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If you could save Miyazaki or Tomino (and Rumiko Takahashi was watching so that you don't drop them both. Why she isn't helping is beyond me.) as they hang off a building, who do you save?

I'd save Miyazaki and listen to him go on and on endlessly about how I should have let him die this was his one chance to escape anime fuck you [weeping beard sounds]

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Other than the smallhorn, has any himehorn ever wanted to be leader?

Yep -- every hornmother who leaves the herd to start her own herd. But beside that, it's as rarer than a double chocolate cave cake!

How many intelligent species are there on the vamp bride planet? We've seen about 20 in the background so far. And some robots.... What's up with the robots? Does someone make them, or are they just kinda, there?

You'll find out. Enna's Domain is kind of an odd place...

Does Mama Kim ever bug you about wanting grandkids?

Nope - she's not expecting anything. She knows what my personality is like.

>the last spark in a dark universe || But soon, the flames will fade, and only Dark will remain. Thus will begin the age of himehorns, the Age of Dark. However... the nohorns trembled at the dark.

the last spark in a dark universe  But soon the flames will fade and only Dark

That seems managable-ish, sempai. Just say there's a big ol' gas giant just outside of the habitable zone- that'd help prevent tidal locking AND pull in any asteroids that might come its way! Or just handwave it! Anon is way too sciency sometimes!

When in doubt, a witch did it!

... I think anon's still right, sempai. There are a lot more stars that can't support life than there are ones that can! And, provided an old universe, those stars would all be either gone, or ballooned up to the point where their habitable zones... well, /aren't/.

It's okay, anon! Not every star balloons up -- the himehorn's home was a red dwarf and is now a white dwarf. Since it's one of the last stars around it must have been formed pretty recently (cosmically speaking). Please think of it as a last little spark in a dark universe.

If it's near the end of the universe, all the stars that could support life would've long since died, wouldn't they?

Ah, I mean the end of the universe as in "there are just a few stars left".

Does Snax know that Bikky prefers her in bat form? If so, how does she feel about this?

She knows her Bikky loves her fuzzy feet.
She thinks Bikky ought to appreciate her big mode more... but then again, when she does, she turns right back around and demands that her Bikky give more attention to her fuzzy feet ... ...
... ... Such is laifu with a bat waifu.
Does Snax know that Bikky prefers her in bat form If so how does she feel about

So let me get this straight. No males exist? How does reproduction exist?

You mean with the himehorns? The himehorns are parthenogenetic, but that comes at the cost of slightly higher defect rates in hornmothers smallhorns.
As for the templars... t-that's embarrassing, anon. You're embarrassing these pure maidens...! Stop it!

Wait, those are DRILLS? I thought they were just weird sideburns

They're little curly sideburn things. Maybe not quite drills, hmm...
Wait those are DRILLS I thought they were just weird sideburns

Are the creatures the caused the apocalypse in the graveyarded Metal Fist pages the same things seen in Vampire Bride vampires? Are they some sort of gauna-ish parasitic plague on the galaxy?

Vampire Bride takes place near the very end of the universe. There are only a few stars left... if there were ever a gauna-like menace, they all froze and died eons ago.

I've seen your meguca character offshoots, but where's your mami?

The bat has little mini drills on the side and huge boobs...
Close enough...?
Ive seen your meguca character offshoots but wheres your mami

I don't just mean one or two. I mean having Chiaki go on a world tour with Wendy in tow and always having her keep look out. "Hey, what was your name again? Windy? Whatever. Can you go get some cigarettes? I just got done with the Fourteenth warmaster and I could use a smoke before the Second."

>Wendy NTR'd for all eternity
>Mopping up after her Kong and doing the laundry while trying to hold back the tears
I am okay with this.
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So Dan, you gotta level with me. How long does it usually take for you to draw things? I understand that this is a super vague question, but how often do you run into a creative block? And how to you overcome it?

These days the part that takes the longest is composing and recomposing the frames and trying to get things to read smoothly. The drawing part doesn't take nearly as long as it used to.
And as for overcoming a creative block ... Hmm, for a year or two after NNN I just hit my head repeatedly against On The Subject of Witches. Turns out the best thing to do was just switch projects to develop the skills necessary to tackle the original problem -- that's Vampire Bride.
Anyway, John Cleese is exactly dead on with his comments:
Watch the whole thing.
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