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>How can you ask me that? || Quite easily considering you ask Sakura to cosplay as Cupcake in bed.

How can you ask me that  Quite easily considering you ask Sakura to cosplay as

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So it has occurred to me that Montreal winters can get pretty cold. Being a shut-in certainly helps shield you from that, but still, has it been especially cold even as a hardy Canadian?

I have a nice layer of winter fat. Like a walrus. I'm good.
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Shit man, you've got it rough when not even your waifu loves you for who you are and what you do.

The crown comes with a heavy burden, friend:
Shit man youve got it rough when not even your waifu loves you for who you are

How do you decide what to draw for your book sketches? Do people ask for specific things?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
About 10-20% of the time people ask for something specific. Most of the time I just draw whatever comes to mind. =w=

Which spidergirls are best, the assertive Ara Ara~ type, or the more submissive ones who are really self-conscious about being spiders, and so try to act as non-threatening as possible?

I like my spiderigrls with a little shame. Just a bit!
They should feel a little bad for being creepy and spinning their silk everywhere... but be a little proud of their webwork at the same time.
Bonus points for tiny, tiny spidergirls!
Source: Wasurenagumo
Which spidergirls are best the assertive Ara Ara type or the more submissive

Of all the NNN you've sold do you think most people got the Super Deluxe sketch included version?

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I'd say about 90% get the super deluxe sketched version, yeah.

Why are you a bad husband to Sakura, Dan? No wonder why Sakura plays baker with other guys.

I'm just a sleazebag, anon. The kind of dirtbag that casts Tranquil Walk of Peace and then kicks you off the edge of upper Blighttown.
Sometimes I see Sakura crying at night. I know I should do something, but I just draw my stupid butt comics instead. "I don't care about himmyhorns! Just come to bed!" ... I should listen, but I can't. Those himehorns need to bullied...!
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Do you watch Shirobako? You should at least watch the one episode of the show-within-a-show, Exodus!, it's relevant to your interests.

It's on my to-watch list, anon! I'm just too busy with vampires and himehorns at the moment. ;~;
I haven't even been able to watch my idolmasters... ;~;
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D'you think you'll ever do another podcast?

Hmm.. dunno. Kinda lost interest. Also way too much work for the audio editor!

Rachnee is the best, accept the truth into your heart.

>Suu is the answer, she is everything, she can be a loli, she can be a big chest
>Guys guys...suu all hail the slime waifu god
>Harpy at least gets to be main girl in the author's other material, so I guess there's that?

You really like Monster Musume? I feel like the serialized version ruined the charm of the original one page comics. My love for monster girls is strong but my hatred of ecchi harem is stronger.

Yeah, I think the originals were more charming, too, but the harem angle is the only angle that can reliably sustain sales every month/week/whatever. You need to end each 20-60 page chapter on a cliffhanger. Harems, sports, and fighting manga are almost exactly the same structurally for that very reason ... in fact, you can think of waifu wars as eternal tournament arcs -- and tournament arcs are the reliable backbone for all series of this kind.

So Papi's your fave too? Just so afraid she'll get snubbed because of Miia, who comes across as so dull when compared to all of the other girls. (Had the same issue with MGQ, lamia heroine ends up being the worst)

Yeah, Miia will push her out of the limelight. Looks like I'll have to do the job myself (as usual) and get my egg-laying waifu kicks from snowhorn.

"enjoy the beautiful Montreal women" >3D >Enjoy | Dan I am disappoint

YOU can enjoy them. I don't even go outside!


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