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It's even worse Dan. We did the blood test on Pancake as well, and not only is she not your daughter, she has a different father than Cupcake.

Its even worse Dan We did the blood test on Pancake as well and not only is she

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I was thinking about your summer/winter witch tea party things and then I realized Montreal and my French is terrible... How much do you need to know to get by?

You can get by on English! I can't speak French at all and I've lived happily in the city since late 2007.
Just stick to the West side of the city and you'll get lots of anglophones. On the easy side you may have a slightly harder time, but odds are that folks will know you're a tourist and kindly accommodate you. =w=
PS enjoy the beautiful Montreal women while you're here! They really know how to dress and take care of themselves. You can just sit in one of the squares of outdoor cafes downtown and it's like a nonstop runway show.

I can imagine a 6 year old Pancake being all "onee-chan, onee-chan" with Darkcake

Pancake doesn't know the truth about her relation to Darkcake. When Darkcake hears Pancake call Cupcake onee-chan it stings her a little insid, especially when Cupcake tells Pancake to buzz off.

Sakura brings a danish and coffee meant for the book club to Dan. She then sits on his lap. "You know, sometimes I feel like there's no place I'd rather be than home with you" "y-yeah, I feel the same way" A bittersweet cake is baked that day. Also a cutest and best drunkenly crashes the reception~

Why do you hurt me so?
Is this revenge for all the cute 2D girls whose lives I've destroyed over the years?
Why this?

Is Darkcake a smartest and a best, at least?

She's clever, but her strong points are really her strong work ethic, positivity, and generous/charitable attitude toward others. She's someone who loves to bring out the best in other people!

Your EO5 party is Bikky, Snax, Cupcake, Darkcake, and Penny. What classes are they / rows do you put them in?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Bikky: Protector/Imperial
A Cutest and Bat: Beast/Princess
Cupcake: Dancer/Nightseeker
Darkcake: Hexer/Runemaster
Penny: Medic/Runemaster
=w= kukuku
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What ever happened to Tomoyo by Cupcake's timeline? Does she work in the same card marketing office as Sakura? Or is she doing her own thing?

Drinking herself numb, stuck an unhappy marriage to a heartless workaholic. She stays inside and watches her old videos of Sakura-chan most days. Then she cries a little, then drinks some more.

>http://manga.clone-army.org/toppics/dec_2014_24bit.png Wait, I just noticed... is darkcake giving the stinger in that pic? Darkcake confirmed for lewdcake.

It's something Cupcake taught her. She doesn't know what it means!

Dan, please don't end up like Tatsuya Ishida.

>tfw I will never be Tatsuya Ishida
>tfw I will never be Anthony Burch
Like a million cupcake tummybrides~
Dan please dont end up like Tatsuya Ishida

". A freshly baked cake is so beautiful... ;~;" Do you always say that before throwing they to the trash and looking for the next in the line?

No one likes a stale christmascake, anon.
Such is the fate of all cakes.

What kind of father misses his own daughter's wedding? YOU MONSTER!!! I BET YOU WOULDN'T MISS PANCAKE'S DE-PANNING@!!!1

Pancake's depanning brought tears to my eyes. A freshly baked cake is so beautiful... ;~;

At Darkcake wedding: "Can't we wait a bit longer, he promised me he would be here - for sure." "Any longer and we will have to cancel our reception. My father can walk you down the aisle... I'm sure he has his reasons" "; n, ;" Dan sits at his desk drawings butts since Sakura's book club canceled.

This is getting awfully real
At Darkcake wedding
Cant we wait a bit longer he promised me he would be here

How can i win Cupcake's heart?

Just be the kind of guy she can take an instagram with and make her frenemies jealous!

How does Darkcake feels towards you? Does she hate you? Does she undestand your predicaments in your life and forgive you?

I don't know, anon. I think forgiveness is too much to ask. I just hope she has the a happy life she deserves someday.


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