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Did Wendy NTR you or something? Why do you want her to suffer so?

All I want is for Wendy's heart to be ground into powder forever and ever. Is that really so wrong?

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D-Dan... I swore to myself I'd marry Darkcake because she a fetishest but Christmascake might be too much for my Oedipus complex... Please make a Darkcupchristmaspancake and be done with it pls

Just wait a couple years for Darkcake to grow up and fill out, anon. All your desires will be fulfilled:
DDan I swore to myself Id marry Darkcake because she a fetishest but

How much do I have to pay you to FIGHT YOU for Wendy's hand in marriage to liberate her from your horrid cake frosting covered HANDS.

If you want your turn with her just wait in line, anon. Here's a moist towelette - please remember to clean before and after use.

There both cute WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED DAN!

Snowhorn + Darkcake is just weird, anon.
It's Showhorn + nohorn husbando and Darkcake + crippling life long regret for pouring her time into her work instead of raising a family and becoming a 40 year old magical spinster.

Just combine everyone's Everyday Life into one big unconnected series! Separate Himehorn, Snowhorn and Darkcake arcs~

Wby this

So is Christmascake you're daughteru too? Isn't she a bit old for that..?

No, she's just some Christmascake. No one cares about her anymore.
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Outside of combs and robes, do himehorns make any tools or other implements to assist in everyday life?

Yup! Tooth picks and tooth/horn scrapers, bowls, pots, blankets and towels, quills and paper (the hornmothers use them to write the herd records), and various tools used for food preparation.

Do all the himehorn make their beds to sleep on out of piles of grass?

The grass is a luxury reserved for hornmothers, eggs, the smallhorns still in the nursery, and the high ranking haremhorns that have to take care of 'em. Most of the other haremhorns use old blankets and sleep with their work groups (3-5). The musclehorns sleep together in one giant group for warmth.

Does pancake prefer butter or syrup?

She's too young for that, anon! She's still browning up on the stove...!

You drew teen Cupcake and middle school Pancake, but where's teen Darkcake?

She's in her room, studying. She's a hard worker!

Who looks best covered in frosting, cupcake, darkcake, or christmas cake?

Their faces:
Darkcake - crying
Cupcake - bored
Christmascake - anxious. You'll call her tomorrow, right? Do you have money? When can she move in? You don't have any crazy exes, right? Do you want kids? How many? Where are you going? W-wait..! ;~~;
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I can't watch the stream, can I reinstate my desire for another Rorona drawing if you're taking suggestions? Thank you.

;w; kinda burnt out, but there you go... I may do a proper request stream later...
I cant watch the stream can I reinstate my desire for another Rorona drawing if


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