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Has Cupcake tried NOT being such a worthless little shit?

Why would she bother? She's a cutest and a best so she can get away with it. The world is just one big buffet and she just wants to pig out as much as she can before things close up.

If darkcake goes doki doki over senpai, do her eyes look stern? Does her melty mouth dry up and curve into a frown? Is she the Ultimate Tsun?

She tries to put on a stern face to cover up her feelings, but her mouth melts even more! It's super embarrassing...!

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Another question! If I was driving Darkcake to a date, and the car inexplicably breaks down and I have to push it to the roadside, would Darkcake get out and push with me?

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Yes, of course. She's not some entitled princess who'd sit on the side while someone else does all the work.
Cupcake, on the other hand, would scoff at your shitty car, take a vine of you pushing, and then tweet about how she's trapped in this nightmare with this loser who can't even get her to a cake properly. L-O-S-E-R

B-but next up is EO3U with that sexy multiplayer and DLC sea quests (possible crossovers). And arranges of best OST in series.

I won't lie, anon. I am excited as fuck.
I hope we get a cute twintail short-shorts eyepatch fangtooth pirate leader...!

internet police here. we have received a report saying that flapjack want's to know if he can have a pancake. that he want's to use his own maple syrup and there's no room on his plate for a cupcake.

No! Please go!
At least my precious Pancake-chan... I... I'll do a good job with you... I'll make you happy...!

But I am part of the internet police, Dan!!! I notice all the attention you give to that Cupcake, while Dark Cake and Pancake get the left overs!!! I should just take you in right now for child neglect!

I should have never baked that cake! I'm not fit to be a dad...! ;~~;

>D-do you know something I don't...? || I might, but that would be something that's told to her guardian, not a an absentee father. You'll have to suffer with not knowing if she's seeing someone and if she's been frosted or not.

I can't help it, anon! I don't want to break my Sakura's heart...!
There's no way to make this right... I'm sorry, Darkcake... I'm sorry...!

Cupcake, why don't you just go away? You do nothing but take up space! Darkcake and pancake are the only cakes the world need!

Please stop bullying my a cutest and a best...!!
Give her the positive attention she's entitled to or I will report you to the internet police!!
Cupcake why dont you just go away  You do nothing but take up space  Darkcake

Darkcake is in love with anyone from school?

I haven't heard anything about that. D-do you know something I don't...?

Our dear Darkcake wants to go to med school and you want her to do frosting show, you are the worst

I don't want her to be frosted...!! Not until she's married!

Why is Cupcake even still around? Shouldn't she have retired and let Darkcake take centre stage? She's the real star after all.

Why is Cupcake even still around Shouldnt she have retired and let Darkcake take

If you hadn't retweeted the EO2U announcement, I'd have to keep living thinking we'll never EVER get it, at least until I went on /v/ and spotted a thread. Too bad I'm European ;_; Also I 100% EO2 and I'm still hype as fuck. In my opinion EOU is superior to EO1 in every way, aside from grimoires.

I feel for ya, eurobro.
I'm glad Untold is around for folks who didn't catch the games the first time around... but I'd rather have a new game instead of Yet Another Remaster.
Anyway, at least we got Mai Ontario Princess and Ricky-chan.
If you hadnt retweeted the EO2U announcement Id have to keep living thinking

What lies beyond the range himehorns usually inhabit inside extremely deep caves? Do they have to deal with certain wanderers from deeper in from time to time? How do they know when to stop going deeper?

Terrible, terrible things. Once the herd dug too beyond where they should and the musclehorns had to fight these long twisty eyeball snake things. You can see a door painting about that here:
It was a scary time. A lot of musclehorns were killed.
As for wanderers from the deep -- occasionally there are rogue elements not covered by the pact. When that happens the himehorns are more or less on their own... they can't depend on the witch to bail them out. For that reason they usually tell them to GO HOME.

just thought i would let you know. this big egg i found on my porch hatched last night and now i have this little person with horns running around claiming to be a leedah. it behaves when i feed it cake but i can't handle this. it's to high a maintenance thing. even my cats hide from it. help!

Thank you for contacting the Guardianship Hotline gwuup
An extermination squad has been dispatch to your location gwuup. Please leave your light on, stay away from doors and windows, and prepare the service fee for pickup (see form E-22: extermination fees and services).
Have a non-heretical day gwuup gwuup

How do I get a helpful Mr Mopps pet of my own? I promise I'll take care of him!

Get your ass to the mopplestar, look around for a slime pool between tentacles. If you find one with an egg clutch, fit a fine cheesecloth bag around the egg clutch while keeping the eggs submerged in the slime. Tether the bag to the shore. After two weeks you'll notice the bag moving -- open it up to find tint fingertip-sized mopples!
Take one you like and release the rest into the slime.
Keep your new mopple friend in a big jar of slime for the next 4 weeks or so. Eventually it will crawl out of the slime on its own. Hand-feed it roffles and it'll become your faithful servant for life!

Frosting is putting cream on cakes? Like putting shappo on their hair?

Maybe if you have bad aim or are very rude, yes.

How will you feel when Darkcake turns to frosting shows in order to raise the money for med school?

I'm sure she'll get a scholarship. She's a top caek


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