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>in a world of fog and stone // SOUL OF THE LOST, WITHDRAWN FROM ITS VESSEL

I think she could make it to NG+. Might have some difficulty with Flamelurker since she won't be able to cheese her way through, but she'll make it. She'll do alright.

Annis. I'm ridiculously happy that Annis was a character you can care about. For the reader to have feeling for the story sometimes you loss a character that's more than a 2 dimensional cut out. If it wasn't the case her demise would have been meaningless as a copy/pasta Hollywood script.

I'm glad people like Annis. You'll get to see Annis and Vicky as a pair of no-good yankee troublemakers in North House later on. The mysterious transfer student, fistfights, bonding, becoming sisters, facing life and death together on the field of battle...good times. What went wrong? ;~;

Really though, is there any hope for Annis now? Like, could Enna (or some other witch) pull her out of that shitty afterlife if they wanted, for whatever reason, or is poor best girl gonna have to just suffer endlessly?

She's done for, anon. She'll live on in flashbacks, but that's it.

In regards to Enna's domain, I was thinking more along the lines that bweh bat obviously ran into a Mod Squad somewhere inside, curious about who the law is in there if templars can just waltz in for free Snax.

At the end of this himehorn arc you'll get to see just what it takes to cross over into Enna's domain. Your questions will be answered then. =w=

...Dammit, my valhalla shall come fully equipped with informational pamphlets advising residents on how to deal with common, awkward, post-vital situations, like meeting your murderer, ex-girlfriend, strangely sexy ancestor etc. Plenty, comfort, acceptably pious lesbianism and emotional counselling.

[knock knock knock]
Can Bwikky come out to play bweh?
I bwoght ebwehone a pie bweh
It's Klingon blood pie
Dammit my valhalla shall come fully equipped with informational pamphlets

>Not wanting to NTR Bikky >Not wanting to touch fuzzy feet while Bikky cries from the corner Anon sure has shit taste, huh?

Why this ;~;
They're so happy together...
Why would you want to tear them apart...?
Not wanting to NTR Bikky 
Not wanting to touch fuzzy feet while Bikky cries from

Forget rescuing Himehorns, I'm working on rescuing The Traitor's templar victims from their shitty afterlives. It shall be a valhalla of plenty and comfort and accaptably pious lesbianism. The ones what got got by vampires can come too if they like. No bats or Bikkys allowed.

[knock knock]
H-hey guys
Sorry I'm late
Can I er
I have some games. Can I come in?
N-no hard feelings r... right?
Forget rescuing Himehorns Im working on rescuing The Traitors templar victims

Sounds like Bikky is getting off pretty lightly compared to Annis, despite Annis being a best and Bikky being a shit. Life ain't fair and neither is death, huh?

Sounds like Bikky is getting off pretty lightly compared to Annis despite Annis

How people can find the godforsaken romance of a murderous heretic and a monster cute is quite beyond me. Annis best girl, down with betrayers!

She got what was coming bweh!
Look how sad she made my Bikky bweh!!
How people can find the godforsaken romance of a murderous heretic and a monster

How is a witch's (in this case Enna) domain governed? Are they omnipotent to what's going on within? Hands off? Don't care? True Neutral's a lot different than letting a bunch of bats and girls kill each other inside your magic bubble thing.

Enna is very hands off. So hands off that most people in her domain only speak of her as a myth ... and the myth isn't particularly elaborate or flattering. She's a little cross about the whole thing.
Everyone makes offerings to the shrine in the new year (the first sunrise after 9 months of darkness) and makes a wish, which is traditionally safety and good fortune. Unbeknownst to the folks in the domain, this actually makes a big difference in the governance of the domain...
As for Bikky and Annis' scuffle, Bikky will be punished. She knows she's not supposed to do that. Annis will pay her price, too -- an eternity of restlessness, homesickness, and regret in a world of fog and stone.

If you could have a cup, glass, mug, stein, etc that would remain full of whatever drink you wanted, at the ideal temperature, with infinite restocks of any small additions like packets of honey, or tiny umbrellas, what would you want it to be?

Just some good fragrant coffee in a plain mug would be great. But can I have it served by a cute flat meido-chan?
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You seem to get more into world building than executing stories through to the end. Have you ever considered doing concept art for movies or games

Hey! I finished a lot of series! At the same time I have no problem killing off a series when it's no good or too hard a climb with my current skill set (in which case, better go off to an easier project and develop those skills).
And I spent 4 years as a game designer. I did a lot of story, lore, and art stuff along with system and level design. It was a good time, but I've had my fill of working for other folks. I'd rather work on my own stuff.

Sandals? Are you sniffing the cake Dan? BOOTS! Or no Shoes. THE ONLY CHOICES.

I'm just playing around.
House slippers!

Why does Snowhorn seem like a good girl when the other himehorns seem like full bullies?

Because she is a good girl! That herd-shaped hole in her heart has changed her -- she's bursting with love that has no outlet and has a hunger for company, attention, safety, and pampering that will never be properly fulfilled. It's made her a clingy and fragile and sweet. For a nohorn, that's moe city grand central station.


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