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How do Cupcake and Darkcake feel about the results of the Fuck/Marry/Kill?

Cupcake is throwing a fit. She's locked in her room and won't come out.
As for Darkcake... I'll ask her next month when I see her... ...

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If I got my frosting blessed before I frosted the BAT would she die?

You'd turn the parts you frosted to sand. ;~;


Nobody! The bat is not frosted...!!
Anon please! At least leave my bweh alone...!

How far into development is Mother||Child?

Nothing near presentable. I'm still working with green boxes and playing around with the core ideas. I don't want to make Yet Another Indie Platformer. Although vertical movement and combat will be important, I want the thinking and planning for NG+, NG++, NG+++++++++, etc. to play a major role in player decisions. There are also some basic navigation and movement issues that I want to resolve, too...
Anyway, Vampire Bride is the focus for now. I'll get to Mother||Child later...

The situation passed from praising Cupcake, bullying himehorns and love Snax to praising Leedah, bullying Dan and love Darkcake, what happened? Dan, control your fans

I can't! I keep telling them to stop frosting my a cutest but they won't stop!
It never stops!

A Himehorn Fortress game? Seems like it would fit pretty well, especially seeing as like every dwarf fortress, every Himehorn herd will inevitably stumble on disaster.

Sounds like a good time to me. I'd be happy if someone makes it. If no one does, I'll add a himehorn easter egg to Mother||Child.

A smallhorn leedah game where you are the smallhorn leedah and just to instruct the rest of the himehorn to re-conquist the surface and keep the herd alive at the same time

fund it
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You asked Sakura to cosplay as Cupcake? You can have the cutest wife and srly Dan, don't you notice it?

I do. ;~;
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>They're my daughters // well, not by blood. if they change their surnames to McHugeHands, there wouldn't be a problem...?

Theyre my daughters  well not by blood if they change their surnames to

Nerdy NEET loser gets visited by a reluctant, shy darkcake who needs to steal his frosting to pass her magical girl exams but keeps screwing it up (while older sister Cupcake eggs her on)? That actually sounds awesome.

Just go read To Love Ru.

Game idea. Muscle horns digging tunnels. Acquiring gems and useful food animals. Encountering and battling nasties found along the way. Stepping around and saving eggs while occasional harem & motherhorns wander through they have to avoid harming...

Wouldn't you rather play a leedah who has to direct the herd's activities?
>laying your morning egg
>egg stats are influenced by your choice of snacks throughout the day
>choosing the daily activity for the musclehorns, lower haremhorns, and upper haremhorns
>dealing with issues brought up by other hornmothers
>telling nohorns to go home
>buying bonus items with himehorn wine when the apostle comes to visit
>decorating your caves
>learning dance moves
>growing old and leaving behind treasures for the next leedah
>new leedah's stats, traits, and abilitiy mutations are based on your choices as leedah
someone make it
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Not gonna lie, I really like your sellout ideas. How do I get you to sell out? Do I need to offer to make anime real or something?

Just buy the snowhorn book when it comes out, anon.

"... What would selling out even look like?...." Kinda sounds like your life. But no, I mean would you sell out the Himehorns for some money. I need to harvest some.

You really are a strange fella, aren't ya? Ever thought of selling out?

... What would selling out even look like?
Himehorn harem comic?
Nerdy NEET loser gets visited by a reluctant, shy darkcake who needs to steal his frosting to pass her magical girl exams but keeps screwing it up (while older sister Cupcake eggs her on)?
Fantasy adventure in Penny land?
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