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We know what himehorns smell like - what does Dan Kim's author insert character smell like?

Loser sweat and desperation!

Of course Pancake is a good girl. Most girls say no my request at some point. So eager to please~. Do you have plans for any more good girls?

Of course Pancake is a good girl Most girls say no my request at some point So

"Princess Cake" is a delicious marzipan coated perfection. You must try this.

If I ever see one in the wild I'll grab a slice. =3=

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Could you get Foie cake by force feeding Cupcake baked goods until her liver was ready??

That's where cheesecakes come from, anon. ;~;
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Saw article titled "13 Ways To Ruin a Pound Cake", and I assumed it was about the new Dan Kim h-comic. MFW it turned out to be about food, for some reason.

My H-comic would be called "50 Pounds of Cake".
I'd have the neckbeard of legbeard demos tied up.

Don't worry, Dan. I believe that Sakura really loves you! It's obvious that she loves you for your good loo-, er, your good personalit- uh... your good parental skil-, wait... your job!... money... nice... car...? um... uh...

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This ask.fm period is over. Back to himehorns.
Dont worry Dan I believe that Sakura really loves you Its obvious that she loves

you're really good with words! any tips for someone who is bad at getting their thoughts across?

Thanks for the kind words, anon. ;w;
Hard to say -- I've met absolutely brilliant people who find it utterly impossible to get the words to hook up in the right way to allow outsiders access to their thoughts, but it may be an actual incompatibility between their thoughts and nature of our everyday langauge (most of these folks were highly skilled programmers and program ideas/concepts/structures don't naturally lend themselves to precise description in normal language). So I think, first off, you ought to have reasonable expectations depending on the things you want to talk about.
Besides that, I think getting about with your words is like getting about with any other set of tools -- you keep using 'em and paying attention to the results of their transactions with the world under various conditions. Sometimes you can set up special circumstances where you can deploy a very precise range of abilities under controlled conditions to gain a finer appreciation of what kind of sentences commit you to what (e.g. using special legal language in legal settings) but that may not help you at all in other settings -- you may become overspecialized and even try to use those special tools where they don't do that much good simply because it's what you're used to... (e.g. using legaleese in everyday life might be as unhelpful as using a surgeon's scalpel to carefully dissect your dinner).
Some rough tips, not to be taken /too/ seriously: I think reading old books may help. Reading "dry" documents that trade in subtle distinctions and precise relations (supreme court opinions, philosophical papers, business contracts, etc.), may help. A lot of things might help -- just talking to lots of different folks and seeing what really matters to them and why might help. Trying to be honest and avoiding the temptation to engage in rhetorical judo helps, too, I think.
Hmm.. there are probably some standard books or guides to help folks about this sort of thing. I'm sure some anon will reply with suggestions. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! ;w;

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Well congratulations, you got yourself cuck'd. Now what's the next step in your master plan?

Crashing my self esteem... with no survivors...!
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Dan if you had to draw a Jewish anime girl what would her personality be like and attire

Spoiled jewish princess magical girl who eats a lot of cake and takes a lot of selfiewait a minute

How do you feel about the cultural representations of marginalized, minorities and representations of Natives in current video games? If it is accurate, not accurate or if it can be done better? How would you go about making such a game/manga? Would you do a research phase then plot then character?

I honestly don't care about this issue. The idea that fictional works -- that is, packages of poetic lies -- should be used as a source of knowledge about the world is frankly bizarre. Just think about it: if two people disagree about whether an artistic work represents the facts (moral or otherwise) accurately, where do they go? They go to the facts. They go to reason and arguments. So cut out the middleman -- go straight to the facts, reasons and arguments! What we should do is de-emphasize the importance of the arts as a source of moral instruction and views about the world. You want to know about the world? Read non-fiction, philosophy, economics, history, physics, etc. and talk with about people about their actual needs and desires in their own vocabulary.
Furthermore, I think that race/class/gender are not natural categories and deserve no special consideration above other categories. In fact, those terms don't even really mean what they purport to mean -- look at how the terms are used (e.g. terms like "people of colour") and you'll see that what folks are really talking about is much narrower: the legacy of american slavery, the plight of some blacks and hispanics in America, and what the folks in the humanities departments think they can do with leftover theoretical tools of marxism to "help" the situation. But there's a lot more suffering in the world than that, and we need different tools for different jobs and these jobs and tools may not be compatible with each other. You'll notice that there are no Homelessness Studies, Sick Kids Studies, Solider Studies, Elderly Studies, etc. because they are not marginalized classes in the relevant sense. These blind spots are themselves due to certain historical legacies and structural limitations in the university system in America -- that is, they don't fit into a story about one class oppressing another and you can't write a paper on that and expect tenure. We should not allow ourselves to think that academy's intellectual fashions should be a guide (or the only guide, anyway) to doing good in the world. We should take this race/gender/class talk for what it is: it's what you get when a bunch of folks who believe in the power of fiction try to create a structured interpretation of the world out of the west's intellectual baggage without using science or math. It has its uses, but where it's not useful we should feel free to discard it.
As for your actual question, do what you think is important! If you want things to be accurate, research diligently. If you want artistry, you may have to make compromises to accuracy. It's all trade-offs.

