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How do I git gud at drawing? Copy stuff from danbooru til I've got a visual library?

That's part of it, but you gotta equip yourself with the proper mental machinery first:
Read "Fun with a pencil" first, then branch out from there. And when you practice, practice in a structured way --ask yourself: why did I put that line THERE instead of some other place? What is it that you're actually trying to do?
Also try grabbing some character sheets and good line drawings from the best animators (I like Shushio and You Yoshinari's stuff) and try erasing a line, adding a line, changing a line. It's just like taking apart a clock - you'll get to see how the machinery works.
And remember to just let loose and enjoy drawing. If you can't enjoy drawing in itself it'll be much harder to practice. Find projects to work on (don't worry about hitting some arbitrary skill level before starting -- DO IT NOW) and plug away at it. Use it as a training ground to develop the skills you want for your next project. With every project you finish you'll get more tools in your toolkit and the world of possible projects will grow wider and wider and you'll be able to chart your own path.
Good luck, anon!

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Isn't it obvious the himehorn came first? Eggs can't cum, can they?

You're embarrassing a musclehorn, anon!!
Look how sweaty you made her! That's embarrassment sweat!!
Isnt it obvious the himehorn came first Eggs cant cum can they

Which came first, the himehorn or the egg?

Great, now look at what you've done. That musclehorn is going to be thinking about that ALL DAY.
Which came first the himehorn or the egg
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The singing motherhorn seems kindhearted, but look at her hair! What did she do to piss off her harem that they would leave her looking so disheveled?

It's the best they could do with her hair, anon! It must be the humidity... ;w;
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The planet the himehorns, Vikky et al are from is not Earth, right? Are the himehorns native to the planet?

Hmm... they're more native than most -- let's put it that way.

Although the art style doesn't look anything like yours, I can't help but think you're behind the DFC-tan and DCT-tan accounts.

It's not me, anon! It's DFC-tan and DCT-tan...!

How many dreams do you remember having per night? What were some of your best dreams?

Very rarely. When I do, it's usually a dream about being old and alone -- my parents and siblings are dead and no one reads my comics anymore. It's a sad feeling.

Dan, where can I read more about these fascinating creatures, the Himehorns?

Browse through precious ask.fm questions! Or you can wait for the Vampire Bride companion book. It will be filled to the brim with himehorn facts (and other facts about the Vampire Bride world).
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Is it possible for non bulky Himehorns to Archive the status of Musclehorns? Or is it just a quality they are born with?

Nope. They can lift all they want, but it won't happen. On the other hand, a musclehorn can just lie around all day and as long as they eat enough they'll get huge (they'll still lift though, since it feels good).

Hi Dan. In a weird twist of fate I am now I member of a reverse harem. Is this moe? Or NTR? So confused.

You're trapped in an otome game, anon. Or maybe some 40 year old housewife's erotic Dr. Who fanfiction. Check yourself for vampire powers and rippling abs and uncontrollable homolust for a Eren Yaeger x Sherlock threesome.
Good luck with your escape, you'll need it.

It's alright, I"m sure she'll forgive you. After all, it's not like she hasn't had other men since she became your waifu.

Its alright Im sure shell forgive you After all its not like she hasnt had other

Do you have any more cupcake membership cards that came with your NNN book? I'd love to buy another if you have some leftover. Mine got bent after being in my wallet for a long time even though I took good care of it. (I know, I should've laminated it ;_;)

I have plenty of leftovers, but wait for the Vampire Bride book! I'll ship 'em out with both the old and new Club Cupcake cards. I'll make sure the new ones are more durable. =w=
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I have no idea where Wendy is from but I like how she look. Best grill deal with it.

I guess she has her good points:
I have no idea where Wendy is from but I like how she look
Best grill deal with

>No more! I have too many cakes to support....! || You might as well give in Dan, Cupcake is already well on her way to baking as many cupcakes of her own as she can.

Only Rikka's tiny feet take away the pain.
No more I have too many cakes to support  You might as well give in Dan Cupcake
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Favorite non-standard insult? (e.g. bashi-bazouk, visigoth, kleptomaniac, sea gherkin, anacoluthon, pockmark, abominable snowman, floundering oath, carpet seller, blundering bazooka, popinjay, ectomorph, freshwater swab, miserable molecule of mildew, fuzzy wuzzy, etc.)


DO you think your bullying of wendy stems from the same place as your bullying of your readers?

Yes. =3= Muu~
Please be bullied muu =3=

At some point you should do a gif of Wendy sobbing that's a perfect loop so you can put it up and leave it running forever.

I have a wendy-shocked.gif ... maybe it's time for an update.
At some point you should do a gif of Wendy sobbing thats a perfect loop so you
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I want to bully Wendy too. How do I bully Wendy?

Dangle the carrot in front of her, then take it away, then have someone eat that carrot in front of her. Mmm, it's so tasty! So tasty and you'll never get to enjoy it...!
I want to bully Wendy too  How do I bully Wendy
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