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will we ever get a file full of all these reaction pics..nudge nudge i want the darkcake ones wink wink

will we ever get a file full of all these reaction picsnudge nudge i want the

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Do you use a production/scripting software like "Celtx" to script the stories? How about "Evernote?"

Nope, I just use spiral-bound lined paper and OneNote.

Now I hope the one who hacked off last motherhorns body parts was one of those two Templers Bikky ended. I just don't want it to have been Bikky. That said I suspect Bikky was the one... T_T

"W-what? No... I wouldn't... that's not me!"
Now I hope the one who hacked off last motherhorns body parts was one of those

Leadah open in one tab, Dan Kim open in the other, send a question to Dan...oh wait. Uhhh...which tab did I have open? Uhhh oh... * facepalm *

Please direct your himehorn questions to @himehorn!

What kind of movies does Cupcake like watching?

It's hard to say - she always falls asleep half an hour into the movie and then ends up complaining about it anyway. I think she just like getting out, having money spent on her, and eating in the food court afterwards.

Hey Dan! Relatively new to your stuff and it's amazing! I'm just feeling a bit lost with the Vampire Bride lore ^_^;; Is there another place I should start to learn more about the setting( like witches, guardians, scarves, this part thing) or is that all spoiler territory?

Thanks, man! Glad you like it. =w=
Don't worry about the lore for now! I'm going to make a book with all that stuff later on. I'll also put stuff on the site as I put the book together. : >
If you really want tom you can always browse through the ask.fms for lore tidbits, but they're not organized at all....

Are you going to want this Acutest back or are we to eat it as well?

Please send her back or her mom will kill me.

How did Snowhorn ended up with her husbando?

You'll find out in her story, anon! Please look forward to it!
How did Snowhorn ended up with her husbando

What kind of cake do himehorns like best?

Cakes with light airy sponge, light whip, and a fruity flavour are best. Chocolate is a bit too much for them and anything too rich and heavy means the haremhorns will restrict the hornmothers' portions to intolerably small bite-sized pieces. Strawberry shortcakes are great, heavy chocolate cheesecakes will just make the hornmothers frustrated.
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It's been ages since you claimed you'd feed me cakes and I haven't even gotten one. Why are you such a terrible HaremNoHorn?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
That's strange... I told my a cutest to deliver them to you...
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What level of service would I need to do for Algis to ask for a browjob?

If you were born in The City your D would have been inspected and sorted long ago, anon! You'd never see the light of day again, nevermind getting anywhere CLOSE to the witch.

How does Bikky feel about being a continuous blood dispenser? I bet her bone marrow weeps. T_T

She's pretty tough. Being a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet is definitely taking its toll on her but for some reason she feels happy to do it. It must be love... right?
How does Bikky feel about being a continuous blood dispenser I bet her bone

So what did the haremhorn find most shocking about Snowhorn? The white hair? The translucent horns... or... ...or that her horns don't noclip through her himecut!?

It's the whole package, anon. The haremhorn's egg-adoration feelings feelings were twisted with feelings of sickness and horror. It looked a bit like a smallhorn, but a creature like that could never be one of the herd...

Dan of the year 2007 gets in a fight with Dan of 2015 who wins

Dan of 2007! Fast kicks, good stamina, short temper. I'm too flabby, slow, and mellow now!


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