;7
You were a real not-a-bully nohorn ;~;7

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>I draw and write! My one escape is this ask.fm thing. ||| Be sure to take care of your health then. Physical AND mental health.

Thanks, dawg. I'll do my best. ;w;

No time, no time, no time! Do you even sleep? What do you do all day long? Don't enslave yourself.

I draw and write! My one escape is this ask.fm thing.

A brand new sealed copy goes for around $100~ range? I know it's hella expensive for a board game.

Maybe I'll hang on to it and make it a heirloo-- oh wait

>I have Hero's Quest // HOLY SHIT, SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS OF THAT GAME? Me and one of my grade school friends played the SHIT out of Hero's Quest! His copy got ruined when moisture got to everything though. That game goes for a LOT these days!

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
I think I still have all the pieces in good condition! Even the instruction manual and that shaker thing.
.... H... how much are we talking, here?

That was pretty rad. ||| Indeed! ... I just have a copy of Arkham Horror, but I have no one to play it, so... yeah, pretty useless. Aside from that, I played D&D3.5 and WoD, now I am using Roll20 to play D&D5e... IF you want and have the time, check the site. Maybe you might find something you like

No time, but noted. Thanks!

Well, at least you recognized that Darkcake and Pancake are good girls... ;~; ||| Don't suffer Dan. Those are the rules of the internet after all. The resistance is futile. Once you create something and share it, someone, somewhere, sometime, will ¨taint it¨ mercilessly somehow without fail.

I know. : <

Is it just an asian thing for artists to draw strange things. You draw cakebutts and bats. Then John Su draws...stuff. I'm not sure how to describe his work.

Eeeeeh. I don't think it's an asian thing.

I am going to learn to draw just so I can draw snowhorn getting destroyed by a gang of faceless, well-endowed men. And Sakura. And Cupcake. Not Darkcake or Pancake though, they're good girls.

Well, at least you recognized that Darkcake and Pancake are good girls... ;~;

We're getting back into himehorns questions, aren't we?

Yes we are. Anyway, back to writing. Drawing soon I hope... gueh...
Were getting back into himehorns questions arent we

> You can pat her head, brush her hair, feed her cakes, and hold her tiny, tiny himehorn hands! ||| Want, want, want and WANT. Now, go make it!.

I already have the perfect title:
You can pat her head brush her hair feed her cakes and hold her tiny tiny

Snowhorn: Ultimate chibi-moe-UltraKawaii-a cutest power x 10,000,000.00. There is no a cutest-power greater than this.

Snowhorn Ultimate chibimoeUltraKawaiia cutest power x 1000000000 There is no a

Would you date a Natsuo even though there's like a foot between you two?

She's not interested in shorties!
I wouldn't mind a strict woman like Sanae, though.

So what's the point of a Snowhorn VN if you can't rail her? Literally. What's. The. Point.

You can pat her head, brush her hair, feed her cakes, and hold her tiny, tiny himehorn hands!
So whats the point of a Snowhorn VN if you cant rail her Literally Whats The


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