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Is it okay to be kind/do selfless deeds if you have a selfish reason (picking up liter because a qt is into it, or being someone's shoulder to cry on because it makes you feel important)? Do reasons ever matter, if the end result is positive? Can humans ever be purely selfless?

I don't think selfishness in itself is a bad thing. If being selfish never had consequences we wouldn't care about it. It only becomes an issue when it starts to get in the way of other things we want -- then we gotta make trade-offs. Show me the actual trade-offs and then we can start talking -- until then, questions and answers about selfishness, reasons, goodness, etc. are only good for thought experiments.

Bikky and that other Templar Captain had a life scarf, but Sigrid didn't. Did her patron witch not like her? How does one get a scarf? I have cashmoney/offerings.

Only guardians get scarves. A templar can be very strong and reach a high rank, but only templars which have the "certain something" necessary to grab the witch's attention will be given a scarf. The last two guardians received their scarves after suffering crippling injuries in service... but there are also records of child-guardians who received their scarves even before birth. There were also several generations where there was no guardian at all. There must be some criteria, but the Templar themselves find it hard to predict the guardian in advance.

Do himehorns eat anything while it's still alive?

Musclehorns love to eat raw meat, straight off the bone. They're even happier if the animal moves and makes sounds while they're eating it... but raw meat isn't too good for them, it makes them a mess, and it's harder to prepare the food for the hornmothers. If a haremhorn ever catches a musclehorn pigging out she take her by the ear and makes her sit away from the other musclehorns for a while. The musclehorn has to sit with her back to the herd and she's not allowed back in until the haremhorn says so. The musclehorn usually learns her lesson after fifteen/twenty minutes. ;~;

I just did a Diebuster + Gunbuster marathon; Dan, does old anime do fanservice better than new anime? Does new anime a cute better than old anime?

I think new cute and fanservice are like the high fructose corn syrup versions of the old stuff. Highly concentrated, polished, and built with industrial precision -- like ME!ME!ME!

>French pastry >Not a bagette // IIRC, the word pastry consists of any baked good, which includes cakes. This would imply that she'd be a French cake, no?

It makes her a Cakebecois. ;w;
Cakebecoissant? ;ww;

Do you feel a man has the right to hit a woman if the woman assaults him first?

I'll do you one better -- under any set of conditions that attacking a man first would be justified, attacking a woman first would also be justified. Of course, we have a strong genetic predisposition to find the screams of babies, children and women more horrific, and any actual policy has to take the actual conditions, constraints (some of these are very serious biological constraints), and desires of the population into account or risk introducing serious deformations and instabilities.
For example, our love of cake is absolutely a the result of mismatch between our biological urges and modern condition. We would be better off if we didn't find it so tasty. There is every argument not to eat it. But you can't make a cake taste bad by argument, and so long as it continues to taste good it has a value that has to be accounted for. Any attempt to overconstrain and overregulate our consumption of cakes will quickly lead to black markets, anger, misery, self-appointed cakepolice and cakeinquisitors and cakepriests who will ride the moral high ground to higher status, etc. It seems to me that for similar reasons the elimination of so-called double standards may come with costs so serious that most of us will be unwilling to pay them.
What I'm getting at, anon, is the unpleasant idea that the rationality, self consistency, and universality of a moral theory may NOT a property of the moral theory that would be best for us. It may even be that the idea of moral theories being a THING that people HAVE or OUGHT TO USE simply has to go out the window in any situation outside of a seminar. It may be that all all we have is a pool of competing animal desires and moral memes which fight like bacterial strains for a larger share of an ever-changing cesspool. It may even be that a "healthy" cesspool requires constantly fighting strains. If that's the case, all we can hope for are temporary equilibriums in that cesspool and then negotiate, manage, compromise, make trade-offs, and then create temporary local piecemeal resolutions given the current situation. The best that any moral theory or moral vocabulary could hope to help us do is give us a some tools with which to do our animal business, and that they ought to be used or discarded on the basis of that and not "justifiability".
If that's the view, then what I personally believe is justified isn't important -- what's important are the tradeoffs available and the limits of popular opinion. And I don't think popular opinion will make it okay for men to treat women as the same as men and hit them first (not any time soon, anyway).
As for your original question, I think popular opinion may be changing. I saw this clip from The View:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlQV9MySDH8CloneManga’s Video 125539616370 mlQV9MySDH8CloneManga’s Video 125539616370 mlQV9MySDH8

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